Season 1 Episode 5

Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2002 on USA

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  • Enter the frustrations, disappointments, and anguish established in the 'Monk' series.

    This story centers around Stottlemeyer having to make the decision of whether or not to have Monk reinstated to the San Francisco Police Department, which ultimately falls through. Adrian Monk is hopeful until Stottlemeyer gives his silence confirming that he didn't recommend him. His assistant Sharona rightly defends Monk by muttering behind Leland's back "At least Gitomer had the decency of stabbing people in the front"

    "Mr. Monk Goes to A Carnival" also introduces for the first time that during a heartbreak or struggle, the way Monk recovers and redeems himself is by doing what he does best: solving murders. Stottlemeyer's friend Officer Adam Kirk acknowledges Monk's hand in the case, and Stottlemeyer tells him in a moment of silence "Don't give up.

    Certainly not the best, but probably best looked at as another introduction episode - an introduction to the emotional struggles Monk deals with.
  • i like this ep

    in this ep monk must figure out if the friend of the captains a old officer really commited the crime on the ferris wheel where all the evidence points to the old officer him going on the rid and him coming off were the kid is dead. i think this was a good ep and even though monk thought the guy was sorta bad he still helped him anyway which made it a good ep and i thought it showed alot of how smart and cleaver and well thinking monk really is . that is why i rated it a 7.5
  • 105

    I became a fan of Monk pretty late into the show's run so I did not catch many early episodes, but thanks to the great cable channel Sleuth (which shows many classic dramas) I have the opportunity to see a plethora of great programs, this one included.

    The viewer immediately notices the differences between the two (newer vs. older episodes). They did not go for humor every 5 seconds, and Randy Disher was not a complete joke, like he became in later episodes. But the new ones had their own special appeal as the cases were better done, the villains were more evil, and the show was funnier as a whole.

    But you have to love the quirks, and how original Adrian Monk was at the time. The broken blinds, littered paper and water on the desk would have irritated me too.