Season 7 Episode 6

Mr. Monk Falls In Love

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 22, 2008 on USA

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  • This episode seemed a lot like another one.

    I don't know, just this episode was a lot like the episode Mr. Monk and the other woman. It had a very similar plot. This episode was about Disher seeing a dead cab driver while he was on a date. Cause of death: A hair pin stabbed in his neck. While Monk, Natalie, stottlemeyer, and disher are trying to figure out who it was with the clues at the they found at the crime scene. It leads them to a woman that Monk starts to like. Because of this, he starts to say that she didn't do it. But there is a mountain of evidence against her so Monk must battle with his feelings in this unique, special Monk episode. I thought this episode was very good and very well done. I didn't think it was as funny as Mr. Monk is underwater but still funny. It seemed more dramatic than funny but still very good.
  • Despite all the evidence pointing to her Monk believes a woman did not kill a man.

    I am certain that this episode will receive praise but in my honest opinion it was the worst of the season. Monk liking a woman and going on a date was so out of character and not in a good way. The show lacked comedy, outside of a few lines here and there (mainly from Randy). The plot seemed to generic and unfolded as such. Things started to pick up in the final five minutes, but overall the episode was really weak. Monk's a decent show but it is episodes like this that show why Psych and Burn Notice are leagues ahead of it.
  • Monk falls in love.

    This is a very special episode for a number of reasons. The best part of the episode was at the very end, when Ms. Zlatavitch tells Monk to go home to his wife. Monk asks her "Did you say wife or life" Ms. Zlatavich says "Both". At that point it's so sad, because everyone knows he has neither.

    The worst part were those two cops who were talking down Monk. They were distracting and unnecessary. Yes, Monk goes on a date but I don't think he was out of character. It wasn't perfect but it was superb. So far this season has been pretty good.
  • A back-to-basics "Monk"

    First of all, let me go on record by saying I didn't like "Mr. Monk is Underwater." Although it had some great acting (as always) by Tony Shaloub, the whole concept was too unrealistic (almost cartoony most of the time). And what was with that way obviously cgi'd outside-the-sub scene? That bothered me more than it should. But I digress. This latest episode didn't involve any crazy, cartoony antics; it just showed how a man in his respective condition handles a new love in his life. It was very interesting to watch. Also, it fleshed out Randy as less of a complete idiot, as he is usual written off as (this episode made him more of a 3-dimensional character, and a playa'). As you can probably tell, I'm a fan of shows staying fairly close to realism; and in it's lower-budgeted simplicity, this episode did just that. I honestly believe this is the best episode of the season so far.