Season 6 Episode 12

Mr. Monk Goes to the Bank

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2008 on USA

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  • I just lost an hour out of my life.

    Monk episodes have reached a new low with "Mr Monk goes to the bank". Any Monk fan is used to far stretched plausibility in the plots. But this episode really jumped the shark. It was horribly written, with boring lines that felt out of character. There were times when the episode dragged without anything happening. This episode wasn't funny or entertaining, and didn't have anything remotely clever. There was a whole unbelievable part with a mime statue in front of a bank. It didn't make any sense. And why would all of the bank employees be in on this, and then need to shoot someone to make it seem real? The majority of bank robberies don't involve a shooting. Finally the cliche of being locked in a bank vault is ridiculously overplayed in hollywood. Bank vault doors are locked by a timer, not manually. Additionally, bank vaults have ventilation just in case someone gets locked inside. This whole episode was preposterous. It was just a waste of one hour of my life. It lacked the clever wit of previous monk episodes.
  • Another great episode of Monk. In this episode Mr. Monk's Bank is robbed. Can he figure out who did it?

    In this episode Mr. Monk's bank is robbed. Mr. Monk goes down to the bank as soon as he hears of the news. He wants to check on his safety deposit box that contain a bracelet belonging to his late wife Trudy. His box along with others have been broken into. Mr. Monk goes to work at the bank as a security guard to observe the employees, he feels it is an inside job.
    Monk and his gang end up getting trapped in the bank vault leading Monk to the discovery of who the robber or robbers are. Monk also discovers that the money stolen never left the bank. This is a great episode, clever, witty, and full of laughs. I enjoy Monk so much.
  • This is such a classic monk episode. His bank gets robbed and of course Monk is trying to find out who was responsible, but then the revelation shocks everyone, even Monk!

    Monk's Bank gets robbed by someone, and Monk and the Chief try to find who was responsible for the robbery. This such a Monk Classic, I just love how they did this one, it was funny and revetting.

    My favorite part is when Monk is trying to even out the ink in the two pens by scribbling on a piece of paper by the full pen.. I cracked up laughing..

    I love the part where he is in the safe as well.....

    OMG, Randy was so cute in this one. Trying to be a live statue!! lol

    This is for sure a must watch!
  • Mr. Monk becomes the new bank securtiy guard in an attempt to discover the thief who stole Trudy's bracelet.

    This episode was pretty good. I was laughing at how Randy was trying to talk to the silver guy outside the bank to see what he knew about the robbery. I thought the silver dude was a statue! It was funny how Randy tried to become just like him. At any part in the episode, he would go still and not say a word or do anything anyone asked of him. The ending was hilarious too: Randy got a job like the silver dude and they were talking to each other without moving their lips or letting anyone know they were talking. The only part of this episode I didn't care for was how Monk and the gang were trapped in the vault. I'm claustrophobic, so it was kind of hard to watch that part.
  • I think Mr. Monk and the Bank was the best episode so far this season. All four main characters were at thier best in this episode, Monk, Natalie, Leland and Randy. It was equally funny and serious.

    Great episode! I loved Monk and Natalie in this one. Actually I love them in every episode, but this one was special. Whats going on with those two? Are they setting up for a relationship some day down the road? There were little things in this episode and in past episodes that lead me to believe this could be a possibility. Obviously, it would not happen until Monk found Trudy's killer, so he could then somewhat come to peace with Trudy's death and let go. I hope Monk and Natalie do eventually wind up together. That would be a great way to end this show some day, but I hope the end of this show doesn't happen for a long time to come. I love Monk!!!
  • Classic Monk with a touch of too funny!!!

    Man this was a pretty funny darn episode. I like how we started at the end and then replayed it all to catch us up...I don't know that I can recall them pulling that off. It was just funny watching him actually playing an officer of the law in any capacity, laughed myself silly. I loved how everyone treated him a little more with respect while he was in uniform...looked like Natalie wanted to jump him once or twice. Got to say though by far the catch of the episode to me was when he came out of his pocket just to make everyones deposits and withdrawals even. Keep putting these episodes together like the last two and I think we might have the best season yet right over the horizon. 9.6
  • Funny Funny Episode!

    Lt. Disher is hilarious. I have been Watching Monk alot the last few days and Lt. Disher brings a great deal to the show. He may not have the biggest part but he is a funny little guy. His back and forth problems with the living statue man was great. The end of the episode when Disher writes you "stupid silver ba$tard". When Monk gave Stottlemeyer Trudy's bracelet I was pretty shocked. The episode was very good, as always. I liked the flashback scene at the beginning. I wouldn't want them to do it alot though. Once a season at most. Anyways the episode was good as usual, and leaves me waiting for the next one.
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