Season 4 Episode 5

Mr. Monk Gets Drunk

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on USA

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  • The writer must have been drunk while coming up with this one.

    Wow......I'm surprised, what a horrible episode. Wait, I'm not surprised for most of the Monk episode since Sharona left the show up until the second half of Season 6 have been really bad. I'm sorry, most people may disagree with me, as Monk says "I am what I am" ("Takes a Vacation") Here, we have basically a mix of "Girl Who Cried Wolf" and "Takes a Vacation". Think about it, Monk sees a person (like Sharona) and no one seems to believe him (like Sharona) although Natalie comes to believe him and looks for evidence even though there's no proof (like Monk did for Benjy). Then add Monk getting drunk and a group of people in it together similar to "Goes to the Bank" which I must say all three mentioned episodes are so much better than this junk. Monk is a real toss-up on his own. I think it's sweet how he visits his old honeymoon spot every year on his anniversary. Yet the scene where he eats dinner with himself is a gimmicky kind of moment similar to the pillow ritual of "Takes His Medicine" which comes off silly making him look pathetic than sweet and sympathetic. The fact that he's drunk for the last part of the episode doesn't help and actually hurts the episode taking a Monk moment and stretching it out so thin that it's like a string.

    Stottlemeyer and, what was the point of having them up here? They just stand around there watching Monk "do his thing" acting drunk. What a waste of time. I feel sorry for Ted Levine and Jason Gray Stanford. They're great actors and deserved much better than this crap. Natalie is....well....not harmful, but she really didn't help much matters either. She has so little energy, you'd think she was having a hangover. The mystery was all right, but there was too much focus on Monk and the comedy that it felt like a drag watching the whole episode. Only the supporting cast does really well and rises above the whole ordeal. Very disappointing.
  • This is a very funny episode, and I'd recommend it highly. In this episode we get to see a cool plot twist. I don't want to give things away too much.

    Monk gets Drunk is funny. Doesn't take too much, and he is plastered, then he thinks he has lost his mind.

    Nobody believes him when he talks about things he thinks happened during his drinking spell. Then, a brother shows up looking for the guy nobody remembers meeting except Monk, and things start getting really weird.

    Highly recommend.
  • Mr. Monk visits a winery. There he finds that a man mysteriously dissapeared

    Well, I enjoyed this Episode. It had a good plot. The whole Larry Swibell dissappearing thing was a good mystery, plus the great portrayal of Paul's character. Oh, and the wonderful idea of having the transition from the postcard to the intro. The summation was a bit overdone, good portrayal by Monk, but the scene dragged a bit too long.

    Story: 8/10
    Acting: 8/10
  • Great Guest Cast

    Headed by Richard Libertini and a brief appearance by Daniel Roebuck before his disappearance.
    Monk and Natalie have blossumed into a great chemistry over the past few weeks. Hopefully it will continue to grow.
    I liked Natalie's comment about that they are partners and that they have to trust each other and it was a rule.
    Traylor Howard as Natalie has really taking off since last January.
    Natalie chemistry with Adrian is different than Sharona and she is much more likely to having a potential relationship with him than Sharona. I can tell the way she looks at him since the beginning when she hired him to investigate the two breakins in a week. Especially after he saved Mr. Henry Julie's fish.
  • Great episode! lots of suspense lots of comedy! Tony Shalhoub drunk was very funny truly an extraordinary perfomance.

    Great episode! Lots of suspense lots of comedy! Tony Shalhoub drunk was very funny, truly an extraordinary perfomance.The mistery was interesting not earth shattering but enough to make me try to guess. And Guess I did NOT! My favorite moments are
    the spitting sequence ,the whole foot wine moment,
    and best of all Monk hugging the Captain and saying "I love you".Monk would never say "I love you" to Leland. Sometimes one needs a drink to express oneself.I know I do! Natalie was great, she helped Monk even though she had a hard time believing him.
    I love their relationship this season, it's warmer more intimate she has become a truly devoted assistant and she cares deeply about him! It was so nice to hear her say Adrian! I hope the Traylor haters will stop their whinning. Traylor is great!
    Yes it is possible to love Sharona and still enjoy the show! This season has been the best yet and Gets Drunk was Great!! A true classic Monk!
  • Not the best, but not the worst, either.

    I'll easilly admit that this wasn't my favorite episode of the season. But, even at 'mediocre", this series is far better than most other network programs. Natalie has made a lot of progress and she shows that again in this episode. I'm confident that the storylines will get better as the season progresses. I'm just sorry that the season has to be broken up, with the second half of the season starting in January.
  • A little disappointing but entertaining nonetheless.

    The plot was not as imaginative and interesting as they usually are but I still found myself enjoying it.

    Even when Monk has mediocre episodes, like this one, there is one thing that always makes up for it...Tony Shaloub. His acting is magnificent and totally makes up for any lack of plot development the show might have. To watch his demeanor change so easily and freely is incredible. Monk is a very complex character and no one could play him other than Tony. He really becomes Adrian Monk for every episode and it is truly amazing to see.
  • I love Paul Ben-Victor's shady characters, and it was his presence that brought this episode up to average for me.

    I agree with those who think Monk as a drunk didn't work. It is unrealistic and very out-of-character that the super-observant Monk would neither taste the alcohol in the wine nor realize that it was affecting him (which would have happened slowly enough for him to feel, not instantaneously as presented).

    I think they needed someone more familiar with alcoholism to prepare Monk's behavior to make it realistic rather than stereotypical.

    And the bit with having Natalie carry the bags, with Monk taking one only to reverse it and hand it back to her, seemed more mean-spirited than Monk-spirited.

    Enter Paul Ben-Victor, one of the best shady character actors around. He was great in "The Wire," and he brought that cool demeanor to this episode very well. He is totally believable, and for me he salvaged this episode to make it worth watching.
  • Mr. Monk, wine tasting, crime, and a loud man wearing too much aqua-velva.

    Mr. Monk gets drunk. Strangely he doesn't notice that the non-alcohol wine he picked out has been substituted for actual wine. So he makes a fool out of himself. It isn't funny. It's sad. Traylor Howard wears some really awful clothes and returns to her wooden and awkward acting style.
    The story could have been interesting and did begin that way; with a cool voiced killer waiting for a man to get out of the shower. But the minute Monk appeared at the Inn--everything started going downhill. He even made Natalie carry his luggage into the Inn, which was downright rude and, although I guessed the reason why about Natalie's weird tasting wine, it still made me cringe.
    After the really good Office Episode this was a real letdown.
  • Adrian goes wine tasting for his anniversary.

    In this episode, Adrian went wine tasing on his anniversary and ended up in a murder mystery. No matter where he goes, he seems to end up in one. I loved the conversation when Adrian signed in. It was revealed that last year, there was a pretend murder mystery which was supposed to go on for three days, and Adrian solved it in 12 minutes.

    The murder mystery aspect of the episode wasn't all that surprising, it was by the book for the most part. I wasn't as turned off by a drunk Monk as the two people who posted reviews for this episode than I did. Just how does one act drunk and not be obnoxious? That's what drunks are!
  • Mr. Monk goes to an inn in wine country for his anniversary, but ends up stumbling over yet another death. Also, I wonder-where on earth did Julie get to?

    I hate to admit it-I really do-but this episode made it painfully obvious why so many people dislike Traylor. I found myself becoming increasingly irritated as I watched her stand awkwardly in the scene, sans appropriate facial expressions or anything. Hell...I did better in the school play last year. *cringe*

    "Bottom of the Barrel" is truly the best description to use. Not only was this one of the worst episodes I've seen, but...well...barrel. Come on. See the pun? *sighs*

    Seeing Monk drunk was...terrible. Both humiliating and painful, though I can't exactly explain why. I thought he was going to start making out with Ted Levine...very frightening.

    I kept watching this episode, begging for it to get better. Waiting for something to happen. And yet...nothing did. I was left seriously unsatisfied this week-I'd expected at least a decent storyline. This case seemed to reek of 'it's been done before' just had this rotten air about it-perhaps an acrid cloud of AquaVelva soaking in a barrel of wine?

    One last thing-does Traylor's hair seem to get shorter with every episode? For the love of god (or at least some of your fans), let your hair grow out, woman! Stop it with the layers! Please. Do it for the children.
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