Season 2 Episode 4

Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 18, 2003 on USA

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  • Monk OCD goes MIA + director resents anti-smoking laws

    Interesting story, but Monk and his OCD go missing; he is touching Sharona & his cocky attitude is not at all Monk. His characteristic indecision & muttering takes a holiday. I suspect the director for this episode did not understand the character or his condition. The writing was so-so, but the Sharona character behaved like a teenager, not the tough as nails single mom who has to tolerate her boss acting like a child. I felt embarrassed for the actress.

    The episode starts off with an interesting twist, but you get a glimpse in the opening blurb that you have been hijacked by a director who resents the rise of anti-smoking laws. The murder victim rages when the maitre de asks that he observe the restaurants rules against smoking. Sharona (who Monk pointedly remarks does NOT smoke) manages to find a cigarette in a HOSPITAL and lights it up INSIDE the building. This is not funny.

    The fresh break to the bones of the foot was obvious from the x-ray - Monk would have remarked on it. The bad Russian accents were a disappointment. It also seemed that the Elephant Man could npt decide whether he was from New Jersey or Kentucky.

    The Monk we know and love is a man bound by his compulsions, who cannot walk into a room without seeing germs lurking on every surface. He sneezes at sawdust in the air, swats at imaginary microbes and counts items incessantly. He was absent from this production. I cannot blame this on the actor - what vision the director had was skewed by his agenda.