Season 5 Episode 12

Mr. Monk Is At Your Service

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2007 on USA

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  • Who killed the butler? It was Sam the little sh....!

    Two monks for the price of one. A different and welcome change from the usual Monk style, with a problem for Monk! The PD is cuting back and wont hire him. What to do?

    While visiting Natalies "rich" parents the suspicious deaths of their neighbours proves to much of a lure and they investigate. While their he mistakening is interviewed by the son of the death couple who inherited, and is taken on as a butler! What started as undercover work changes as Monk shows a natural application for the role!

    The middle act is focused more on amusing and extruciating painful (for the staff) scenes littered with a few clues to explain the story of what happened (as we already know who the murder is)!

    The scenes with a "pregnant" Natalie and the family dinner are great and lead to a very tense ending, which endings in a suitable Monk way as Stolemeyer gets his man back!

    Watch just to see a brilliant performance by Sean "Sam" Astin.
  • Monk at his best but a pretty haphazard plot.

    In this episode; There is a hiring freeze at the department meaning the Monk is basically unemployed but when he goes undercover as a butler for Natalie's parent's neighbour Paul Buchanan; it looks like he has a new career calling. If you're a fan of Monk's antics then this episode is perfect for you with the What if? scerario of him becoming a butler proving hilarious but if you like a good solid mystery and plot then maybe you should overlook this episode (or better yet the whole season). The mystery for this episode is so straightforward that it's more like "Blue's Clues" half the time and just like that show, we crack the case early on while Monk is having fun as the prim butler. We're given more insight into Natalie; we discover more about her childhood, her parents and a side of her that isn't just the sweet and innocent Natalie we've come to know and love.

    Tony Shaloub has pretty much shifted Monk from a tragic figure to a comedic one and this episode sees him stealing many scenes; watching him run the Buchanan household is funny but when he flips out at frogs and plays the dumb card it's not quite as good. Traylor Howard has made Natalie jump from a 2D assistant to a character just as intricate as Monk and she carries it wonderfully in this episode. Sean Astin stars as the hot - headed Paul Buchanan and while he adds another notch to his acting belt and avoids going into Samwise Gamgee - mode; he won't be remembered as an effective villain.

    Once again Jason Gray - Stanford and Ted Levine are given only cameo roles as the Liutenant and Captain; at this rate they'll no longer be needed at all by the finale.

    While this episode stuggles plot and mystery wise; the solid acting and some genuinely entertaining moments deem it a good episode.
  • Mr. Monk finally gets his dream job as a butler

    Guest star Sean Astin{you know him as Samwise Gamgi in the lord of the rings} kills his butler and destroys all the evidence. When Mr. Monk arrives at Sean's mansion, he takes the job as butler and is in charge of cleaning the house and preparing for dinner. This is Mr. Monk's dream job since he gets to prepare dinner as he wants it, even if the entire staff is up until 3 am. The entire mansion is completely clean. Natalie discovers the wrecked car in the garage, which she believes is evidence that links Sean to the death of his father. When monk finds a magazine clip, he finally has solved the case. When Sean's father died of a heart attck, Sean knew that the kids on the mother's side would inherit the money and house. So Sean staged a wreck where the mother died first instead of the father.
  • Were doing this the Monk way!

    Well in this episode Mr. Monk becomes a Butler for none other than Sean Aston. Good ole Paul(Sean Aston) had a crush on Natalie way back when. Now he has chnged. HHe found his dad dead in the arage becasue of a heart attack. So he new if his dad died bfore his stepmom he wouldn't get any money and his stepsisters would get t all but if his stepmom died before his dad he would inherit all the money. Sohe does but Monk is never far behind. Monk finds out what happens moments before Paul is about to kill Natalie but he got there just in time to save the day.
  • Monk as a Man Servant! Show just gets better.

    What an inspired episode! Not only does it put Monk into his "dream job", but it gave the show a chance to really get Natalie into the action.

    The scenes with Monk running the household had me rolling on the floor. From his inspections to the centimeter placement of the silverware, it was OCD run wild. When Natalie came to dinner, I thought the scene was amazing. We got a chance to meet her family a little more and we also got to see a more agressive side to her. She wanted this solved and by god she was going to get it solved.

    My only real complaint is that the series seems to be giving less time to the mystery and more to everything around it.