Season 7 Episode 5

Mr. Monk Is Underwater

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2008 on USA

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  • Monk goes underwater in a submarine.

    "I'm not even sure I know how to swim. I did some lessons once, but not in water."

    Not a great episode of Monk, but it was certainly an entertaining one. Tony Shaloub completely escaped into his character and his comedy was top-notch this week. I loved the ongoing bit with him thinking he could see his therapist.

    Traylor Howard is starting to grow on me as well. She complements Monk well, and her Natalie character is both funny and does a good job of advancing the story.

    This was a well-written episode that moved at a fairly reasonable pace. Some of the scenes were not really needed and I could have done without the forced romance between Natalie and the navy officer. Still, the pros outweighed the cons and this turned into a decent episode of Monk.
  • Love me some Monk. But this episode eas just ok.

    Love me some Monk. But just episode was just ok.
  • Any Monk is better than most TV, this one has too many holes in it.

    I love this show but this was a very poorly done episode in relationship to how things are in reality. One thing that is accurate, a sub skipper is God. Then the problems begin. Subs do not leave on a moments notice, and they do not dive immediately, they are in shallow water. Also before getting under way there are countless announcements over the loud speaker.
    They did not even begin to get into the phobias he could have on a sub. The communal bathroom is one that you could do a scene on.
    Then the ballast tank, which are not open to the inside of the sub, if they were, going into one you would smell the algae and the stench of the water that never gets blown out and the bacteria gets a chance to feed. It would not be a pleasant smell. Then there would be no lights inside.
    Also this episode was without Leyland, where was he.
  • Why do I keep disagreeing with people. I thought this episode was very funny.

    I thought this episode was superb. Very funny!! This episode was about an old friend of Mitch's(natalie's late husband) coming to Monk for help. It's because one of his friends(on a submarine) was shot to death and everybody thinks it's suicide. Except the old friend thinks it's murder and wants Monk to investiagte. Monk's scared at first while he's on the non-moving sub but when an emergency drill starts while he and Natalie are on the sub, Monk starts to freak out. So, Monk must face his claustrophobia and other fears while trying to figure out a very unusual case. I found this Monk episode very funny and engaging. It made me laugh a lot and I found it to be more entertaining than gets lotto fever and takes a punch. Great episode!