Season 7 Episode 16

Mr. Monk Fights City Hall

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2009 on USA

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  • Mr. Monk tries to stop the parking lot where Trudy was killed from being demolished. It's the final episode of season 7. Was it worth all the hype? Maybe.

    Well only one season to go. It has been a good ride; Certainly one of the better shows to come up on TV on the recent years. But nevertheless here we are on the final episode of season 7. Was it worth all the hype? Maybe.

    Warning, Review has some spoilers.

    The episode starts off with Monk in chains inside the parking garage where Trudy was killed, making a one man protest against the demolition. City hall apparently had a public hearing and voting on whether the parking lot should be demolished to make way for a children playground. A city hall official comes up and she agrees to give the voting a second chance since Monk requested for it.

    Later we find the city official has gone missing and is up to Monk to find her, of course, for his own personal interests (He needs her vote.) Without spoiling the whole thing, the mystery was average, better structured than what we've seen this season, but nothing spectacular. Plus the clue that Monk gets that points to the killer doesn't make that much sense. Why would a killer throw her in the river with the murder weapon still on the victim? The purse was with her too, how?. USA Network ran an add all week about Monk finding something while investigating all this, but that really lead up to nothing that special. On the emotional side, Monk did cope with this attachment to the parking lot of course and made way for a playground named after Trudy. Comedy on this episode was better handled although the first encounter with Harold with Natalie spitting water on Harold wasn't exactly comedy gold. There were other better moments later in the episode involving a secretary.

    Overall it was a decent episode, but nothing special, USA over hyped it maybe, but it wasn't something to wet our appetites getting us ready for the last season. The only "clue" we got is that Trudy was killed looking at parking spot B-5. Since that popped out of nowhere, and there was like a 20 second camera pan into the wall, I suspect that will be a clue for Trudy's case. Only time will tell. Here's hoping that Monk will have a great Final Season and better Mystery writing than this batch of episodes.