Season 2 Episode 3

Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2003 on USA

Episode Recap

When tyrannical CEO Lawrence Hammond and his pretty young wife are murdered at night in a deserted parking lot, Stottlemeyer suspects the CEO's many enemies, but Monk notes that the wife was shot four times and the husband only once, meaning that she was the primary target and the husband "an afterthought." The only clues are the CEO's last words, obsessively repeated: "Girls can't eat fifteen pizzas"--and a computerized navigation system that apparently malfunctioned. A talk with the housekeeper and an examination of the wife's separate bedroom lead Monk to an art studio, where he reluctantly interviews a nude male art instructor and discovers that the wife was having an affair with Major League superstar Scott Gregorio, who was attending the same classes. Gregorio, whose on-field performance has deteriorated since an earlier attack by an assailant with a baseball bat, is clearly devastated by Mrs. Hammond's death and is more a victim himself than a suspect. Seeing his own loss of Trudy reflected in Gregorio's loss, Monk befriends the superstar. Along the way to solving the murder, he umpires a Little League game in which Benjy and Stottlemeyer's son, Jared, are on opposing teams. Gregorio's advice to Benjy, HELP, provides Monk with the clue he needs to decipher Hammond's last words. Meanwhile, Stottlemeyer, taking a delightful turn as a baseball dad, sends Disher in search of clues. Disher proudly exhibits the CD for the car's GPS system and a grainy photograph of the perpetrator from the parking lot's security system, and Monk searches his brain to determine where he's seen that face before. During a visit to the lawyer of a rival baseball player who may be connected with the murder, Monk finds the clue he needs to put all the pieces together.