Season 7 Episode 16

Mr. Monk Fights City Hall

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2009 on USA

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  • Review contains potential spoilers. A good finale considering there was nothing to wrap up.

    For me this episode was a good one. It contained everything you'd expect from a season finale, all the crew were there (considering they've killed off one member already) and it linked all aspects of the show quite well. Dr. Bell has proved to Monk that he can assist with the breakthroughs in the same way that Dr. Kroger did, by making him consider something in a different light. There were funny moments - seeing Adrian in charm mode was special, a glimpse into what Trudy saw - even if he did mess it up by calling her a dolt at the end. LOL. Natalie giving away the name of Adrians new psychiatrist was a little contrived though. (She knew how much he didn't want Harold to know, so much in fact that she was quite willing to spray Harold with water earlier on in order to try and get him to shut up about it) but I'm guessing that it was done so that the next season could start with similar friction moments between Harold and Adrian. Plus I can safely say that, although I may buy the fixings for hot dogs, I too will never buy from a street vendor again LOL. Only one thing seemed to escape the writers - it would have been good to see Adrian's response to the sign post for the new development. Maybe they felt the poignancy was better if it was the viewers response only. It certainly highlighted the fact that the Monks are held in high esteem by the political community at least. As, unlike other series, there was nothing really to wrap up in this season I think it made for a good ending to a good season. I await the final season with high levels of anticipation.