Season 2 Episode 6

Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2003 on USA

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  • Gotta love it! Gail Flemming is proven innocent!

    This is a very classic murder mystery story, as Sharona's sister Gail is framed for a crime she never committed. It's always a joy to watch when you're setting out to prove someone innocent, as it is such a powerful incentive to get the job done.

    Monk's awkwardness as the stage actor is rather engaging to watch. Kinda makes you want to keep saying "Who ordered the tossed salad?" over and over. Also, this episodes shows Monk's excellent memory, as he says he memorized the play on one hearing. The plot reveal about the peanut oil is great, and the summation revealing that a phony doctor committee the crime is just priceless.

    Can't help but cheer for Sharona when she yells to the understudy "Shut up, bitch! The shows over!". Sharona's mother also brought a special addition to the cast as well.

    A great episode. Two thumbs up!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show monk . monk and sherona go and see gail in play she just got apart of and then accident happens a man is murderd and they think gail was the one that killed him by aknife from the props and monk must investgate he goes and stars and earns him apart of the play and they learn that the person behide gail wanted that part and would do anything and so they do more investagating and turns out that gails back up caused the man to be alleric to somthing and die from it and then the girls dad came up on to the stange to pretend to be a doctor and he kills the guy with a knife this was a good way to earn something i guss
  • Great job writers!

    This episode has to go down in my all-time favorites. Not only was it my first Monk episode ever (that got me hooked to the series) it was no doubt extremely well-scripted. The acting was convincing, and the mystery was amazing. It put a little twist in the whole "someone got knifed at a play" mystery. The episode had its funny moments, and I repeat, a fantastic mystery, I never would have guessed it. And the climax really blew me away; I always enjoy a good Sharona fight. This episode brings back memories of the good ol' days when the series had fresh ideas, and could explore without overlapping ideas from previous episodes.