Season 2 Episode 1

Mr. Monk Goes Back to School

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 20, 2003 on USA

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  • The first true kickoff in the 'Monk' series' overall narrative! Very enjoyable!

    Well, obviously a great thing about "Mr. Monk Goes Back to School" is the introduction of Randy Newman's "It's A Jungle Out There". Also, Weekend At Bernie's star Andrew McCarthy makes for a wryly amusing criminal in the role of Scientist Derek Philby, who uses his smarts and smirks to attempt to get out of Monk's line of accusation.

    Another 'battle of wits' scene ensues as Derek uses the snake in the tank 'law of physics' boast to tell Monk that he couldn't have been the one to murder Beth Landow. When it's revealed in the summation that he placed her on the clockhand and WAITED for her death, the story truly becomes amazing.

    I also like it that Sharona gets onto the fat kid for throwing the eraser at Monk with the chalk dust, and as far as his dad goes, well... unfortunately, there are people like him. The additional tidbits on Trudy and the others that knew her add nice touches that bring her closer into the fold. A great episode! Q-E-D: Thus it is proved.
  • this was a good ep

    in the season 2 opener of the show monk monk goes back to school to figure out what really happend to a teacher that trudy went to school there . and so he starts to investgate and learns that a science teacher knew the victom and so they go back and forth at each other and monk even goes as far as being a teacher there and that ends in laughs and monk solves the case that the science teach did and how he put her body on the bell tower and let it fall off this was a good ep i thought
  • Mr.Monk goes back to school is a great episode of monk and has an interesting murder.

    Mr. Monk goes back to school is one of the most interesting ways to murder someone in the history of Monk. I liked this episode because of the amazing plot and Andrew McCarthy was the killer. I loved it when Monk mixed the decaf and regular coffee to make them even. It was so interesting because the murder put the dead woman’s body on the hand of the clock, so he could let gravity do the work when he was teaching so no one would think he murdered her. A lot of people thought she killed herself, but not Monk. He solved the case. A very fine episode of Monk.
  • An elaborate plot, with a good comedy to mystery ratio, setting the bar high for the second season of Monk.

    This episode had many key factors that make it great. It combines a good mystery, comedy, and references to Trudy’s past. A typical Monk storyline is presented when Adrian is brought in by the school’s assistant principal because she is not satisfied with the police department’s decision to close the case. Adrian reminisces about the times he spent with Trudy, cluing us in on how the murder of Trudy will eventually be brought back up in a future storyline. I thought this episode was particularly hilarious because of Monk’s typical OCD, the gym teacher, and Mr. Monk’s substitute teaching job. What made this episode so memorable for me is how Derek Philby was able to pull of the murder and that Monk was so close to quitting the case even though he knew Philby was the murderer. As we have seen before and in future episodes, everything Monk does is for someone besides himself. He solved this case for Trudy, solves cases for Sherona, Stottlemeyer, and others that he meets. Besides Philby concocting the plan, the writers had to think of the plan and how Monk could prove that Philby was the killer. Since there maybe people who still have not seen this episode, I won’t spoil how Philby pulled off the murder, while making it look like a suicide. In the end, I really liked this episode.