Season 4 Episode 10

Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2006 on USA
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Monk ends up helping his shirt inspector solve a mystery involving her son, who is in prison for a crime he claims he didn't commit. The investigation leads to a fashion show and the real killer.

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  • A solid but not outsanding episode.

    "Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show" is a good episode. Not a great episode, but not a bad episode either. It's just an entertaining, well-made entry of the series.

    The mystery is somewhat predictable, though I didn't completely guess the outcome. However, this is something the writers need to work on. We haven't had a good mystery in a long, long time. But at least the episode makes up for it in other areas. The comedy is pretty funny here, especially Monk's obsession with Inspector #8. I also enjoyed Disher and Natalie's exchange ("This is how I dress." "This is how I stand." "This is how I dress."). Malcolm McDowell did a pretty good job, but the writers could have gone further with his character. Why does he have Monkish qualities? They also could have had more about Hodge thinking Disher should try out.

    A good episode, but if some of the ideas were carried out further it would have been better.

  • They were probably both filmed long ago, however. This show just continues to dazzle.

    Personally, I loved it. I thought it would've been nice if they'd gone somewhere with Hodge appreciating Disher's look, and I didn't think Julie had what it took to be a model -- too short, mainly -- but //damn// did she work that catwalk.

    Lots of LOL moments in this one, including Monk driving the salesclerk nuts and making him quit, Hodge's evil evaluations of Natalie in her clothing -- "If you're going to rob me, you should bring a gun. That's a knockoff. No, that's not the real crime. The real crime is how you //look// in it." and then, later, at the beach, "What are you supposed to be? In mourning for your //life//?" -- Monk meeting the model in the nude -- he has such a problem with nudity -- his "blink and you missed it" comment on bulimia "Don't eat any of the food -- I saw a model throwing up back there" -- Disher and Stottlemeyer dropping what they're doing to go interview a supermodel, and Monk having this whole relationship with Inspector No. 8.

    That was incredible -- he could tell something was wrong because the shirts were a little irregular.

    His meeting with her was just cool. I love that he'd sent her a fan letter. I wish they'd worked on that prop a little bit more -- it duplicated a paragraph and at at least one point, Monk ended a sentence with a preposition, which I don't think he'd do. I think the creation of the letter was thrown at a frantic production assistant at the last possible second and they hadn't initially planned to pan down the letter, which of course makes it possible to freeze frame and read it, which was fun but at exactly the same time, disappointing.

    The "From the Desk of Adrian Monk" heading was cool, and since he doesn't seem to own a computer, one must assume he very carefully hand-lettered that letter. His handwriting is //perfect//.

    His off-the-cuff dismissal of the cellist's alibi was interesting -- I think I've seen cellists wear long skirts -- and his investigation of the case of the roomate was cool, though there is lipstick that they make nowadays that doesn't come off on a glass.

    His solve on Hodge was great. I loved his locking horns with another detail-oriented person. The reveal on the lab tech was a little bit telegraphed, but all in all, I enjoyed this episode. His agreeing to meet with the son was touching, and agreeing to follow up on the case was very sweet.

    Come back to work, Inspector No. 8! Monk needs more shirts!

    That boy and his laundry, I tells ya.

    P.S. -- I liked the depth of writing on Julie, how she's determined to live her own life. We all know where she gets that.

    Also, Natalie's remark about all the models looking sad, and Randy said maybe it's because they can't tell if anyone likes them for the real them. Nice philosophical moment.

    Gotta say, I've really been enjoying the writing in these things lately, and feel they've been doing a great job. Well done people. :)moreless
  • An okay episode

    This way just an okay episode. I was not expecting something like this to be the "Second half of Season 4 Opener" I was expecting a little bit more humor and "monkish" type things. None the less, Monk is still, and always will be the best show ever! Next weeks episode looks hilarious and fantastic!!!
  • A great episode.

    Glad to have monk back, is one of the best shows on TV, whether it's watched or not. This episode had Monk, Lt. Disher, and Natalie all having a great episode as always, very funny. The storyline was a well written story as well, all the characters were well writen and acted this episode. Looking forward to next week.
  • Monk's new obsession? Shirt inspector #8

    This episode started off well: Adrian being obsessed with the person who inspects his shirts to perfection is certainly plausible. Even when the writers veered off to the whole "oh pardon me, my son's in prison so I've lost the will to inspect" aspect of the storyline. Also, Macolm McD was awesome (as always) playing the famous designer. But even he couldn't save this sorry murder plot. What I used to love about this show was how hard it was to figure out who-done-it. And it was always enjoyable rewinding an episode to look for all the clues I'd missed. Last night when I figured it out so quickly, I really thought I was wrong. No, it can't be the designer (I thought), that's way too obvious! What would be the point??? Oh well, better luck next week.moreless
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Scott Adsit


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Anne Betancourt

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  • TRIVIA (7)

    • At the beginning of the scene in which Stottlemeyer and Disher arrive to talk to Hodge, Julian is clearly heard talking while he's drinking.

    • When Natalie and Monk arrive at the fashion show, they have to evade the bouncer because they're not "on the list." Why wouldn't Natalie be on the list (or at least assume she was on the list) if her 13 year-old daughter was in the show? If it's because Julian had her and Julie removed after they abruptly left the rehearsal, how did Julie get into the show?

    • Knowing she was about to change, why did Natasia have her hair touched up just seconds before she pulled her dress over her head?

    • The bus in the final scene at the prison is labeled "Department of Corrections." As part of a 2005 reorganization of the California prison system, this department was abolished and merged with other agencies to create a new Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

    • The fan-letter Monk wrote to Inspector Number 8, exactly as is seen in the episode:

      Dear Inspector 8,
      I wish to express my deepest and warmest thanks for your stunning performance as clothing inspector. It's a pleasure to deal with someone who possesses such artistic integrity. Your job aptitude is something to be admired and inspired by. Every item which passes your inspection is impeccably produced and presented. The buttons are perfectly straight. The stitching is even and orderly. There are no hanging or pulled strings, marks or wrinkles. The finished product is perfectly folded.

      Your job aptitude is something to be admired and inspired by. Every item which passes your inspection is impeccably produced and presented. The buttons are perfectly straight. The stitching is even and orderly. There are no hanging or pulled strings, marks or wrinkles. The finished product is perfectly folded. Thank you again. My appreciation knows no bounds.


      Adrian Monk

    • Pablo Ortiz claims he is a delivery boy. He can't read. How can he tell who gets the packages, or read the street address if he can't read?

    • The second paragraph in Monk's fan letter to Inspector No. 8 is a copy of the first paragraph with the first two sentences removed.

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    • Monk: We're not sure. Probably just tilting at windmills.

      As Julian Hodge sardonically explains to Natasia, "tilting at windmills is a literary allusion. The reference is, of course, to the title character of Don Quixote, who charges at windmills with a lance, believing that they're giants. Natasia's ignorance of the expression, now proverbial for fighting an imaginary enemy, indicates not only that she doesn't read but that she's culturally illiterate.