Season 2 Episode 15

Mr. Monk Gets Married

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2004 on USA

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  • Not the best of episodes...

    Wow. I have to say this is the first episode I really disliked, and I've put up with a lot from the show. There's episodes that have been pretty low but I thought were pretty good. I suspect this will be the reverse.

    For one thing, Ted Levine isn't in it. After his tour de force in "Captain's Wife," I suppose he wanted a week off (and he isn't in next week's previews either...), and I couldn't see him really bringing much to this episode. He's been absent from other episodes, but maybe it was so noticeable here just because he featuerd so heavily in the last episode. (Interestingly, writer David Breckman did the Stottlemeyer-less "Asylum" last year too, but he's also done episodes that feature Stottlemeyer heavily, but he had co-writers on those).

    That means we have Jason Gray-Stanford taking up the slack, and it seems they could have done a little more with the "Disher goes to Monk for help" subplot. But...nothing. Instead he gets drunk on duty, which seems like an absurdly huge overreaction to what's going on. Stottlemeyer beating up a suspect because his wife was nearly killed - okay, warranted overreaction. Disher getting drunk because his mother gets married and he thinks she's too ugly to get married...ummm, not so much.

    The main villain - well, we found out who "da killer" is in the pre-credits teaser, so no surprise there. The mystery isn't how he did the killings, so having a guy with some smarts isn't required. But even so, Nestor Carbonell (Suddenly Susan, The Tick) was a bit too thuggish and displayed none of the wit, charm, or humor he had in those series and other stuff I've seen him in.

    Other then Disher's mom, the supporting cast was pretty forgettable (although the therapist had one good line about cave-ins and such). The last scene in the closet was almost a parody, with the third couple getting together and Disher's mom finding "true romance".

    That leaves...Monk and Sharona. I liked the subplot with the ring, but I thought the main plot was kinda...ehh. For one thing, why did it have to be a secret that Monk has OCD? Are we really supposed to believe that they thought that could keep it a secret? If it's not a secret, then seems they have a tailor made explanation for Monk's uncomfortableness with kissing and touching.

    There were also a few bits were I thought Shalhoub went overboard - his frantic posing in the cave with the camera flashes seemed way over the top. His "huffing" in the closet was another. And the cave-in bit seemed liked so much padding to fill out a skimpy story that wasn't filling out the full 42 minutes. I'm just not buying that Adrian would either forget the cell phone (hasn't Sharona ever used it in his presence?) or would hang up like that. This seemed to cross the line into sheer stupidity for the character.

    Bitty Schram didn't really do anything bad, but the script doesn't do her any favors, either.

    Overall, I didn't think the episode was a total loss - Shalhoub and Schram are too professional and know the characters well enough that they can overcome a weak script. But this one had a few too many cliches and padded scenes to consider it high caliber.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show monk and sheronia are called by one of the guys that helps the captain and he wants them to see whats up with the guy that married his mother and so so they go take a look at him and think he is right and so they have to pretend there married to get into a marrage cousinling place and they have to see what the guy is up too and they find out that he isearching for the gold that man left behide 125 years ago they get him arrested after they found out he killed his partner and they find out the gold was in the pages this was a good ep
  • very funny!!!!

    Monk and Sharona have to go under cover as a married couple!!! Funny and i loved the storyline. They both have to do this because they have to investigate inside a marriage counselor's house which was actually a house with someone who got gold from the gold rush. The antics are funny, especially when Monk and Sharona have to kiss, and the story is intriguing. How the person hid the gold is pretty cool and clever. But one flaw is that there's not that much action or adventure in this one and it's not as funny as other Monk episodes but still it's a funny and mysterious episode to watch and enjoy.
  • Funny episode. There have been better ones, though.

    The idea for this episode sounds good: Monk & Sharona have to go to a marriage-counseling weekend undercover in order to investigate Disher's 'new Dad'.

    For me, this episode was average. There were some scenes that were hilarious but others could have been better. Overall, they could've made more of this one.

    I pity that Ted Levine alias Captain Stottlemeyer did not appear in this one. He's been there in every episode and you notice that something's missing when he's not there.

    My Fav. Quote of this episode:

    [Sharona: Here, sit down.
    Monk: No way.
    Sharona: It's a bench. I mean, I can understand you not wanting to sit down on the ground, but I've seen you sit on a bench before.
    Monk: No, no, no, not this one. Yesterday, when we arrived, there was a bird on it.]
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