Season 7 Episode 16

Mr. Monk Fights City Hall

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2009 on USA

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  • Monk fights to save the parking garage where his wife was murdered.

    This episode looked really good in the previews, but it wasn't as good as I thought...Monk only tries to solve the Council woman's murder because he wanted her vote. He didn't appear to care for her as a person, but as a vote. That was really callous and mean of him. It was pretty funny when Monk started calling her secretary a bimbo and stupid girl XD That was hilarious! And the part when Natalie spat all over Harold when he correctly (and unknowingly) guessed Monk's therapist was classic! I loved it! In the end, Monk lost his battle against City Hall, and the garage was torn down to make a park for the children. In honor of Trudy, the park was named after her. How sweet! =D
  • Mr. Monk Fights City Hall was a fantastic episode, but I expected a little more for the Season Finale.

    Mr. Monk Fights City Hall is filled with humor, grief and engaging moments. Overall, the episode was put together in a well and interesting way, typical Monk. However, I expected a bit more from a season finale. The humor was good but had a repetition in jokes (a new trend for the Monk series) including, making references to a particular event in the series past and Monk not understanding a concept of life, over and over and over again. It almost (ALMOST) feels like USA is forgetting that they have used the same joke before or they are getting lazy (tisk, tisk not like them whatsoever) Pushing aside that very minor negative, Mr. Monk Fights City Hall included the whole spectrum of Monk-iness that makes every episode engaging and fascinating all by itself! Monk...i'll see you in the summer, and I hope you go out in style!
  • As funny as the show used to be.

    The plot device was silly, the councilwoman's reaction in the beginning was ludicrous, but this was still the funniest Monk of the whole season. There were a number of great scenes, most notably the one in the hot dog place, and the reveal in which Monk displays his usual tactlessness. I'm on the fence about Monk most of the time, since episodes range from mildly amusing to painfully stupid, so it was refreshing to see a show a good as those of the series' first year, before it because such a mess. I wish there were more episodes like this.
  • Funny, enjoyable episode. Dozens of funny remarks and scenes. Deserves numerous, careful viewings.

    This is a terrific "Monk" episode -- a serviceable crime and detection, dozens of funny scenes, and --thank God-- Monk as a slapstick, helpless caricature is kept to a minimum. To use the phrase of one reviewer here, I am happy that it is a "filler" episode. Viewers will be cheating themselves if they don't concentrate on the simple humorous things in the episode (the criminal investigation, the receptionist and the vote on the garage), and instead worry about "finale worthy" things like a big story arc, some spectacular discovery, some great lesson or turning point in Monk's outlook, etc. You won't find those things here, and just as well IMHO. A lot of effort went into writing this episode; they sure aren't coasting to the end of the series!

    Among the many funny scenes are: Harold trying to learn the name of Monk's new therapist; the receptionist, whose vote Monk needs, making one stupid-funny remark after another -- like "who told you today is Friday?", and her pointing to Natalie when frustrated Monk asks who else in the office he can talk to; Monk romancing the receptionist to get her vote and then losing that vote when he forgets himself and publicly ridicules her; the whole hot dog warehouse scene was a riot -- just one joke is the talk of hiding the missing councilwoman in the hot dogs while Randy is eating one; the love nest replete with cheerleader and French maid outfits and "the drawer" full of..... (don't ask!); Councilman Harold's prayer that the murder of the councilwoman be personal or random, not a vendetta against the city council; etc.
  • Wonderful.

    This particular episode is just what I love about the show in general- wonderful acting, terrific writing, and above all good old fashioned entertainment. The plot is wonderfully intricate and silly, the actors are all in top form. If you haven't watched this show in a while, this should bring you back.
    My particular favorite moments in this show are the incredible PAUSES- watch as Monk tries to decide whether or not to pay for a woman's hot dog... one of several lovely quiet moments filled with lovely behavior.
    Guest stars are all great- the amazing Hector Elizondo, Joe Polito as a corrupt hot dog salesman, the list goes on.

    Just a wonderful show.
  • Review contains potential spoilers. A good finale considering there was nothing to wrap up.

    For me this episode was a good one. It contained everything you'd expect from a season finale, all the crew were there (considering they've killed off one member already) and it linked all aspects of the show quite well. Dr. Bell has proved to Monk that he can assist with the breakthroughs in the same way that Dr. Kroger did, by making him consider something in a different light. There were funny moments - seeing Adrian in charm mode was special, a glimpse into what Trudy saw - even if he did mess it up by calling her a dolt at the end. LOL. Natalie giving away the name of Adrians new psychiatrist was a little contrived though. (She knew how much he didn't want Harold to know, so much in fact that she was quite willing to spray Harold with water earlier on in order to try and get him to shut up about it) but I'm guessing that it was done so that the next season could start with similar friction moments between Harold and Adrian. Plus I can safely say that, although I may buy the fixings for hot dogs, I too will never buy from a street vendor again LOL. Only one thing seemed to escape the writers - it would have been good to see Adrian's response to the sign post for the new development. Maybe they felt the poignancy was better if it was the viewers response only. It certainly highlighted the fact that the Monks are held in high esteem by the political community at least. As, unlike other series, there was nothing really to wrap up in this season I think it made for a good ending to a good season. I await the final season with high levels of anticipation.
  • Anothe Season comes to an end.

    I wasn't thrilled by this episode.Whenever a Season premiere of finale is around the corner,you expect something special to happen.This episode on paper had the right ingridient:it dealt with the Trudy case.However it just glazed over it and never truly touched it.The way the episode was going,i thought that the person behind the garage demolition would be this "Judge" that we learned about last season.Yet,there was nothing guilty behind this decision and the motives of the perpetrator of the crimes had nothing to do with Trudy.I did like the facy that Monk was really determined here.At the same time,we did get one or two moments where he reflected on the gap Trudy's absence still creates.Tony Shalhoub is always great in these scenes.The naming of the Playground was a very nice touch.I also liked the comedic parts of the episode.Apart from Discher,the stuff involving Krensaw,Monk and Maria were pretty hillarious as well.I just wish we could have seen more of the Captain and Discher on this one.Instead we got a session with Dr. Bell where they did acknowledge that Adrian has progressed in the last few years.Finally,Natalie's role in this episode was the same as it was in the last few episodes.I like that she is close to Monk and i would like to see them get closer.Overall,a good episode but not good enough for a Season Finale.Let's hope that the final season has less filler episodes and more episodes about Trudy leading up to the Finale.See you in the Summer!
  • Mr. Monk tries to stop the parking lot where Trudy was killed from being demolished. It's the final episode of season 7. Was it worth all the hype? Maybe.

    Well only one season to go. It has been a good ride; Certainly one of the better shows to come up on TV on the recent years. But nevertheless here we are on the final episode of season 7. Was it worth all the hype? Maybe.

    Warning, Review has some spoilers.

    The episode starts off with Monk in chains inside the parking garage where Trudy was killed, making a one man protest against the demolition. City hall apparently had a public hearing and voting on whether the parking lot should be demolished to make way for a children playground. A city hall official comes up and she agrees to give the voting a second chance since Monk requested for it.

    Later we find the city official has gone missing and is up to Monk to find her, of course, for his own personal interests (He needs her vote.) Without spoiling the whole thing, the mystery was average, better structured than what we've seen this season, but nothing spectacular. Plus the clue that Monk gets that points to the killer doesn't make that much sense. Why would a killer throw her in the river with the murder weapon still on the victim? The purse was with her too, how?. USA Network ran an add all week about Monk finding something while investigating all this, but that really lead up to nothing that special. On the emotional side, Monk did cope with this attachment to the parking lot of course and made way for a playground named after Trudy. Comedy on this episode was better handled although the first encounter with Harold with Natalie spitting water on Harold wasn't exactly comedy gold. There were other better moments later in the episode involving a secretary.

    Overall it was a decent episode, but nothing special, USA over hyped it maybe, but it wasn't something to wet our appetites getting us ready for the last season. The only "clue" we got is that Trudy was killed looking at parking spot B-5. Since that popped out of nowhere, and there was like a 20 second camera pan into the wall, I suspect that will be a clue for Trudy's case. Only time will tell. Here's hoping that Monk will have a great Final Season and better Mystery writing than this batch of episodes.