Season 5 Episode 13

Mr. Monk Is On The Air

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2007 on USA
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A radio host is suspected of murder, but Monk is confronted with a perfect alibi: the man was on the air when the murder occurred

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  • Forgotten Smile

    Smiling and Laughing are always the best traits anyone is capable of because they are reflections on the good or best times in life. This episode was more drama than humor. I really liked the conflict between both Monk and Max, let alone the fact that we see both Steven Weber and Tony together again since "Wings", both were my favorate characters in that show. Steven Weber has always been good at playing either good or bad guys, here he plays Max who is a really bad guy that you just hate. In the conflict between Monk and Max I can't help but feel there is sort of a contrast parallel between the two. Max is a guy that is supposedly the funniest man on the radio a person who's carier is based on making people laugh, but by nature it's really just a mask to hide his dark nature. His jokes alone really aren't funny but are actually ment to insult and make fun of other people that in his mind are outsiders or lower than him.

    Monk is funny we laugh at and with him not just because of his odd nature but that sometimes we can emphasize with whatever fears or certain ways he does things cause we kinda have that ourselves just at a different level. And also most of us like him our outsiders, from our interests, how we see life, to how we do things these things make us people. I really felt bad for Monk from begining to end of this episode because we just see him getting crap canned left and right from Max and his supporters and Monk doesn't deserve it. That is something I can emphasize with because, I've been a target of ridicule in the past. Why anyone thinks it's so funny or gets sick pleasure to insult another, in the words of Marge Gutherson from "Fargo" "I just don't understand it."

    There is even a revelation which is sad when we hear that Monk has never smiled or laughed once in his childhood. It really shows how truly hard he's had it and how elusive smiling and laughing have been for him.

    The most intense moment was when Max and Monk were doing a show together, Max's jokes turn from hummulating to just plain hurtful. Max goes way way too far when he brings up the death of Trudy and we see Monk get really mad and almost beat the crap out of Max. I don't blame Monk, what Max said made my blood boil too. But in the end Monk truly does get the last laugh when he puts the joke on Max by solving the case which gave me a good feeling.

    But I'll admit those final minutes at the end really made me tear up when we see Monk watch his wedding video, that was the time when he really smiled and laugh and it's a time and feeling that have been taken away from him forever.moreless
  • A radio host is the prime suspect when is wife is murdered, but the problem is that he has the perfect alibi.

    The scene where Max makes fun of the tragic death of Trudy, i thought was totally out of line and i was cheering for Monk when he dove acros the table and began to punch the guy. I was also cheering for him when he solved the case and Max was taken away in handcuffs. I felt tears coming to my own eyes when at the end of the episode, Monk is watching a video of his wedding day with a sad expression on his face.moreless
  • On the air with flair

    Monk investigates the murder of a woman married to a radio star who makes Howard Stern look like Mr. Rogers, while the evidence points to the shock jock Monk is no much for his lethal humour. Overall this episode is hugely effective with good performances and the Monk elements being at their best but the overload of melodrama is a tough pill to swallow. Monk is already a depressing character but watching his torment is heartbreaking.

    While the mystery certainly had a promising set - up with the "airtight alibi" factor being the most effective for getting the audience involved, its resolution is more of an "easy way out" than a suitable mystery climax.

    The funniest parts of the episode are those that have a semi - serious environment, almost all the interactions between Monk and his cohorts can boast that honor. The radio shtick, not so much because the material is meant to be funny in Monk land, it doesn't translate that way to the audience and the fact that the radio goons supply their own canned laughter by carrying on like schoolkids after every joke just detracts from the humor. There's no point in mentioning Shalhoub's flair at playing Monk anymore, if his performance is anything less than mesmerizing then i'm obviously watching the wrong show. Natalie, Stottlemeyer and Disher hold their own on fairly sketchy stereotypes and must deal with a reduction of screentime and prominence, as the show winds down the focus on Monk can only increase.

    Steven Weber is one of the most forgettable villains on Monk, he holds his own as the immature Max Hudson but when in "evil" mode he just relies on dropping his voice to a creepy whisper. Two notable guest stars is Kevin (brother of Chris) Farley who has a similar girth to his brother but the comic appeal is nowhere to be found and Danny (Mickey on Seinfeld) Woodburn whose presence is as easy to miss as he is. Mr. Monk is on the Air is yet another triumph from Monk, one can now oversee the occasional slip - ups and just enjoy the big picture of the show.moreless
  • It doesnt get any better!

    So many good aspects to this plot its hard to know where to start. It is your basic breakdown the solid alibi plot. The main angle of interest is the way in which the killer (Max Hudson) eggs on Monk by poking fun at and embarrassing him on air - more than once. As you might expect Monk gets the last laugh in determining the clever convulted way in which the murder took place. The clues are littered throughout the first and middle acts so youll have to pay close attention to keep track of them.

    However, this episode should really be watched to see Monk get ridiculed and overcome this weeks nemesis. The finale when he makes Hudson look silly is so satisfying - its worth watching just for that!moreless
  • A talented ensemble

    Even though there really wasn't much of a crime mystery angle here, there were two aspects of this episode I loved. The interaction between Steven Weber and Tony Shalhoub was great. Even though you would never guess they had spent years playing pals instead of adversaries, I think that familiarity with each other helped make their scenes together work so well. They could focus on using their acting chops. Secondly, it was amazing the way they handled the additional revelations about his childhood. It is so difficult to mix humor and pathos like that. I wanted to LOL and hug him at the same time. And the contributions by the rest of the cast were just right - it moved really well.moreless
Danny Woodburn

Danny Woodburn


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Kevin P. Farley


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Steven Weber

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Jarrad Paul

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In the preceding three season 5 episodes ("Mr. Monk and the Leper," "Mr. Monk Makes a Friend," and "Mr. Monk Is At Your Service,") and two of the following season 5 episodes ("Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy" and "Mr. Monk Goes to the Hospital"), Natalie is driving a silver Buick Lucerne. However, in "Mr. Monk Is On The Air," she is driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee (the same car that she drives in seasons 3 and 4, plus the first half of season 5). This is just one of several hints that the episode was probably filmed alongside the first eight episodes of season 5 ("Mr. Monk and the Actor" through "Mr. Monk Goes to a Rock Concert"). Other hints of this include the fact that the calendar in Max Hudson's house is open to July of 2006, and the fact that Natalie's attire throughout the episode is the same as attire she wears in episodes that make up the first half of season 5.

    • Monk says he's never had fun but doesn't seem to remember that he laughs hysterically whenever he reads a Marmaduke comic like in "Mr Monk Gets Fired." He also stated in "Mr Monk Gets Married" that he and Trudy "laughed all the time."

    • Adrian says that Natalie has known Adrian for three years, but it has barely been two years since they met.

    • Trivia: On the radio the group makes a reference to Rocky by saying "Adrian!" like Sylvester Stallone does in the movie. This is not the first time this joke has been made in the show. In the episode "Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic" the lawyer makes the same reference.

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    • International airdates:
      Greece: Sunday 27th January 2008 at 18.45 on Star
      Finland: Saturday, 21st February, 2009 at 19:45 on YLE TV1
      Slovakia: February 17, 2010 on Markiza