Season 2 Episode 4

Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 18, 2003 on USA

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  • Mr. Monk Sucks It Up

    GRRR! Sharona just goes over the top for me on this one. I mean, it's fine at the beginning that she gets hurt that Monk doesn't understand her fear of elephants, but she really turns bitchy for a stretch in the middle. After Monk, who's entirely focused on the investigation, casually says "Oh, brother. Come on, you just suck it up! We've got a job to do", Sharona turns the phrase 'suck it up' into a musicless symphony, and practically claims total ownership of the phrase. Once (not handing Monk a wipe might one time might have been deserved), but once she drinks from Monk's water bottle, and coughs obnoxiously, she just turns ugly.

    She really doesn't give a damn about the case most of the time. She's just a petty, sour deadbeat on the case. She takes her foot and shoves the magazines onto the floor and says . Know what that means?, but then she goes WAAAY off the deep end by smoking in a hospital. For me, that practically cements Natalie Teeger as my favorite of the two assistants overall, because she would NEVER be that cruel.

    The funny woman Natasia Lovara, who has the elephant break her foot isn't that amazing, but it's always better when the episode returns to the case at hand. Probably the best scene for me is the scene in Dr. Kroger's office, where Charles Kroger tells Adrian (regarding making amends with Sharona) "Adrian, the answer is already inside you, and Monk, being the thinker that he is, replies pojntedly "No, doctor. The answer is inside YOU. IF you told me... then I would HEAR it... and then the answer would be inside me!"

    If you find this episode tougher than the others, just tell yourself: Suck it up! Suck it up! Suck it up!

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show monk . monk and sherona are tring to investgate a death of a circus ring master and they start to look around the cirucs and ask questions and they come to this arabatic lady who is in wheel chair monk cant figure it on how she did it and so he goes looke and realizes she used the elphant to break her own leg and that the man saw her and she had the elephant kill him and they track her down by the figure prints from the batteries this was a good ep
  • When a circus ringmaster is killed, Monk has to prove that his ex-wife, the star of the show did it although her leg was broken at the time. Also, he makes fun of Sharona's fear of elephants and suffers the price for it.

    Well, after three excellent episodes, Season 2 of Monk gets its first big clunker. The mystery is fairly good and there are a couple of scenes which I like (the clown interrupting Monk trying to explain the case is excellent). However most of it is bad especially concerning the Monk and Sharona subplot. Honestly, was the writer drunk or something when he wrote this? Monk has lost his OCD and is now vicious and uncaring and he expects Sharona to pretend it never happened?! However, Sharona wasn't much better for she was turned into a moody teenager instead of the tough as nails mom she usually is in face of situations like this. Especially the part where she smokes in a hospital (honestly, how could she do something like this?) and also with a scene in the beginning with the victim being against anti-smoking rules is ridiculous and muddles the episode.

    However Ted Levine and Jason Gray-Stanford save the day too as Stottlemeyer and Disher, but the supporting cast ranges from only passable to blah. So overall, not one of Monk's greats.
  • "Ohhhh, suck it up!"

    Very nice written... Monk having to deal with Sharona's fear... he's heartless in the beginning, but he realises that he was an @ss to her and really tries to make it up to her... okay, so... he fails merciless, but he tried!

    The fight between Monk and Sharona really made this ep a fun episode!
    Sure, she got really tired of him... a lot, but she was angry now, she was hurt and didn't even try to hide it! Spoilers!

    So, Sharona and Adrian get to deal with a murder where an elephant is the biggest key, one problem... Sharona is scared to death for elephants!
    She hides away and when Monk finds her and asks her what's wrong... he laughs at her and tells her to 'suck it up'.
    Sharona, of course, flips and does everything to make him feel miserable. She doesn't give him his wipes, drinks from his water and coughs in his face, and if he dares to even just give her a puppy face look, she tells him to... suck it up.

    Finally he understands that his reaction to her fear of elephants was wrong, and he arranges a meeting for her, with the elephant, and Edgar, the elephant trainer.
    Adrian wants to show Sharona that there is nothing to be scared of... but something goes wrong... The elephant sqaushes Edgar's head... like a water melon... right before Sharona's eyes... oops.
  • Monk OCD goes MIA + director resents anti-smoking laws

    Interesting story, but Monk and his OCD go missing; he is touching Sharona & his cocky attitude is not at all Monk. His characteristic indecision & muttering takes a holiday. I suspect the director for this episode did not understand the character or his condition. The writing was so-so, but the Sharona character behaved like a teenager, not the tough as nails single mom who has to tolerate her boss acting like a child. I felt embarrassed for the actress.

    The episode starts off with an interesting twist, but you get a glimpse in the opening blurb that you have been hijacked by a director who resents the rise of anti-smoking laws. The murder victim rages when the maitre de asks that he observe the restaurants rules against smoking. Sharona (who Monk pointedly remarks does NOT smoke) manages to find a cigarette in a HOSPITAL and lights it up INSIDE the building. This is not funny.

    The fresh break to the bones of the foot was obvious from the x-ray - Monk would have remarked on it. The bad Russian accents were a disappointment. It also seemed that the Elephant Man could npt decide whether he was from New Jersey or Kentucky.

    The Monk we know and love is a man bound by his compulsions, who cannot walk into a room without seeing germs lurking on every surface. He sneezes at sawdust in the air, swats at imaginary microbes and counts items incessantly. He was absent from this production. I cannot blame this on the actor - what vision the director had was skewed by his agenda.