Season 4 Episode 4

Mr. Monk Goes to the Office

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2005 on USA
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A parking garage attendant is inadvertently killed when a murderer targets a financier, and Monk must go undercover as an office worker to solve the case.

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  • An investment banker has his hand broken in a parking garage after the attendant is killed. And how does the murder of the interior decorator fit? Mr. Monk goes undercover as an employee while Natalie is romanced by the broker with the broken hand.moreless

    It's true. This was a little depressing. We did solve the mystery eventually, and it was a murder we had the proper clues to discover as shows should be and often aren't. This is an episode that really takes a careful look at our leads. I feel for Natalie and Monk a lot this episode. Yeah, um, they have character flaws. Is character destiny? Maybe. But I don't think their destinies will be so bad. So Monk can't quite make the leap to do the cool thing. I wondered, briefly, if he'd be able to get on the elevator. If he could, though, how would he have ended up middle aged and the way that he is? As for Natalie... poor thing. Maybe she didn't comport herself perfectly, but instead what she got was the treatment that so many of us women get - chased desperately by a strange man, and, after capitulating and giving him a chance, dropped for the way we hold a fork. And although it hurts me personally to watch, if character is destiny, we all know what his is...moreless
  • A depressing but very good episode of Monk.

    "Mr. Monk Goes to the Office" is an above average episode of Monk. The idea itself is interesting, and it makes sense to Monk's character that he wants to become one of the office "gang", where everyone is equal. All Adrian wants to do is fit in, which he does, until he lets the whole bowling team down. Then it became a very depressing episode. The "gang" rejects him, the man Natalie was starting to like dumped her, and even when he saves everyone in the office from a ruthless murderer, they scoff at him and Natalie as they leave.

    So this was a great episode for character development for Monk as well as Natalie. It was also hysterical at points. The mystery was kind of unfair, as we weren't introduced to the killer before the end. But altogether, a great episode.moreless
  • Monk takes an office job to solve a murder.

    In order to solve a murder and an assault, Monk decides to take a job at an investment firm. He actually likes the idea of doing the same thing day after day, like a drone.

    Watching Adrian organize paper clips by color, look for typos in reports, collate things, it all works so well.

    Adrian's new "boss" takes a liking in Natalie, and she seems to really like him. They talk about maybe going up to see his cabin sometime.

    In the office job, Adrian is able to finally fit in. He's not a part of the "office gang". They hang out and even go to lunch together. But, it all unravels when Adrian is put in a situation where he has to bowl. He is unwilling to put on rented bowling shows, and the pro shop is closed, so he can't buy new shoes for the bowling tournament. He's now out of the office gang.

    Adrian is able to figure out everything when he notices that a man is lip-reading a few tables away from him. He's able to read what Adrian's boss is saying. I won't say much more than that; you'll have to go watch the episode.

    Seeing Adrian in a new job was great. I felt the same way when he worked in the store not so long ago. The writing was really well done.moreless
  • Monk: "He's obsessed! And not in a good way like me!" :D

    Well, that was some fine misdirection. I want to rewatch the episode because I'm fairly certain that they *did* show us the perp and his m.o. and I'm sure it breezed right past us because we were all busy watching Monk figure out who was dating who, and how happy he was having lunch with "the gang."

    Standout elements: Natalie screaming in that guy's ear was cool. And it made me think of the guy firing a gun twice in the parking garage -- that must've been pretty loud. But I can see it. If the attendant calls the police his goose that lays the million-dollar eggs is cooked. He's gotta get that phone in the other hand.

    That Office Geek was some *wonderful* misdirection. The possibility that it was all about winning a bowling trophy made it hard to think of why else someone would want that hand to be broken.

    The Caucasian Buttocks -- and //whose// -- was just fun, even if Monk didn't know exactly why. I loved how he figured that out.

    The reason this is getting the "Alternate Reality" heading is because we get to see Monk in what would probably be a dream job for him. And he blends in so well with that corporate life.

    I .. kind of think that if it hadn't been for those damn' //shoes// there'd be no question he'd be the office hero -- he'd be a legend recalled in song and story for the rest of their time there. But here's some advice for them: Don't pin all your hopes and dreams on a guy who's never bowled before, and gain a little understanding about what OCD is instead of being cruel and hurtful.

    I //loved// the little Monk dance, and that huge monk smile. When he discovered that he'd have another chance to get that 10th pin, it was like the sun coming from behind the clouds.

    The mystery itself was quite good, and a well-plotted thing. The murder of the decorator was over-the-top, but we needed a good bit of redirect. This guy was going to do [i]everything[/i] to keep that information flowing.

    And the police wouldn't necessarily have figured out whodunit, so Monk's placement undercover was an excellent move.

    I'm guessing Mr. Eels wouldn't have been able to do so well. :)

    P.S. -- A word about Natalie's heart. I get the flattery and the closeness, and also the attraction to a powerful moneymaker like Kemp. But she shouldn't feel bad. Trust is built up over time. She barely knew the guy, shared a confidence and suddenly it's all over the place. She was right to be steamed, and he was wrong to be so uncompromising. After all, how else would that e-mail have gotten sent around?

    Methinks Natalie would do well to set her eyes ... a little closer to home. ;)

    Excellent episode, everyone. Well done. :)moreless
  • Mr. Monk finds a little bit of happiness.

    I liked this episode alot. It had many touching moments in it. It was nice to see Adrian so happy for once. When he was going to meet "the gang" for lunch, he looked so happy and proud of himself. His co-workers liked him and he didn't have to read off of cards to make conversation with them. Monk just fit in that office environment.

    I really liked the scene at lunch where he figures out that two of his co-workers are having an affair. It was very funny when he was trying to explain why he couldn't be a detective. But it was also a little sad when he said that detectives "are lonely". I couldn't help but feel for him throughout this episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Monk likes chewing on toothpicks in "Mr Monk Takes A Vacation," but here he says people only do it to boost their ego.

    • When Natalie calls Kemp from the Wednesday night bowling league, there is bright sunlight outside Kemp's office window.

    • It's not likely that a security firm that installed a voice scrambler and sweeps for bugs twice a week would fail to notice the vulnerability of large windows to eavesdroppers in the courtyard. Although they might not have counted on a lip reader, it would have been very easy to listen through the glass with simple equipment.

    • Trivia: The conversation cards were also used in "Mr. Monk and the Blackout."

    • Not very wise of the criminal to chew on a toothpick and leave it at the crime scene. There would be saliva on it. That's instant DNA.

    • Eventually the other bowlers notice that Monk is wearing street shoes, but no bowling alley would have let him on the alley in the first place without bowling shoes.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Natalie: (to Warren Kemp) [Monk] can't work here. There are people here.

    • Monk: Give me the cards. Weather. Politics. Swear words.
      Natalie: Swear words?
      Monk: (pocketing the swear word cards) Don't you look at them. Football.

    • Monk: You guys wanna hear some swear words?

    • Monk: We were talking about the local football franchise.
      Stottlemeyer: The Niners.
      Monk: No. The San Francisco Forty-Niners.

    • Monk: He's insecure. He's always trying to impress people. Act tougher than he is.
      Disher: How do you know that?
      Monk: He was chewing on this--toothpick.
      (Stottlemeyer, chewing on a toothpick, glares.)

    • Natalie: I used to work in a place like this. Lasted about two weeks. You do the same thing every day.
      Monk: (longingly) The same thing.
      Natalie: After a while, you get to feel like a number.
      Monk: A number?
      Natalie: Just like everybody else.
      Monk: Everybody else . . . .

    • Warren Kemp: All you have to do is look busy. I'll give you some reports to collate.
      Monk: (to Natalie) Did you hear that? I'll be collating!

    • Monk: Look at him! He's completely obsessed. And not in a good way, like me.

    • Natalie: How's the hand?
      Warren Kemp: Nine broken bones.
      Monk: One more, it would have been an even ten.
      Kemp: You sound disappointed, Mr. Monk.
      Monk: Well, it's too late now.

    • Chilton Handy: Mr. Kemp said I could have that cubicle.
      Abby: What's the difference?
      Chilton: It's closer to the emergency exit. Statistically, it's a little safer.
      Abby: Statistically, you're a little nuts. Why don't you double up on your medication and get back to work?

    • Monk: I have a gang. I'm in the gang. They're waiting for me.
      Natalie: What are you talking about?
      Monk: Natalie, they like me. I brought some cards along and I haven't had to use them. Nobody's laughing at me.

    • Monk: (to "the gang") No, I couldn't have been a detective. I could never be a detective. They're lonely. They're very lonely and sad. They don't have a gang. A gang from the office.

    • Monk: One more [bowling pin], it would have been an even ten.
      Frances: Oh, you get another chance. You get two balls.
      Monk: Really?

    • Monk: Here's the thing. When you say "rent a pair," you're talking about footwear that other people have already worn?
      Abby: That's right.
      Monk: On my feet? Here's the thing. I don't like to share--anything.

    • Monk: That was our table. We sat at that table and ate nachos.
      Natalie: You ate nachos?
      Monk: No, but I pretended to. And then later, Ben made a copy of his Caucasian buttocks, which was very funny, but I don't know why.

    • Monk: He'll think we're in love.
      Natalie: You don't look like you're in love. You look like someone who's had some sort of industrial accident.

    • Disher: Something else, too, sir. It's pretty big. (Gestures toward a chair.) Don't worry. You don't have to sit down. I mean, you can sit. Sit or stand.
      Stottlemeyer: Can I walk away?

  • NOTES (0)