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Season 2 Episode 6

Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2003 on USA
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Episode Summary

Sharona's sister Gail lands a part in a local play that any actress would kill for. But when the actor playing her love interest literally dies on stage, the police are convinced she's taken her role a little too far. Sharona and her mother urge Monk to step into the spotlight, and find the real killer before the curtain falls on Gail for good.moreless

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  • Gotta love it! Gail Flemming is proven innocent!

    This is a very classic murder mystery story, as Sharona's sister Gail is framed for a crime she never committed. It's always a joy to watch when you're setting out to prove someone innocent, as it is such a powerful incentive to get the job done.

    Monk's awkwardness as the stage actor is rather engaging to watch. Kinda makes you want to keep saying "Who ordered the tossed salad?" over and over. Also, this episodes shows Monk's excellent memory, as he says he memorized the play on one hearing. The plot reveal about the peanut oil is great, and the summation revealing that a phony doctor committee the crime is just priceless.

    Can't help but cheer for Sharona when she yells to the understudy "Shut up, bitch! The shows over!". Sharona's mother also brought a special addition to the cast as well.

    A great episode. Two thumbs up!moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show monk . monk and sherona go and see gail in play she just got apart of and then accident happens a man is murderd and they think gail was the one that killed him by aknife from the props and monk must investgate he goes and stars and earns him apart of the play and they learn that the person behide gail wanted that part and would do anything and so they do more investagating and turns out that gails back up caused the man to be alleric to somthing and die from it and then the girls dad came up on to the stange to pretend to be a doctor and he kills the guy with a knife this was a good way to earn something i gussmoreless
  • Great job writers!

    This episode has to go down in my all-time favorites. Not only was it my first Monk episode ever (that got me hooked to the series) it was no doubt extremely well-scripted. The acting was convincing, and the mystery was amazing. It put a little twist in the whole "someone got knifed at a play" mystery. The episode had its funny moments, and I repeat, a fantastic mystery, I never would have guessed it. And the climax really blew me away; I always enjoy a good Sharona fight. This episode brings back memories of the good ol' days when the series had fresh ideas, and could explore without overlapping ideas from previous episodes.moreless
Betty Buckley

Betty Buckley

Cheryl Fleming

Guest Star

Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris

Gail Fleming

Guest Star

Melissa George

Melissa George

Jenna Ryan

Guest Star

Kane Ritchotte

Kane Ritchotte


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • In the flashback to the murder, Jenna's dad is shown raising the real knife in the air only a few inches above the victim's chest, yet he is able to plunge the full blade into his chest. In reality, it would take much more force to get the knife in that deeply, especially through the rib cage.

    • Sharona's mom wants a picture of her daughters with her camera and only has one shot left but she doesn't even check through the view screen before hitting the automatic timer.

    • Why did Jenna still have a bottle of peanut oil in her bag a week after she used it to kill someone?

    • The police walked into the theater just in time to see Sharona and Jenna's fight but they just stand there rather than intervene.

    • Monk missed his cue to go on stage long before he was warned by the stagehand. In the first scene, we see that the door is open, so that Hal Duncan's character must be standing behind it the whole time. As the same scene is going on for Monk's performance, he is still backstage and the door is closed. Then the stagehand tells Monk that his scene is coming up. He would have already missed his mark by a few minutes, at least.

    • Jenna claims that she was at a party across town, which could have been possible for the murder to be pulled off. However, when we hear the story about her beating another actress with a golf club, it is also mentioned that she was across town at a party. They act as if this is a piece of evidence (like she was lying about being at the party in both cases), but it was still possible for the murder to be executed and her to not be there.

    • Gail is on death row, but in California, the penalty for second-degree murder is fifteen years to life.

    • How did the stage knife stick to the victim's chest? It has a retractable blade.

    • The time of allergic reaction would be hard to predict, so it would be hard to make sure, that the actor collapses exactly when he was "stabbed".

    • Even people with very severe allergies to peanuts usually do not have allergic reactions to ordinary refined peanut oil. Only a "cold-pressed" or "gourmet" variety, with peanut material added for extra flavor, would have been dangerous. I didn't get a good look at the label, which may have said that it was a special kind of peanut oil--in which case, I guess it's not a goof!

    • Why does Monk choose Dante's seventh circle of hell to compare to the Speedy Dates? The seventh circle is for the violent, the warmongers, and the usurers. A more natural choice would've been the second circle, which holds the lustful.

    • In a scene where Sharona, her mother, and Benjy are sitting at a table, Sharona says that Benjy is eleven years old, but in the baseball episode, Benjy is definitely twelve years old. What is up with this? Did Benjy regress in age?

    • Monk knows all kinds of random facts and information. Wouldn't he realize that a pulse is taken with the fingers and not the thumb?

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Monk: So where is she?
      Sharona: She's in the next scene. She kills a guy.
      Monk: I hope it's the guy who designed these seats.

    • Speedy Date: It's so hard for women my age to meet men. I'm thirty-eight.
      Monk: Oh, no you're not.
      Speedy Date: Excuse me?
      Monk: I was behind you when you signed in. I noticed on your credit card it said "member since 1979." You have to be eighteen to get that card. Which means you're at least forty-two.
      Speedy Date: All right, I'm forty-three. Are you happy now?
      Monk: You don't look it.

    • Benjy: Are you going to be doing any more acting, Mr. Monk?
      Monk: Anything's possible, Benjy. Except for that.

    • Monk: I have a thought. What if my character expresses his rage by putting away the groceries? Roughly.

    • Cheryl Fleming: You know, I always thought if anyone in this family ever would end up in jail, it would be you.
      (Benjy snickers.)
      Sharona: You know what? That's great, that's great! Right in front of Benjy?
      Benjy: I don't mind.
      Cheryl: No. You know what I'm talking about. Remember when you s-t-o-l-e the car?
      Sharona: Mom, he's eleven years old. He can spell.

    • Monk: Can't I wear my own clothes? I'd rather wear my own clothes.
      Kathleen: Well, what--what do you have at home?
      Sharona: (touching Monk's shirt) Uh, well, he just has more of this.

    • Sharona: We're looking for Gail Fleming's dressing room.
      Stage Manager: And you are?
      Cheryl Fleming: We're her mother.

    • Monk: I felt responsible. I think it [the car bomb] was meant for me.

    • Salon Manager: (touching Monk's hair) Who did your perm? I absolutely love it.

    • Carl Sebastian: (directing a rehearsal) Adrian, you're filled with rage. You swagger.
      Monk: I don't think so.

    • Sharona: How'd the dating go?
      Monk: It was terrible. Thank God I'm not single.
      Sharona: You are single.
      Monk: Oh, yeah.

    • Speed Date #1: I like your eyes.
      Monk: Thank you. They came with the face.

    • Monk: Speedy Dates? No, no, no. That's like Dante's seventh circle of hell.

    • Sharona: Oh, yeah, yeah. I read an article about [speed dating]. Instead of spending the night with one jerk, you get to meet fifteen jerks at once.
      Flora: Yeah, that's not exactly how we would describe it.

    • Sharona: What do you think so far?
      Monk: There's no leg room. It's so crowded.
      Sharona: It's supposed to be crowded. It's sold out.

    • Monk: I'm Adrian Monk and this is Sh--She's usually right here.

    • Monk: When you stab me, use the prop knife.
      Sharona: I'll try to remember.

    • Monk: (to doorman) We have a four-dollar credit on any future bribes. I won't forget. I'm writing it down.

    • Sharona: My sister's on death row. I think she's worth forty dollars.

    • Monk: Jenna told me all about it. We dated . . . briefly.

    • Stage Manager: How do you know the play, Mr. Monk? It's brand new; it's never been published.
      Monk: I saw it last week, and I must have memorized it by accident. Sorry.
      Stage Manager: You memorized it after seeing it one time?
      Monk: I'm so sorry.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Cheryl Fleming: (to Jenna) Break a leg!
      In the superstitious world of theater, "Break a leg!" is traditionally used in place of "Good luck," a wish that was once thought to bring on its opposite. Cheryl, however, is using the expression quite literally.