Season 5 Episode 8

Mr. Monk Goes to a Rock Concert

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 25, 2006 on USA

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  • Such a perfect way to end a season...or whatever they did with this episode.

    This eppy of Monk was so very... Monkish. You know what I mean? Mr. Monk going to a rock concert... I don't know where the producers come up with everything they do, but I pray that they never stop. This episode was not a particular sentimental episode, so if that's something you love about Monk, then this one is not for you so much. But if you watch Monk for the comedy, then you will find no better example, than perhaps the one before this, but this one is still unbelievably amazing. The whole Monk goin into a "phone booth" when it's really a porta-pottie, is probasbly the least funny thing you will see in this eppy, which is really saying something since it can still make you laugh out loud. Watch this one if you have not already, seriously, you'll love it!
  • Did someone say "Rock" Concert?!

    Another high quality episode. The location is almost all at a Rock Concert called Rock Jam. Its an interesting tale of betrayal, revenge, murder. In usual Monk style, he must overcome his environment in order to solve the case. And a good portion of the episode is crime solving (a change).

    The subplot between the capt. and his son provides a good diversion and a nice feeling of resonance at the end. Dialogue is above average for a Monk episode while the actual storyline is quite interesting. The plot develops at a pace and the events/scenes build up tension quite well.

    I did find some of the scenes visually confusing though, with so many people in the crowd.

    However, its definitely a superior example of this show.
  • Monk at a concert

    I loved that Monk thought that a rock concert meant stones and bricks and scenery stuff, not the music. I swear to god when he said that he used to go to rock festivals as a kid and he went to go see the 'stones, I thought wow was Monk cool once. Turns out he didn't mean music. The best part of this episode was definitely when after Randy called in sick Stottlemyer sees him at the festival and calls him and Randy pretends to be sick and to have the radio on. He thinks he's gotten away with it as well but gets a nasty shock when Stottlemyer taps him on the back and he turned around. Funny.
  • This show just went nowhere and the very loud music track just never ended.

    Jay Leno has an expression that "all jokes must go of Fridays" and I guess on Monk they saved the worst script for the last show of the first half of the season. More bad
    shows like this and I'm going to give up on this show.

    There was about 10 minutes of actual plot. The bad guy was so unlikable that there was never any doubt about the resolution. The only one that came out worse than the wrtiers of this script were the rock fans who were portrayed as mindless boobs. A total waste of a good group of actors.
  • Monk goes to a rock concert, as the title suggests, to help Stottlemeyer look for his son. While at the concert, they receive a case.

    Cleverly plotted? A little. I thought that the asthma was pretty forced into the plotline just so Monk could "somehow" save the day. Although I did like the story, the whole murder and how it was uncovered. It was nice to see a Stottlemeyer story, and how Adrian and Natalie and... Randy tried to help. Funny speech by Monk near the end, disrupting a rock concert, getting booed by the crowd, trying to get hold of a blue ball. I wouldn't say this was the best mystery, or furthered a lot of character development, or made me laugh a lot, but it was a nice episode that I would make the time for to watch again.
  • One of the funniest episodes to date.

    I have to say, this was an interesting mid season finale and I found it to be one of the funniest episodes of the season let a lone the entire series. Granted, that doesn't make it perfect though. A problem I am starting to notice about the show is that it is getting way to predictable. We are being shown not only who the murderer is, but also the motive and that is not even half way through the episode. Do not get me wrong, the overall package of this episode was great, but sadly, I think the writers are running out of ways to make the show different from other shows. Rather, they may be focusing too much on the humor of the show, and not enough on the overall development of both the characters and cases. Do not get me wrong, I love the humor of the show, it is one of the main draws, but I think the writers need to find a nice balance between the case work, characters and the humor. I am growing tired of being spoon-fed the mysteries before they are even officially exposed.
  • Never thought Monk would be found at a rock concert, but I was wrong!

    So far, I've enjoyed every episode of Monk and this is no exception.
    When ever there is a crowd involved, it's always funny to watch Monk squirm a little. I especially thought the part where he entered the port-a-potty by mistake was funny. At first I thought he looked kind of normal when he exited the port-a-potty and than I realized he was just traumatized from the experience.
    Personally I thought the mystery was a good one, but I did think that it was easier to solve than previous episodes. I thought it was kind of stupid to allow that rock star to follow them to the trailer when looking for clues especially since he was a "person of interest". It was also a little stupid to go up on stage and tell everyone that the blue ball was evidence since the murderer was there to hear it. Other than that the show was great.
  • Monk needs to face a bunch of crazy, messy, and careless rock fans at a concert, while captain stottlemeyer needs to get closer to his son.

    this episode was pretty interesting. it was cute! but yeah. monk walked into a port-a-potty and thought it was a payphone and he was traumatized. haha. mmm i thought it was funny!

    it was also interesting how stottlemeyer had to find his kid at the rock concert, and he only had a pic of his kid when he was like 6 or something. that was kind of sad. but then he was sort of able to reconnect with his kid when the kid found evidence and also gave him some evidence when he had to decide between siding with his dad or the lead guitarist. that part was kind of weird. cuz it was like, come on. who is the kid gonna choose when it comes down to a murderer and his father? um yeah. so anyway, i thought the thing with Disher was funny too. how he played sick to get out of work to go to the concert and Lt. Stottlemeyer called him and he faked a cough even tho there was crazy loud music in the background, and Stottlemeyer was like 5 feet behind him. haha.

    anyway, i liked this episode, but it wasn't my favorite. i still love Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike the best. haha!
  • An ok episode. Funny, although not witha very good mystery.

    Well, for a season finale it was a big dissapointment. It had funny parts, like when he thought the out house was a pay phone. The mystery kind of sad though. I hope that the next season will be better, because most of the episodes this season were a dissapointment, not like the first Monks. I would really like to see more about Trudey's murder, I want to see more of the overall story line progres. Oh, well, it was funny to see Monk react with the younger people. I loved how he said he always used to go to rock exhibits, while he was takling about rocks.
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