Season 3 Episode 13

Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2005 on USA

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  • The Most Boringest One!

    So. Very. Boring.

    Sorry. Not even Bitty Schram could make this bearable!
  • Mr. Monk and the Very Long Wait

    Although the episode involves folks waiting around in a traffic jam, the story itself moves along pretty quickly. We get another (overly vicious) murder in the first act. The killer is quickly introduced and motivated - it seems a bit excessive that he turns to murder so quickly, but oh well.

    Then we go to Monk, Julie, and Natalie. I'm not sure I buy them having only porta-potties at a field hockey field - I'm in a relatively small town and our soccer fields have actual structures, but oh well.

    In any case, the episode from that part on is put together pretty well. There's lot of examples of Monk's observational powers - the kind of "just one little things" that Columbo always picks up on on his show. That's been occasional forgotten or overlooked this season, but it's nice to see him putting together a lot of little things over the course of the episode, rather then one big deduction/clue.

    Natalie still a bit abrasive, but not in a good way. It's more of a "gripe at Monk" abrasiveness that really doesn't add much to the chemistry of the two characters. She still remains...okay. Yes, they reconcile by the end of the episode, but they seem to keep getting pissy and then reconciling each episode, so hopefully now they can move on to something else.

    Korn makes a purely promotional appearance and don't really add anything to the episode (conveniently and rather unbelievably knowing the murder victim doesn't really count).

    I did like the chemistry between Julie and Monk - less of a father-figure relationship then with Benjy, and she doesn't mind taking advantage of Monk. I'm not sure I like it, but at least it's different.

    Larry Wilson's character, Lawyer Garrett, might have been abrasive but he's thankfully balanced out by being sincerely admirable of Monk's talents and being inspired by them. The fact he can mock Natalie, who seems to deserve a little mocking, probably helps.

    The relatively big-name Steven Williams doesn't have much to do here although at least his character comes around in the end. The trucker/Krystal subplot is also kind of a waste.

    The last chase sequence seems a bit drawn out - why does Monk have to shoot the hydraulics before the cop can pull the truck over? Oh well - presumably it proves Monk "cares" for Natalie. Great. Moving along now...

    Overall I'd consider this an average or slightly better effort. It's a bit repetitive both with the Monk/Natalie relationship and a few past episodes, but it doesn't overplay the "Monkisms" and it gives the character a lot more detecting moments then he typically gets in recent episodes. There's a few misses but generally more hits.
  • The Best!!!

    This episode was simplismente shining. I adore when the Historia happens in the Road.
    The Assassin needed to search the cellular one, the error of it was this, to have confused the cellular ones, if he did not go to be the perfect crime!
    Episode memoravel, the third season the Monk really seems that he is the best same one.
  • Mr. Monk does it again!

    I’m quite monkish when it comes to traffic, but Monk kept his cool. “The ink spilled all over,” said the panicked Monk. But in reality it was only a dot of ink. How funny is that, but I know where he’s coming from cause I once got a dot of ink on my dark blue sweatshirt and you could see the black dot. And that dot remains with you at the back of your mind; it can drive you up the wall. It was so sweet how Monk saved Natalie. It’s obvious that Monk cares more for Natalie than Sharona. And the lawyer, Garrett, was hilarious. “Mr. Monk you’re my hero.” Monk looks perplexed, “We just met today!”
  • This was an okay episode. It didn\'t keep me on the edge of my seat.

    Most Monk episodes keep me in suspense until the moment the end credits come on. But this episode was different, I could never give a Monk episode a \"horrible\" review because of my love for the show, but this was only average. It seemed as if it went on for quite some time and it wasn\'t really too amazingly interesting like most Monk episodes are. It did give Natalie a chance to shine, which is a good thing. The plot wasn\'t too overly interesting, but the characters did well and that\'s why I gave it a 6.4. Not such a special episode.
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