Season 5 Episode 16

Mr. Monk Goes to the Hospital

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2007 on USA

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  • utter garbage...what the hell happened to Trudy? This was a filler episode to round out an average season

    A good television series tends to last a good 5-6 seasons at the most! Having watched all the monk episodes from the very beginning, one has to ask a few questions:

    - when will they go back to the "main" trudy story line? Isn't this Monk's ultimate goal? to find Trudy's killer?

    - when will they develop the secondary characters? in the past they have done 2-3 episodes evolving mainly around Disher or Stotlemeyer, but these characters seem to still be under-developed.

    FInally, Adrian Monk. As i pointed out already, a series should only last 5-6 seasons;i feel that this character, has probably reached the end of the line; we all know his quirks; what else could we learn?
  • A funny and touching episode that any fan of the series should see.

    Mr. Monk goes to the hospital for a nose bleed, and is left alone by Natalie, who has her first day off in weeks and wants to spend time with her date. Monk shortly thereafter discovers a murder of a doctor. Monk then discovers that the oxygen tank of a geriatric patient was used as the murder weapon, but that the patient was too weak to lift the tank.

    Monk discovers who really commited the crime early on, but he is having difficulties figuring out just how the killer kept his heart monitor reading his heart rate while the crime was commited.

    This episode had a ton of humor in it, and it all fit the characters perfectly. Randy Disher was particularly funny in this episode, as he thought that his wacky theories on the murder were the same as those thought up by Monk. The geriatric patient was also quite humourous, calling Monk "soft serve like the ice cream - soft and squishy".

    At the end of the episode, the humor took a back seat to suspense when the geriatric patient told the killer that Monk was accusing him of murder. When Monk was attacked and hospitalized, Natalie comes back to the hospital realizing Mr. Monk needs her, and saves him from being poisoned by a medicine Monk to which Monk is allergic.

    This is a great character defining moment between Monk and Natalie, as Natalie realizes that with all of Mr. Monks nuances, she still cares for him a great deal.

    All in all, this was a very good episode. Although it doesn't advance Monk's search for his wife's murder or give him a breakthrough from his phobias, it is a touching episode that any fan of the series should see.
  • Funny. Monk is always funny when something happens to him.

    The episode was great. It starts when Monk goes to the E.R. for a normal nose bleed. They tell him to wait so he goes and sits down and a lad tellls him her son or son in law died from th exact same thing. He gets worried and fakes und+erstading Vietnamise and says the guy want Monk to go before him but the nurse said she understads Vietnameise and new what he said and Monk said he will go sit down. He then gets called nothing happens goes to visit another doctor who when he gets there the doctor is dead laying on te ground. He figures out Dr. Scott killed him and Dr. Scott hits Monk with a crutch a few times and almost kills him with a liquid that Monk is seeverly allergic too. Throughout the episode Lt. Disher gets mad at Stottlemeyer for listening to Monk and not him and that was a funny part(s). So was the ending scene were monk cut his finger on the cr truck and denied going to the hospital most likely because he was no afraid and he was just trying to act tough. That was a funny part too.
  • LOL funny classic Monk with a bit of a twist

    Oh my I was laughing like crazy through most of this episode. great case idea and I was really wondering how he was going to prove this one this time. But one should never doubt the Monk. And the guest star was perfect I love how he lept making fun of Monk. ANd what up with Randy being jealous of Monk's ideas, with his acting like a kid and the Captain has to try not to make him feel better or was he telling him to grow up. And wow a dramatic and even voilent scene when the doctor atacked not only the guy in the beginning but what he did to Monk with the crutch...ouch! And the receptionist in the Er was too funny. And then to get the his figure smashed as they leave but refuse to go bakc in the hospital is cute! Great ending to season and can't wait for the next.
  • Monk Season 5 finale

    Monk visits a hospital, because of a noise bleed, he gets upset with the nurse because someone on a stretcher went before him, and wants to be admitted to the hospital because of his "head wound", the nurse argues that its not a head wound, but monk comes back and says "its a wound, and its on my head".

    Classic episode, Monk actually comes across a dead person for a change, and after talking to a doctor who he finds out he had it in for the doctor that was killed, all because of a law suit, Monk as usually figures out who did it.

    Season 5 went out with a bang, I can't wait for the next season.