Season 5 Episode 4

Mr. Monk Can't See a Thing

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2006 on USA

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  • Satisfying from start to finish!

    When Adrian Monk goes to Fire Company 53 of the SFFD to have his smoke detectors checked, being blinded by a person who murders a firefighter was probably the last thing he expected to get out of his visit. He despairs his loss of eyesight, but with the encouragement of his companions, he is able to use his other senses to detect. Soon he proves that the incidents at the firehouse are connected to the death of a young woman in a fatal house fire a few blocks away just a few minutes earlier. All in all, this episode is rolling from start to finish.

    In fact, I like this episode so much that in many of my own variants on one of Lee Goldberg's Monk novels, I try to incorporate the basic plot elements of this episode in.
  • He doesn’t need to see to be the best detective

    Monk get’s blind and less fobic. He realizes that being blind is the best, because he can’t see the germs and his regularly phobias doesn’t mess with him, and he is happy with that.

    This episode doesn’t focus Adrian Phobias like the last ones but the crime it self, still the episode was fun, as usually it has hilarious moments:
    - The part when Monk had to feeling a drifter's face, he was so afraid;
    - When Randy yells and said everything he was doing to Monk “see”;
    - Monk walking on the beam afraid of highs in the construction site.

    Every episode Randy id becoming dumber.

    Tony shown us that he is great actor.
  • Monk at its best

    How to make Monk an even better show.... pour more tragedy on him. As if he doesnt have enough to deal with! Here we see Monk blinded by an assailant to kills one of his friends at a fire station. We are filled with more sympathy for him as we see him lose his only function in life. We wonder if things can get any worse as Monk delines into more neurotic behaviour as he struggles to readjust. Until he crashes into despair of not being able to be the great detective that he is.

    I have to admit I joined him in his despair, at least for a little while. Then as in all things Monk we are catapluted into the heights of joy-dom as he discovers the good points of being blind, like not being able to see rats in the alley or the condition of that alley - for him its a miracle that hes even there!

    The actual murder and its resolution are just sideplots in this episode. That isnt a problem here as its a real rollercoster of an emotion ride, done well and without the viewer noticing!

    The inevitable conlcusion however is reached and with his sight back, Monk returns to type.

    Almost the best episode Ive seen of this show!
  • A blind Monk

    I just watched this episode today on the Hallmark channel and freaking loved it. I thought that the whole plot line was genius and i loved that we got to see a different side to Monk because although he started to act really weird like he no longer cared deep down he did and he showed a really vulnerable side to him. O my god how funny was Randy when he was talking to Monk. "I am at your eye level, I am going to talk to you now." When he said things like that I couldn't stop laughing. GREAT episode.
  • Its a funny episode!

    I just saw this episode of Monk a few hours ago. This is the first episode of Monk i saw. In my opinion the episode was pretty near as funny as you can get. After watching this episode i'm going to try to watch Monk when ever it comes on now. I can't really think of anything esle to say about the episode, other then i thought in was funny and also pretty interesting. After i watch a few more episodes, i'll do a review on the show, but right now i really can't do the review yet cause this was the only Monk episode i'v seen so far.
  • One of Monk's greatest (but not his best) performances ever given!

    "Mr. Monk Can't See A Thing" is, by far, my favorite episode from the fifth season. The storyline was superbly above success, as well as the amazing acting done. Disher was more hilarious than usual and Monk's actions spoke louder than his words. From start to finish, my eyes were glued to the TV, waiting for the next scene. Plus, in the ending, this is the second time that Monk fires a gun.

    This episode has wit, tragedy, drama and much more. Yet, the whole "He killed his mistress because he's already married!" motive has been used one too many times.
  • That was awesome!

    He was blind! That was so painful to watch. He wouldn't see EVER again... no more Monk. of course, I knew there would be more episodes, thus meaning Monk wouldn't be blind forever. Sigh.

    Anyway. I found it so cool how that guy was smoking into the smoke detectors. I mean, what the heck, would anyone else do that? Argh. Too bad he died.

    Poor Adrian when he was walking on that bar thing 10 inches off the ground. He thought he was gonna fall, haha.

    One of the best episodes so far of season 5. Hope they keep it up.
  • Amazing !!

    I'm very tuched .. it was a great one .. he proov that he's the best investigator ever ... It's one of the greatest episodes .. Come on even when heis blind :D .. I hope that they keep going as good as this one .. the more strange ideas the more the show becomes better and special .. good luck Monk's :)
  • Monk without sight, is still the best detective around!

    Another great episode. Is there any kind of a character that Tony cannot play. His rendition of being blinded was superb. When Monk talks to the door jamb, I almost fell of of my chair.

    The scene with the elevator and the iron beam was so good, I could feel his pain!

    This epeisode was well crafted and up to the usual Monk standards. I liked Randy yelling at Monk to help him "see" better, and explaining everything he was doing, "I'm taking out my pad now".

    In the alley when Monk has an epiphany and realises that the garbage, rats, and other mess does not bother him. he decides that being blind is the best thing to happen to him. Of course as Dr. Kroger rightly pointed out when he crashed and burned (on the I Beam at the construction site), the fall would be hard.

    This was a super episode.
  • Funny but not as good as normal.

    This episode looked like it was going to be great. But, unfortunatly it was a little disappointning. It was really funny some of the things Monk did, especially when he was on the beam and thought he was high, when he was only afew inches from the ground. To me however it was ruined by a few things. First, Randy seems to be getting stupider each episode, which is annoying. Sure, he's funny as an idiot, but soon they're going to have to put him in dipers he's getting so stupid. Second, how was Monk able to beat up a strong construction worker with a plastic cane, when he couldn't even see? Another thing is how come his sight came back right when the guy was attacking him? It dosn't seem likely. Plus the mystery wasn't very good this time. There were afew othr problems, but I do understand that this is TV and it's never going to be perfect. So all in all it was funny, but a disappointment at the same time.
  • A very welcome return to the proven formula.

    I have been complaining lately (albeit in the minority), about Monk, the series', direction. They have been focusing a little too much on his neuroses at the expense of the viewers' desire for a good mystery. It comes back to roost here, with one of the best crime capers, and mystery solving of the entire run. The balance between showcasing Shalhoub's brilliant acting and strength of storyline is in evidence, as we get one of the best installments yet. I will admit that I figured out the connection between the fire and the murder rather easily, but that in no way detracted from the resolution of the plot. Without knowing the technical details, the makeup department did a magnificent job making Monk blind. And, when he was walking around with the cane, it was both hilarious and sympathetic at the same time. The only weak part in this episode was Disher's childish behavior, which, even for him, was beyond any semblance of possibility.
    The overriding factor here is, I will stop complaining about some of the more avant-garde storylines, as long as they provide one or two of these per season.
  • Revealing and entertaining episode

    This episode is one of the better ones that deal with Mr. Monk's phobias coming to a head due to unforseen circumstances. This is mainly a humourous episode, although there are bits that lean towards a more dramatic side. When Adrian comes to terms with his blindness and realizes that it could be the best thing that has ever happened to him, the show kicks off into high gear. We begin to see an egotistical Monk, though this time not artifically induced through medication, as in "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine", but as a true brick in his character. When Monk is not afraid of anything, he is no longer as lovable as he appears, which shows that Monk is better off with his phobias and obsessions, as long as they are kept under control.
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