Season 2 Episode 2

Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2003 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Why would Mexican officials notify Stottlemeyer about Monk's death before Sharona even identified the body?

    • When Monk and Sharona are at the restaurant a waiter walks by with a tray of food and drinks. In the background there is a man with a red shirt. After all the shots of people drinking water the same waiter with the same tray is shown, but flipped over. The man in the red shirt is in the background again.

    • When Monk is in the hotel room, he has a brown folder that reads "Departmento de Policía." It's a spelling mistake: in Spanish it reads "Departamento."

    • Assuming Monk spent about $1 per bottle of water, he spent in the neighborhood of $5,000 + tax for his water supply. Sharona has a pretty good reason to be upset next time Monk is late with her paycheck (which he frequently is).

    • Monk figured out that the killer had been to the U.S. before because he referred to the amount of water in the dead boy's lungs in terms of pints rather than liters. However, the doctor had been in Mexico for a couple of years and would not be using American equipment to do his work. He would be using metric equipment to measure the water and would have had to convert the measurement from metric liters to English pints, a useless act at best. So, he probably never would have made this mistake.

    • When Monk realizes someone has been in his room, he states that when they left, the painting was tilted the other way. There's no way Monk would have noticed such a thing and not have fixed it.

  • Quotes

    • Monk: The policeman outside said I was dead. I'm not dead... am I?

    • Captain Alameda: You are a brave man, Senor Monk. You're not sweating at all.
      Monk: I'm dehydrated. I'm outta sweat. I wanna sweat. I'm tryin' ta sweat.

    • Monk: What am I going to eat and drink?
      Sharona: They have food and water in Mexico.
      Monk: Answer the question. What am I going to eat and drink?

    • Hector: This is the only room with a three-way light.
      Monk: Good thing we called ahead.

    • Sharona: Oh, my God! He could have killed you!
      Monk: I think that was the idea.

    • Sharona: How long can you go without eating and drinking?
      Monk: I don't know. What's the record?

    • Sharona: (after chugging a pitcher of beer) Four years at a Catholic high school. Fork it over.

    • Sharona: (as Monk pours her beer into a glass) What are you doing? It's a race!
      Monk: You'll thank me later.

    • Monk: I've heard about fun. I've never been this close to it.

    • Sharona: What do you think?
      Monk: It's weird. Everything's weird. It's like another country.

    • Hector: Here is a list of things you cannot flush down the toilet.
      Sharona: Adrian, they have chocolate mints on the pillow.
      Hector: That's not a mint. (Hits something and turns the pillow over.) Don't eat the mints.

    • Mexican Officer: Sir, I think you have a very poor image of our country.
      Sharona: Oh, no, no, no. It's not just you. He thinks everyone is dirty.
      Mexican Officer: You must be a very lonely man.
      Monk: I am, thank you.

    • Border Patrol Agent: What are those?
      Monk: Those are pillowcases and backup pillowcases.

    • Monk: (to border patrol agent) I'm not a drug dealer.

    • Monk: I can't go to Mexico.
      Sharona: Why not?
      Monk: It's not . . . here.

    • Monk: It's hard to believe, I never even met the guy in person, and he wanted to kill me. Huh? I said, it's hard to believe, I barely knew him and he wanted me dead. I mean, it's hard to believe, don't you think? (Sharona glares.) Sharona? He wanted me dead. Hello?

    • Monk: He was the thirsty victim--I mean, the perfect victim.

    • Stottlemeyer: Lieutenant?
      Disher: Sir?
      Stottlemeyer: Follow that mailman, and make sure he doesn't drop anything.

    • Captain Alameda: He [Monk] crawled inch by inch through mud and garbage.
      Sharona: It isn't him!

    • Stottlemeyer: Yes, Captain? I know him [Monk] very well. What's he done now?

    • Captain Alameda: (to Sharona) Senor Monk: He is dead.

    • Monk: That officer outside told me I was dead. I'm not dead, am I?
      Sharona: You're not dead.
      Monk: I didn't think so.

    • Stottlemeyer: I loved that man.
      (Picks up the phone.)
      I understand.
      (Hangs up.)
      I hate that man. I hate. . . that man!

    • Stottlemeyer: It's right up your very unique alley.

    • Lt. Plato: Captain Alameda, I have some news.
      Captain Alameda: Don't tell me you have the news. Tell me the news!

    • Sharona: (after Lt. Plato compliments her necklaces and tells her they're fiesta beads) What are fiesta beads?
      Plato: Guys give them to girls at parties.
      Sharona: For what?
      Plato: (whispers)
      Sharona: Oh, my God! (takes off necklaces) Why didn't anyone tell me?
      Plato: Well, you wore them so proudly.

    • Captain Alameda: It makes me think, senor, that for once . . . we have a case that may not involve drugs.

  • Notes

    • Not coincidentally, Plato, the last name of Captain Alameda's lieutenant, means "dish." In the scene where everyone believes Monk to be dead, Disher and Plato are wearing identical shirts and ties and Stottlemeyer is dressed like Alameda. And Plato resembles Disher in having an interest in Sharona though he expresses it differently.

    • Captain Alameda's complaint to Lt. Plato about just telling him the news parallels similar conversations between Stottlemeyer and Disher in "Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger" and "Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame."

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