Season 7 Episode 8

Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2008 on USA

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  • Monk reverts back to his childhood after seeing a doctor that deals with hypnosis...

    This episode is certainly like one we've never seen before. When Monk sees Harold Crenshaw running outside, singing and dancing, and enjoying the double rainbow, Monk becomes envious and meets Harold's new doctor. The doctor deals with hypnosis, and reverts Monk back to the happiest time of his life: his childhood. When Monk leaves his office, he believes he is a small child again. And acts like it too! He makes fun of a woman's age, tries to climb trees in a garden, adopts a frog as a pet and names him Hoppy, and eats gum off the bottom of Stottlemeyer's shoe. This gum turned out to be big evidence in the case Monk was trying to solve. A wealthy wife of an entrepreneur goes missing. She is later found running out of the woods. She tells the police she was locked in a cabin for 3 days and nights by her husband. When he came back the last time to check on her, she killed him with a board. Monk knew she was lying. She actually locked herself in the cabin for all that time. She snuck out at night to kill her husband at his home, then brought his body back to the cabin to make it look like her story was true. Monk was chewing the evidence that made her story false. After a final showdown in the gardens, she is arrested, and Monk is himself again.