Season 2 Episode 4

Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 18, 2003 on USA

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  • When a circus ringmaster is killed, Monk has to prove that his ex-wife, the star of the show did it although her leg was broken at the time. Also, he makes fun of Sharona's fear of elephants and suffers the price for it.

    Well, after three excellent episodes, Season 2 of Monk gets its first big clunker. The mystery is fairly good and there are a couple of scenes which I like (the clown interrupting Monk trying to explain the case is excellent). However most of it is bad especially concerning the Monk and Sharona subplot. Honestly, was the writer drunk or something when he wrote this? Monk has lost his OCD and is now vicious and uncaring and he expects Sharona to pretend it never happened?! However, Sharona wasn't much better for she was turned into a moody teenager instead of the tough as nails mom she usually is in face of situations like this. Especially the part where she smokes in a hospital (honestly, how could she do something like this?) and also with a scene in the beginning with the victim being against anti-smoking rules is ridiculous and muddles the episode.

    However Ted Levine and Jason Gray-Stanford save the day too as Stottlemeyer and Disher, but the supporting cast ranges from only passable to blah. So overall, not one of Monk's greats.