Season 6 Episode 16

Mr. Monk Is on the Run (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2008 on USA

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  • THIS is great television!

    Great episode. One of the best so far.
  • I expect better.

    Fair episode. As always, good to see some progress in the case of Monk's late wife's murder. That said, Sharona's departure never sat well with me and Natalie's not half as interesting. Now we find her jeopardizing Monk's life simply because she can't keep a secret. Then, at the very end of the episode, we find a third actor playing "Dale the Whale". I can't decide if I prefer Tim Curry to Adam Arkin or vice versa but I would've preferred either of them to this Ray Porter.Small as the role may have been in this episode, he still sucked. Not impressed.
  • Interesting story with interesting characters. It was a really great episode.

    I really enjoyed watching this season as a whole but I think this was the best episode yet. The whole plot of the story was interesting but it was kind of obvious that Mr. Monk faked his death, at least to me. I was surprised that Natalie was so upset with the cheif but I guess it makes sense. I thought the song that the one guy (forget his name at the moment- which is horrible) wrote for Monk's funeral. It was really funny. Overall, I was happy about this season and this was the perfect season finale in my opinion.
  • My personal opinion of the season six finale

    That was an amazing season finale. While some of the episodes of this season held much room for improvement, this one made up for most of it. We are finally revisited Trudy's case, something I've been waiting for a long time. It managed to keep me guessing as well as making me laugh. I love the fact that they made it a two part story since it would not have been nearly as good if they cramped all of it into just one episode, so kudos for that. Sadly this once again marks the beginning if a months' long waiting period before we get to enjoy the genius of Adrian Monk once more.

    So as I said, this was a truly great episode.
  • part 2

    Part 2 of the sixth season finale for Monk sees Stottlemeyer go to extraordinary lengths (lengths at which I do not believe his character would go as far as bending the law is concerned) to protect his former detective. The episode was not as good as the first half, but was still an exciting capper to another strong season of USA Network's signature show.

    While the whole premise for this show is a little crazy (a cop who is afraid of just about everything) this storyline just takes the cake. While it is still entertaining, I have to point that out.
  • This, in my opinion, is the best episode of Monk I have ever seen!!!

    I saw this episode awhile ago, so I'm going to combine both parts of the episodes into the same review. I hope you guys don't mind. Anyway, I've been watching Monk for years now and out of all the episodes, this is the best. For several reasons: excellent story and plot line, amazing humor, great dialogue, great action, and full of suspense. One of the best things about this episode is how Monk doesn't seem to be so "childish" about everything. Lately, his phobias were getting a little out of hand, but in this episode, he let some of them go to do what he needed to do. This episode was full of funny scenes. For example: Monk raising his bail to ten million dollars, Monk touching every tree when running away from the police and dogs, Natalie's smoothie that Disher ended up liking, Disher's song he wrote for Monk, "Carwash Columbo", etc. There are too many funny parts too name! I can't think of a single part in this episode that I didn't like. It was extraordinary.
  • It doesn't get any better than this episode! Randy's funeral song takes the cake "Why...tell me why...did a good man have to die...shot his prime...48...49" I about came unglued. I think I've watched that scene about 15-20 times. Great Stuff

    This was not only the best season ending episode, this was the best episode yet! Among the many many good and funny scenes, it doesn't get any better than Randy Disher getting disappointed once he finds out Monks is still alive...because now he cannot play his song. The purposed funeral song was so Randyesqe that I could not stop laughing. "Why...tell me why...did a good man have to die...shot his prime...48...49" I about came unglued. I think I've watched that scene about 15-20 times. Great Stuff! I hope they revisit something like that in the future. This episode is a must see.
  • Brilliant. Amazing. Fantastic. I'm running out of good words...

    It goes without saying that Mr. Monk Is On The Run Part 2 definitely lived up to the hype of the first part. Traylor Howard's acting really shines in episodes like these, and Tony Shaloub didn't do so badly either. It's arguably the best episode of Monk, brilliant suspense, amazing acting, and a fantastic mystery. "Shippers" will really warm up to the interactions between Monk and Natalie throughout this episode. I also somewhat enjoyed the appearance of Dale the Whale, it's been a while. The climax at the parade was definitely something I'm going to watch over and over again, because it proved to be a great season closer. Hopefully season seven will follow up on the brilliance of this season finale.
  • Monk fakes his own death

    Well, this has to be one of the best episodes I've ever seen. It was just all too awesome!!! OK, so Monk fakes his own death so stupid Rollins will leave him alone for the time being so he can figure out how Rollins commited the murder. However, Natalie and Randy both think that the Captain shot Monk. Natalie is taking this the hardest and refuses to speak to him. Until she finds an article in the paper that talks about a guy who solved a mystery down in Nevada. Then she knows it's him, because of the way he did it. Anyway, Stottlemeyer tells Natalie not to go looking for him, but she does anyway, and leads Rollins right to him. Later, Randy finds out, and Monk and Natalie barely escape Rollins's gunfire. But they find a way to get away. Later while investigating some more, Monk finds out that Dale the Whale had a connection with the murder. Blah, blah, blah, Monk saves the governer from exploding... And he finds a new lead in Trudy's murder. The man who planned it. His name? The Judge.
  • I have been very critical with Monk of late - I felt that it had lost its way somewhat - happily these two episodes have brought everything back on track! This was classic Monk!

    If this was a series ending - then it worked extremely well - bringing everything and everyone together. I mean it made you think - what would life be like without Monk? The guy drives you crazy but life would be seriously empty without his constant quirkyness and his ability to persevere when life seems so bad. He is a great role model - his life sucks ... he has lost the greatest love of his life ... is somewhat self destructive with his compulsiveness ... but through it all he survives ... even when reduced to washing cars ... he does what he is best at ... seeing what nobody else sees and making a difference! We should all be so lucky to make a little bit of the difference he makes!

    I hope the next series will tie up some unfinished business ... like finding Trudy's killer once and for all ... with that enough already! Also it is time for Monk to find happiness in love again ... maybe Natalie ... who knows? Maybe that is a bit too obvious? But if this next series is to be the last ... do a Monk ... make a difference!
  • In a word; Heartwarming. [WARNING: Spoilers Ahead]

    I love this series from the beginning, and I can pinpoint just three moments why:

    One is when Natalie shows up where Adrian is hiding, and she holds up a wipe, because she's about to kiss him in the face so many times he'll probably need it.

    Two: Randy is wearing two black armbands on each arm, to make it even.

    Three: when Leland told the two security agents holding Monk at the parade "Could you take your hands off my friend, please."

    Its these little moments that the writers put in that's kept me glued to this show. And I'm glad that it will return next season.
  • This episode I found to be worthy conclusion to the season.

    The episodes were amazing. In a sense the episodes reminded me of the Final Problem and Empty House Sherlock Holmes stories to a degree with Stottlemeyer fulfilling the role of Mycroft as opposed to Ambrose

    The highlights for me included: the additional insights into the relationships between the following:

    1. Monk and Stottlemeyer; 2. Stottlemeyer and Disher;
    3. Monk and Biederbeck.
    4. Adrian and Natalie;
    5. Natalie and Stottlemeyer;
    6. Natalie snd Disher;
    7. Monk and Disher.

    On the subject of the relationship between Adrian and Natalie is slowly and inexorably evolving from a platonic one to one in which, there will be by the conclusion of the series the beginnings of a romantic relationship?

    On the subject of Biederbeck of the three actors who have portrayed Biederbeck I find that I like Tim Curry's portrayal the best.

    I am also interested to see how the relationships between the following people and Monk develop:

    1. Monk and the Lieutenant Governor;
    2. Monk and "The Judge."

    How will they factor into future episodes?
  • I feel let down.

    This episode got on my nerves. I hated that Natalie was so mad at the captain for shooting Monk; he's known Monk for years didn't she think he was devastated too. Then when she found out he wasn't dead was mad at the captain for not telling her, but then she went and proved why she shouldn't have been told. Monk could have been killed because of her selfishness and stupidity and I hate her. With that being said, I did like how Monk's recurring dream helped him stop the LT. governor from being killed and that he got some more info about Trudy's murder.