Season 7 Episode 16

Mr. Monk Fights City Hall

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2009 on USA

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  • Anothe Season comes to an end.

    I wasn't thrilled by this episode.Whenever a Season premiere of finale is around the corner,you expect something special to happen.This episode on paper had the right ingridient:it dealt with the Trudy case.However it just glazed over it and never truly touched it.The way the episode was going,i thought that the person behind the garage demolition would be this "Judge" that we learned about last season.Yet,there was nothing guilty behind this decision and the motives of the perpetrator of the crimes had nothing to do with Trudy.I did like the facy that Monk was really determined here.At the same time,we did get one or two moments where he reflected on the gap Trudy's absence still creates.Tony Shalhoub is always great in these scenes.The naming of the Playground was a very nice touch.I also liked the comedic parts of the episode.Apart from Discher,the stuff involving Krensaw,Monk and Maria were pretty hillarious as well.I just wish we could have seen more of the Captain and Discher on this one.Instead we got a session with Dr. Bell where they did acknowledge that Adrian has progressed in the last few years.Finally,Natalie's role in this episode was the same as it was in the last few episodes.I like that she is close to Monk and i would like to see them get closer.Overall,a good episode but not good enough for a Season Finale.Let's hope that the final season has less filler episodes and more episodes about Trudy leading up to the Finale.See you in the Summer!
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