Season 1 Episode 6

Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 09, 2002 on USA

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  • The first uncomfortable episode in the series. Corrupt authority comes into play.

    "Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum" is the first episode that puts Adrian Monk's sanity in question. A preposterous accusation against our hero, which is difficult to watch, but the episode's villain, Dr. Lancaster, is what gives this episode its true sting, as he smugly hides behind his own crime by shoving his authority and credentials in Monk's face, and playing upon a gullible man's belief in Santa Claus to get away with murder.

    This one basically introduces the sheer drama in the series, and the battle of wits Monk deals with when facing steely killers. Dr. Lancaster should have read the series' title to get a clue on who will win!
  • A funny episode where Monk is put out of his comfort zone...

    This epsisode, like every other Monk episode, is a classic. Manny adds humor to it and since Sharona is in this episode, it makes for a "different" kind of episode. Monk is stunk in an Asylum. His roommate, Manny is a true believer in Santa Claus and stays up every night waiting for him to come. Monk is seeing Dr. Lancaster and trying, while at the asylum, to try and solve the murder of Dr. Gould. This episode is not all focused on Monk, but none the less, this is a great episode.
  • After being discovered in Trudy's old house, Monk is temporarily institutionalized. Once committed, he stumbles upon a decades-old murder.

    The episode, \"Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum,\" is one of my season one favorites. The episode is peppered with an assortment of interesting and funny characters. These characters/inmates compliment Mr. Monk’s quirky personality and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Manny, Mr. Monk’s roommate, suffers from delusions. He claims to have seen Santa Claus on several occasions. Captain Leland and Lieutenant Randall are not highlighted in this episode, but Sharona helps solve the crime.

    The story rests on Mr. Monk’s character. The writers can pull this off because Adrian Monk is a well-thought, multifaceted character. Plus, any story in which \"Santa Claus\" is a murderer is definitely funny.
  • this was a good ep

    monk is preparing dinner in his old house but does not know it at the time and he calles his asstiant to find something but she realizes he in the wrong house and he gets sent to asylum for being looked over but turns out there had been a murder comited there but never solved. and monk and a help of two others must solve the crime it also featurs a celbirty apperence it was a really good ep i thought and man that thought he saw santa . such a good ep and that is why i gave ita 8.5
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