Season 2 Episode 15

Mr. Monk Gets Married

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2004 on USA
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Monk and Sharona are forced to go undercover as a married couple to help out Disher when his mother marries a suspected con man.

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  • Not the best of episodes...

    Wow. I have to say this is the first episode I really disliked, and I've put up with a lot from the show. There's episodes that have been pretty low but I thought were pretty good. I suspect this will be the reverse.

    For one thing, Ted Levine isn't in it. After his tour de force in "Captain's Wife," I suppose he wanted a week off (and he isn't in next week's previews either...), and I couldn't see him really bringing much to this episode. He's been absent from other episodes, but maybe it was so noticeable here just because he featuerd so heavily in the last episode. (Interestingly, writer David Breckman did the Stottlemeyer-less "Asylum" last year too, but he's also done episodes that feature Stottlemeyer heavily, but he had co-writers on those).

    That means we have Jason Gray-Stanford taking up the slack, and it seems they could have done a little more with the "Disher goes to Monk for help" subplot. But...nothing. Instead he gets drunk on duty, which seems like an absurdly huge overreaction to what's going on. Stottlemeyer beating up a suspect because his wife was nearly killed - okay, warranted overreaction. Disher getting drunk because his mother gets married and he thinks she's too ugly to get married...ummm, not so much.

    The main villain - well, we found out who "da killer" is in the pre-credits teaser, so no surprise there. The mystery isn't how he did the killings, so having a guy with some smarts isn't required. But even so, Nestor Carbonell (Suddenly Susan, The Tick) was a bit too thuggish and displayed none of the wit, charm, or humor he had in those series and other stuff I've seen him in.

    Other then Disher's mom, the supporting cast was pretty forgettable (although the therapist had one good line about cave-ins and such). The last scene in the closet was almost a parody, with the third couple getting together and Disher's mom finding "true romance".

    That leaves...Monk and Sharona. I liked the subplot with the ring, but I thought the main plot was kinda...ehh. For one thing, why did it have to be a secret that Monk has OCD? Are we really supposed to believe that they thought that could keep it a secret? If it's not a secret, then seems they have a tailor made explanation for Monk's uncomfortableness with kissing and touching.

    There were also a few bits were I thought Shalhoub went overboard - his frantic posing in the cave with the camera flashes seemed way over the top. His "huffing" in the closet was another. And the cave-in bit seemed liked so much padding to fill out a skimpy story that wasn't filling out the full 42 minutes. I'm just not buying that Adrian would either forget the cell phone (hasn't Sharona ever used it in his presence?) or would hang up like that. This seemed to cross the line into sheer stupidity for the character.

    Bitty Schram didn't really do anything bad, but the script doesn't do her any favors, either.

    Overall, I didn't think the episode was a total loss - Shalhoub and Schram are too professional and know the characters well enough that they can overcome a weak script. But this one had a few too many cliches and padded scenes to consider it high caliber.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show monk and sheronia are called by one of the guys that helps the captain and he wants them to see whats up with the guy that married his mother and so so they go take a look at him and think he is right and so they have to pretend there married to get into a marrage cousinling place and they have to see what the guy is up too and they find out that he isearching for the gold that man left behide 125 years ago they get him arrested after they found out he killed his partner and they find out the gold was in the pages this was a good epmoreless
  • very funny!!!!

    Monk and Sharona have to go under cover as a married couple!!! Funny and i loved the storyline. They both have to do this because they have to investigate inside a marriage counselor's house which was actually a house with someone who got gold from the gold rush. The antics are funny, especially when Monk and Sharona have to kiss, and the story is intriguing. How the person hid the gold is pretty cool and clever. But one flaw is that there's not that much action or adventure in this one and it's not as funny as other Monk episodes but still it's a funny and mysterious episode to watch and enjoy.moreless
  • Funny episode. There have been better ones, though.

    The idea for this episode sounds good: Monk & Sharona have to go to a marriage-counseling weekend undercover in order to investigate Disher's 'new Dad'.

    For me, this episode was average. There were some scenes that were hilarious but others could have been better. Overall, they could've made more of this one.

    I pity that Ted Levine alias Captain Stottlemeyer did not appear in this one. He's been there in every episode and you notice that something's missing when he's not there.

    My Fav. Quote of this episode:

    [Sharona: Here, sit down.

    Monk: No way.

    Sharona: It's a bench. I mean, I can understand you not wanting to sit down on the ground, but I've seen you sit on a bench before.

    Monk: No, no, no, not this one. Yesterday, when we arrived, there was a bird on it.]

Michael Ensign

Michael Ensign

Raymond Tolliver

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Jim Lau

Jim Lau


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William Sanderson

William Sanderson

Joshua Skinner

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (20)

    • When they first arrive for counseling, everyone is introduced to each other but less than a minute later Sharona calls Dalton Padron "Mr. Dalton" (when explaining to the counselor how they know each other).

    • When Randy is talking about his Mom and her new husband he says that he is 37, but on the Ecuadorian Visa application it states that Dalton Padron's date of birth is 3/26/1960 which, at the time of airing, would have made him 43.

    • After exiting the closet, Monk asks what day it is, to which Sharona replies they've only been in the closet for five minutes. However, during their time in the closet, Dalton had to load close to a thousand heavy books into his car (he's finished and pulling out when Disher arrives), so it must have been considerably more than five minutes.

    • In most scenes the letter of Joshua Skinner looks worn and ripped, however the letter handed to Dalton (at the beginning) looks like a new piece of paper.

    • When Sharona is sitting on the blanket for the picnic, why does Monk refuse to step onto the grass, opting instead to balance precariously on the thin slab of concrete? He's walked on a number of unpaved surfaces by now. It would make sense for him to not want to sit on the grass, but to not stand on it? How did he even get to his concrete perch in the first place? Later in the episode, Monk walks across grass to a concrete bench to give Sharona a few journals.

    • Disher opens the door of the cabinet, revealing the dead body and starts to gag on the smell. The cabinet isn't exactly airtight. Wouldn't the entire store have smelled? It had been in there for well over a week at least.

    • When they are stuck in the cave, Monk asks Sharona for the wedding ring back. She slips it off easily and gives it to him, but earlier in the episode, it was too small for her finger and she had to use soap to get it off.

    • When Sharona is leading Monk out of the cave, the light from the cave entrance is behind them and to their left. She is obviously leading him completely in the wrong direction.

    • When Monk wakes Sharona up to chase after Dalton, he is wearing pajamas. Dalton is walking away from the house at a fairly brisk pace. In the next scene, Monk and Sharona have caught up to him far away from the house. Monk is now wearing his usual suit. How did he change clothes and still manage to catch up to Dalton?

    • Monk is trying to go to sleep and is bothered by the crooked shelf. Sharona is already asleep (or at least resting) in her tent. They go outside to chase after Dalton and it is bright daylight outside.

    • When Monk is trying to sleep but is bothered by the crooked shelf, why exactly is he trying to sleep with the lamp on?

    • Why do Monk and Sharona read the letter that she picked from Dalton's pocket in the middle of the hall where anyone could walk up and see them? Dalton could not have gotten it from them and subsequently burned it if they had just gone to their room and locked the door.

    • Why would Dalton have bothered with this entire charade in the first place? As an antique dealer with an interest in history, couldn't he have called the marriage counselor and simply explained that he is researching the history of the prospectors for whatever reason and request to view the journals? The counselor isn't very protective of them. She lets Monk pull one down and start flipping through it without batting an eye.

    • In the opening sequence when Tolliver is reading Joshua Skinner's letter, we hear Skinner saying "We just finished off the last of the beef jerky and I was about to shoot one of the mules for supper...". The pack animals we see tied up outside the mine, however, are donkeys, not mules.

    • Lt. Disher tells Monk and Sharona that the man who married his mom is 37. However, the birthdate on the man's visa is 3/26/1960, making him roughly 43, a discrepancy of six years.

    • Monk says that West Virgina became a state after the Civil War. West Virginia actually became a state in 1863, during the Civil War.

    • When the marriage counselor is telling Monk and Sharona about the journals, she says there are 947 journals. One of the men who is also there for counseling mentions this later in the episode, but he wasn't there to hear her say the exact number, so how did he know when nobody told him?

    • "PhD" is misspelled as "Phd" on the Waterford Institute sign.

    • Monk says that Trudy died "six years ago." This statement would make sense if the episode had aired in 2003, as originally scheduled. However, since the episode was delayed until 2004, "seven years ago" would now be correct.

    • In Monk and Sharona's room, the two-light lamp sconce is noticeably crooked (left side higher than the right), but Monk doesn't seem to notice it and obsesses about the shelf instead.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Sheriff Mathis: (gun drawn at an attacker) Sir, drop your hammer, or I'll drop mine.

    • Sharona: Maybe he just loves her.
      (Randy hands a picture of Maria to Monk)
      Monk: Uh! (pause) Is she rich?
      Randy: No. That's the thing. She doesn't have a nickel. I send her some money every month, which she spends on bingo and paintings of Jesus.

    • Randy: My car's right here whenever you're ready.
      Maria: Well, Honey, I think Ron's going to drive me home. I'll call you in the morning. Love you.
      Randy: Love you too. (pause) In the morning?
      Sharona: (walking past) You can't even get your mother to go home with you.

    • Monk: (to Sharona, inside the mine) You know who I miss? The coyote.

    • Dr. Waterford: I believe in Adrian and Sharona.
      Sharona: Thanks a lot. Uh, but you should know. We're not really married.
      Dr. Waterford: Oh, thank God! Good! Keep it that way.
      Monk: Okay, we will. No problem there.

    • Sharona: Sit down.
      Monk: You stand up.
      Sharona: You sit down!
      Monk: You stand up!
      Sharona: Adrian, sit down!
      Monk: All right, all right, how about this? How about we both just squat?

    • Sharona: Here, sit down.
      Monk: No way.
      Sharona: It's a bench. I mean, I can understand you not wanting to sit down on the ground, but I've seen you sit on a bench before.
      Monk: No, no, no, not this one. Yesterday, when we arrived, there was a bird on it.

    • Monk: (leaving the closet) What day is it?
      Sharona: We were only in there for five minutes.
      Monk: I don't think so!

    • Monk: (as he and the group are herded into a closet) This weekend just will not end.

    • Monk: I can't sleep with a crooked shelf in the room.
      Sharona: Well, when you turn the light off you won't see it.
      Monk: I wish you could hear yourself sometimes. You live in a dream world.

    • Sharona: Why don't we just tell Maria what we know?
      Monk: She won't believe us. Not without proof. Why would she? I'm a--I'm a cowardly mop salesman and you're my crazy alcoholic wife who attacked her husband for no reason.

    • Sharona: We're never going to get away with this! They're never going to believe we're really married.
      Monk: We have nothing in common. I annoy you all the time. Why wouldn't they believe it?

    • Monk: (answering cell phone) Hello? Can't talk now. I'm trapped in a cave.

    • Dr. Waterford: (to Monk) Your first wife is in a place of honor on the mantel, while your current wife is sleeping on the floor.

    • Landlord: Aren't you supposed to have a warrant?
      Disher: Aren't you supposed to have a sprinkler system that works?

    • Sharona: Oh my God, you're in a cave! I'm so proud of you.
      Monk: Thank you. Let's get out of here.

    • Sharona: Don't worry.
      Monk: I don't know how to not worry.

    • Sharona: You have to sit. This is a picnic.
      Monk: I don't sit on the ground. Animals do things on the ground. Terrible, terrible things.

    • Maria: Adrian Monk? Do you know my son, Randy Disher?
      Monk: No, no. Does he sell cleaning supplies? That's what I do.

    • Dr. Waterford: Aha! Couple number three.

    • Sharona: We have to do something. Randy's falling apart. I almost feel sorry for him.

    • Sharona: (to the doctor) We don't kiss. It's not our style.

    • Disher: They're going to a therapy clinic, Monk. For their honeymoon!

    • Disher: I know she's not the prettiest woman in the world, but she's my mom and I love her. How can anybody else?

    • Sharona: Have you been drinking?
      Disher: Yes, I have. I couldn't think of any other way to get all this Scotch into my body.

    • Dr. Waterford: We can't let anger drive the bus. Anger needs to stay at the back of the bus. Or at least it needs to stay behind the yellow line. Because anger is a terrible driver.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Ted Levine, who unfortunately does not appear in this episode, was once Jim Beaver's understudy for a production of Shakespeare's Macbeth. At one point, Beaver injured his knee and Ted had to go onstage and deliver an impromptu variation of Beaver's lines.

    • This is the only second-season episode in which Ted Levine doesn't appear.

    • This episode's director, Craig Zisk, is the brother of the show's co-executive producer, Randall (Randy) Zisk.

    • Susan Kellermann's name is spelled with two ns in the opening credits but one n on the official site and the IMDb. TV Tome information for this actress can be found under both spellings.

    • This episode was originally scheduled for August 22, 2003, as the "season finale" of the first part of the second season.


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