Season 4 Episode 2

Mr. Monk Goes Home Again

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2005 on USA

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  • Great episode, great storyline. John Turturo deserves an emmy.

    The interplay between Ambrose and Natalie is wonderful. I wonder if the writers developed that thread of the two possibly dating for some future continuity.
    Monk is perfect as usual. He seems to be dominant over Ambrose, and harbors more than a little frustration. It is a bit of a stretch that he recognises the dead pidgeon, but it fits perfectly into the plot.
  • Don't be surprised if John Turturro gets nominated for another Emmy Award in the fall of 2006. The ending was just perfect, as it looks as if we could see another storyline for Mr. Monk.

    Don't be surprised if John Turturro gets nominated for another Emmy Award in the fall of 2006. The ending was just perfect, as it looks as if we could see another storyline for Mr. Monk. There was a goof though. Monk says Ambrose hadn't left the house in 34 years. Here's the thing, it was 32 years when the house caught fire, and Ambrose got out. Just thought I'd bring that up, no problem, really.
  • Very funny episode, the crime was a classic.

    This episode was very funny especially his brother tracking how much candy he needs for halloween, Monk sticking the dead pigeon is Stotlemeyer's face. The crime was great, just like most of them seem to be in this show. A bad guy wants to do something bad then in order to hide it he has to do an even worser thing. This pretty much seems to be the whole idea behind "Monk" crimes. The criminal doesn't look like he could even be a bad guy, but then turns out to be really evil. I was surprised why they played the "sad" music in the credits.
  • John Turturro is superb.

    John Turturro reprising of Ambrose is superb. His interaction with Adrian and Natalie was excellent. In the scene with Adrian when he asks if they have a romantic relationship and he says Business and professional. Then he asks Natalie out on a date at the house of course because of his agrophobia. At first she turns him down because of the fact that he is Adrian\\\'s brother (and I think she is secretly in love with Adrian)but later she agrees.
    Their is one little mistake in the phone Ambrose calls and asks for Sharona on Natalie\\\'s cell phone unless the phone number belongs to Adrian the chances of them having the same number is remote.
  • John Turturro returns as Ambrose in one of the best episodes of Monk.

    Almost everything about this episode was top-notch. First of all, the mystery was better than most episodes. Even though we knew who the killer was from the start, the motive was unclear and there were lots of good subtle clues dropped along the whole way.

    Second, the comedy in the episode was hilarious. One scene that comes to mind is when trick-or-treaters come to Ambrose's door and he says something along the lines of "By giving you this treat, you agree that you cannot committ and tricks against neither me, my house, nor my property." It was hilarious that he takes such a simple thing like Halloween and treats it so seriously.

    Third, this was a great episode for character development. We learn more about Adrian and Ambrose's past when Natalie looks at the photo album (such a sad scene), and Natalie's character also grows stronger here. I like that she didn't flat-out reject Ambrose when he asked her out.


    And last, the drama was great. I seriously thought that Ambrose would die when he ate the candy bar. And also, though the Monk brothers reconciled in "Mr. Monk and the Three Pies," there is still tension between them as they wait for their father comes home and Adrian says that he's not coming back. Since their father didn't come back at the end, it also leaves the door open for future episodes.

    So altogether, this episode had the perfect balance of mystery, comedy, character development, and drama to make it one of the best episodes of Monk.
  • An armored truck driver is shot repeatedly, despite the fact that he was driving an empty truck. Meanwhlie, Monk goes back to his childhood home to wait with his agoraphobic brother Ambrose, for their father to return for a visit.

    This definitely was not one of my favorite episodes.

    Overlooking the fact that they had a Halloween episode in July (which I’ll let slide, because Halloween is my favorite ‘holiday), this just wasn’t really up to par with the other episodes I’ve seen. My main problem with this episode was the lack of real evidence. I feel that so much emphasis was placed upon the reunion of father and sons, that the writers didn’t have time to drop any decent clues for the audience, or even really for Mr. Monk.

    First of all, how is it possible that a few bites of the poisoned candy would drop an adult male in mere minutes, whereas the pigeon, who took several pecks, had hours before it died? Or are we to believe that the ‘rat with wings’ immediately flew to the Gilstraps’ home? Who but Monk would take the dead bird, the computer systems guy, and Mrs. Gilstrap, and immediately figure out who was behind everything?

    Deus ex machina did come to my mind when I was watching this: the solution was just a little too contrived. Perhaps I’m just grumpy about not being able to solve the mystery as they went along, but it is what it is.
  • A real disapointment

    Ever since I saw the first appearance of Ambrose, I have waited for him to return to the series, when I heard that he finally would, I nearly flipped. Unfortunately this episode\'s plotline about the man stealing candy, the reason was so obvious, I predicted it by simply watching the previews. Also this episode has too many similarities to the previous Ambrose episode. For one, Ambrose once again had the evidence of a crime that someone committed, second, someone says they doubt a certain device and Ambrose comes to its defense by saying he wrote the manual for it (last time it was the gun, this time it\'s the clock). Third, it takes another life or death situation to get Ambrose out of the house, fourth, Monk\'s assistant takes a liking to Ambrose while Monk still displays a little discomfort being around him , fifth, the main crime was to be committed to the murderer’s wife, sixth, Ambrose takes the blame for a loss of a close one, seventh, Ambrose picks at a tiny mistake in an instruction manual. I could continue but I’d rather move on. It seems to me that the only way that the writers can add Ambrose is to give him some major evidence of a crime. The police’s treatment to what happened to Ambrose is just ridiculous. Yeah, I know it’s not a priority compared to the murder but they simply brushed off a case of ASSAULT. The whole thing where they missed their father because Ambrose was in the ambulance is an over used plot device and a cheap attempt at giving that heartstring a tug. The bit where Ambrose gets a crush on Natalie is a tad pathetic. Over all, this episode had great potential, but that potential wasn’t embraced as it could have been.
  • Ambrose Monk owns the show again.

    I loved Mr. Monk and the Three Pies because of Ambrose Monk and I loved this episode because of him too. John Turturro is excellent as Adrian Monk's agorophobic brother, Ambrose. The interaction between brothers is incredible. They are hilarious together and play off each other perfectly.

    I also liked the plotline involving the return of their father. Even though they were not around when he showed up and Ambrose seemed crushed. It was nice to see Ambrose's face perk up when he heard that his Dad had said he was proud of him for leaving the house.

    This show is great.
  • Another excellent episode of Monk.

    The first reason why this episode is so great because it marks the return of Adrian’s brother Ambrose. It is Halloween, which sets the scene pretty well. I think the plot was also cleverly written, as is any other episode of the series. Natalie’s daughter Julie plays a big part in this episode and it is always funny to see Monk interact with kids. Although this episode was quit funny, I liked how it was very deep. Adrian and Ambrose are waiting for their father to return, Natalie is being crushed on by Ambrose (which is funny also), and it has one the series usually lacks – the death of one of the ‘good guys’. While I was watching I thought for sure, that Ambrose would die, and that would have been a good ending, with the father returning for the funeral. Nevertheless, I liked how they ended it, with Natalie agreeing to the date and the note on the door. It was a very dramatic episode, and that is why I think I liked it so much. It was not just a run of the mill episode of Monk.
  • Those papers Monk took from his dad's study are going to be important ...

    I really wish people would get it through their thick skulls once and for all that the show is called "Monk." Not "Sharona." The bit with the phone at the beginning gave us some insights into Ambrose's inability to adapt to change, and some of the writers' irritation with having to continue to justify Natalie's presence.

    The beauty of the crime in this episode is they never seemed all that interested in solving it. And yet all of the side issue stuff -- a random guy grabbing at candy, non-fatal and bizarre candy theft and -- perhaps the most jarring -- the presence of that exact same pigeon at Ambrose's house (you know -- the pigeon who was pecking at the candy at the beginning), the shooting victim who'd been poisoned -- it was all very clever (if more than a little bit "deus ex machina") And Monk very much needed to be *Monk* to identify that pigeon.

    Monk's abilities as a detective were also cool, in figuring out whose candy was being stolen and why -- and then, upon learning why only certain kids were picked, still not knowing *why*.

    There was some good storytelling in this, but the most significant aspect of the show, I think, is going to be Monk grabbing those files from his dad's office.

    I have a feeling another juicy clue is about to surface concerning Trudy's murder.

    I just have that feeling.

    Apart from that, I do wish we'd have met the father, because I'm intrigued, and I wish Monk and Natalie would stop dismissing the possibilities because their hearts completely understand one another. And I'm so glad I got to watch this this weekend. It was an outstanding episode.

    Good job, people. :)
  • I loved John Turturro in this eppisode this is whst the season should have started with.

    I Liked this episode qute a bit. It was a lot more up to par than last weeks Mr. Monk and the Other Detective. This episode is much more like the rest of the series very entertaing and very well wrfitten. I waas stumped a lot longer than usual because I was being dazzled by one of my favorite actors and guest star on the show John Turturro. Not to mention it has some great cgaracter development for Mr. Monks brother. I loved the addition of Traylor Howard and her Daughter in the show. The daughter is much better to watch than the guy who played Sharona's son. Overall a very good episode full of laughs and great acting by Emmy nominated Tony Shalub and great guest star with John Turturro.
  • A fair episode, but could have been better.

    I was pretty disappointed with last week's episode, and this one didn't help too much. The overall plot, however, was a good one. Adrian received word that his father, who bailed on his family years ago, will be dropping by his brother's house.

    It was good to see Adrian's brother, Ambrose, back on the show. Ambrose is played by John Tuturro, who is a fantastic actor, and a personal favorite. In case you missed the original episode which had Ambrose in it, Ambrose still lives in his parent's house, and has only left the house once, when it was on fire. He keeps newspapers and mail all organized - it's just insane.

    Natalie of course decides to accompany Adrian to Ambrose's house, and Ambrose, who is single, finds himself attracted to Natalie, a widow (lost husband in war). She initially denies his asking her for a dinner date, but at the end of the episode, she says yes.

    The crime in this episode was about a man who works in a lab, wants to kill his wife. He takes a chemical from the lab, injects it into candy bars so that his wife would eat it and die. In this episode, it's Halloween time and naturally those candy bars end up making their way into the Halloween candy supply. The man has to get the candy bars back after he's found by a co-worker putting the chemical back into the cabinet at work.

    I enjoyed the character development part of the episode. The Natalie/Ambrose angle could be interesting. It was unfortunate we didn't get to meet the father, but this certainly leaves it open to other episodes, and I'm hoping Ambrose will be in a few more episodes (1-2 episodes a season would be great).

    The rest of the episode was a little disappointing. In the "reveal" of the crime, there's no reason why the man wants to kill his wife (unless I missed it somehow), and I would think it would make a meticulous man like Adrian to want to know that; I know I sure wanted to know. I felt deprived and disappointed. It was like they simply forgot to shoot a scene or something.

    The Halloween setting was ridiculous. It's 95 degrees in the middle of July here, and they're airing a Halloween episode!?! What were they thinking?!?
  • Meandering Monk Finds Its Groove

    This is one of my all time favorite shows ever. And this episode, though not the best, is good to recover from the sub-par season 4 premiere. The mystery here was good. I didn't guess it until the end, and the deep subplot of the Monks' missing father can be developed for a good many more episodes. I loved the plot, but the script of the episode had a few pitfalls, foremost being the blossoming relationship between Ambrose and Natalie. It's ridiculous! The only reason I can see that they put it in there is to do three things:

    1) Fill episode time,
    2) Dispel any rumors that there will be a relationship between Natalie and Monk,
    3) To get some laughs.

    *****___Beware. Spoilers ahead. Do not continue if you haven't seen the episode!!!!___*****

    And while I was glad that Ambrose didn't die in the end, I think, for reality's sake, that there should be at least one fatality in the following episodes, besides the murder victims.
  • Mr. Monk is reunited with his agoraphobic brother Ambrose on hopes of seeing their father for the first time in many years. That's basically the sub-plot. The mystery is when an armored car driver is shot several times with his own gun and no money take

    One of the best episodes to date, maybe the best in my opinion. John Turturro should win an Emmy for his guest appearance. This episode blended comedy and drama with a good plot. The comedy was superb and the continuing development of Natalie's character is evident in the episode as with the first of this season. Simply a classic.
  • Mr. Monk Goes Home Again

    The episodes are focusing less and less on Monks detective ability and more on sub plots. While I love Natalie and Julie the focus has started to center more on them. While this epsidoe was techinically great, it doesnt follow Monk tradition, where the focus is on his detective work. I tune in to watch Monk and his OCD and detective work. Hopefully the next episodes will be better.
  • Mr. Monk goes home again.

    First, I had a surreal moment when Natalie answered the cell phone and starting saying (or something close to----"This isn't Sharona. She isn't here. I don't know where she went. Who is this?" I started shouting "It's the fans on the phone, Natalie!"

    Ah well.......I always appreciated the fact that the show Monk portrays mental illness (his OCD) with intelligence, empathy, and humour. But this episode of Monk with brother Ambrose the mental illness factor (agoraphobia) was just so depressing that I couldn't understand why it was on a COMEDY show. Even the character of Monk is brimming over with pity for his agoraphobic brother. Even Natalie (whom I don't usually care for) is put in the awful position of having to agree to date him when it was apparent that all she felt for him was pity. In capital letters.

    The poisoning with the candy bar side story line was preposterous.

    The whole episode garnered a 1 simply because of Monk's explaination of why he didn't want any candy as he was trick or treating with Natalie's daughter. It was weird having an Halloween story when it is about 90 degrees in my hometown right now. And July.

    I somehow missed the original show when Ambrose was introduced to the viewers as Monk's brother and I was looking forward to seeing this episode. So it was a Major Disappointment.

    And it was the first time I felt that the show was demeaning to people with mental illness.
  • One of the best.

    Without a doubt, this was one of the best episodes to date. The first half had me laughing, the second half had me almost in tears. You knew that Monk loved his brother, but you never knew how much until Ambose's life was 'in danger'. Only two things kept it from being a 10. Was Natalie's cell phone originally Sharona's? That's what's implied in the beginning of the episode, even though Monk later asks "Do you still have your mother's cell phone?". the other was for the blatent plug for a name brand of trash bags at the beginning of the episode. I know then need to make money, but can we keep the advertising in the commercials and keep it out of the show?
  • monk reunites with his brother

    this episode is going to be a great episode. monk reunites with his brother. in the previous episode with monk's brother, monk saves his life from a fire because monk's brother is afraid to leave his own home. the preview for this episode monk goes out on holloween trying to solve the case. i hope this episode is as good as i hope it is