Season 5 Episode 7

Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on USA

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  • This is simply one of the three best "Monk" episodes of all time, possibly the best!

    This is one of the top three "Monk" episodes in my opinion, writing this January 1, 2008, with only three episodes to go before season #6 is over. Early on, my three favorites were "Vacation,"" Earthquake" and "12th Man." Now my three favorites are this episode ("New Shrink"), "The Actor" and "Biggest Fan." I liked Biggest Fan because it was so funny throughout, though no particularly stunning parts. "The Actor" and "New Shrink" were funny throughout and had some great scenes.

    Among the great things in the episode are (particularly the first two):
    ¶ Monk and Harold Krenshaw arguing over who gets Kroger's 8 a.m. timeslot. Best scene in all of Monk, except maybe the scene in "Monk and the (Method) Actor" when Randy's hopes are dashed when it appears that a woman is playing his part in the planned "Monk" movie.

    ¶ Monk is a bit distracted by Kroger's files for Krenshaw and himself, And when the Captain complains that Monk shouldn't be reading Monk's own file, Monk comes up with the lame, sheepish excuse that he can't "rule anyone out" (as a suspect in the murder)!

    ¶ Kroger's riotous son. One of the best lines there is when the son tells everyone that his father suspects him of murdering the cleaning woman -- that his father asked the son if the son did it!

    ¶ Adrian rapidly progresses through the five stages of grief.

    ¶ Harold saying "BEAT THAT" to Monk after Harold takes a bullet for the doctor.
    ¶ Since the Doctor quit, Monk has Natalie substitute for the Doctor and sit down with Monk in the Doctor's old office to chew things over!
    Natalie: I've always been kinda curious about this place.
    Monk: Yep, this is where it all... doesn't happen. ¶ Monk and Harold spying on the Doctor at his home.
  • God help his shrink ... contains huge spoilers about things people who haven't seen the episode will not want to know.

    This has to be one of the most funniest episodes of Monk ever. I couldn't stop laughing at certain parts like when he found out that Kroger was retiring at being a shrink and Monk was going through all 5 stages before coming to acceptance and then starting all over again. As soon as that other shrink came on I immediatley said he did it and he actually did. This happened last night as well ... I think when it comes to tv and the whole whodunnit ... I'm psychic ... or a good guesser. Great episode that summed up Monk completely.
  • Nice .. but !!?

    there is something wrong with this episode ... since when our mr. Monk is stupid ? Acyually this is what he look like all around this one .. I think if it was somebody's first time with the show .. he is not going to complete it !!

    but the next one was great :D ... the Rock Concert :)
  • More Monk Mayhem

    Get ready for another episode of what this show does best - no not unraveling criminal mysteries but showing of the most delibitated character that could possibly be invented!

    This time Monk faces his greatest fear - a change of physciatrist. This is the main source of conflict throughout and provide the finale for the ending in a great way - full of resonance because of the contest between him and Harold! Just great. The crime (the setting for the episode and the subplot) is well concieved and logically executed, providing a credible adhesive to keep Monk in motion and allowing for his illnesses to provide the problems Monk must overcome!

    Great bits of dialogue interactive with some hilarious situation between Monk, his physc and Harold to take this episode several points past just great!
  • Wow, Dr.Kroger's office. A crime scene, who would have thought?

    Aww, Monk didn't take a bullet for Dr.Kroger. It wasn't Adrian's fault though.. Sigh. A very special episode as said above. The scenes with Dr.Kroger are always so funny and Tony Shalhoub really did an excellent performance in acting this episode. Great storyline, great plotline, great writing, directing, setting. I wish there were more scenes of Adrian with Dr.Kroger. The scenes with Monk going to the new psychiatrist were awesomely funny. His list of phobias filled up over four sheets of paper, and in the end, he got so freaked out by the one arm and it was a great use of physical comedy. A good episode this one was. One of the best perhaps.
  • I always enjoy Monk's scenes with dr Kroger. This episode is a feast! One of best Monk episodes ever!

    I always enjoy Monk's scenes with dr Kroger. This episode is a feast! One of the best Monk episodes ever! Dr Kroger is out of his chair ready to quit his practice, stalked by his patients, kidnapped, his life threatened . We get to meet his wife and punky son. A very well written story, good mystery, great comedy, lots of memorable "classic Monk moments". Stanley Kamel is an amazing actor, he deserves an Emmy for his performance! Tony Shalhoub's performance is EXTRAORDINARY! Among the many great scenes of this episode my favorites are: Monk and Harold stalking Dr Kroger, Monk trying to get into Dr Kroger house, Kroger and Monk tied up in the truck, Monk rapidly going through all the emotions then starting all over again and Harold after taking a bullet for the Doctor saying "BEAT THAT"! Not to forget Monk's session with the new one armed shrink! BEAT THAT!!!
  • A perfect Monk, funny and with a good story.

    This episode was great. I loved getting to know Dr. Kroger better, at his home and seeing his family. It was funny seeing Monk trying to cope with so much change. I loved how both Monk and the other patient were both trying to spy on Dr. Kroger at the same time. The mystery was good because it was simple enough it made sense, yet it took a while to figure out. It was nice to see that other patient again, I always like him. I love how he thinks Monk's obsessed with him, while Monk thinks he's obsessed with him. I felt so bad when that other patient got shot for Dr. Kroger, but it was nice in a way.