Season 6 Episode 11

Mr. Monk Joins a Cult

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2008 on USA

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  • Best episode of season 6 so far!

    This episode was a classic! Lets list the pros and cons of it.
    The scene where Disher and Monk were singing that was funny!
    Monk was very funny in it
    The case wasn't to easy to solve
    Howie Mandel The Disher interrogation scene was funny
    Monk listing his fears when he was talking to the cround
    The flowers with ten pedles
    Monk thinking of Trudy Cons
    I solved the case before Monk did
    Monk wouldn't eat his chicken pot pie!
    Natalie was annoying!
    Disher was kind of portrayed as an idiot
    Monk wiped his mouth off on his shirt! Well that pretty much wraps this review up! So until next Friday bye!
  • This episode was great!!

    This episode was awesome! I haven't laughed so much at Monk in a long, long time.

    I loved the first scene with Monk and Natalie discussing the parents that watched them. That scene was very funny. It played out well. By the time the people approached Monk and Natalie, they didn't even have to speak. It was great when Monk joined the cult. I loved seeing him act almost "normal". How ironic that it took joining a cult for Monk to get over some of his obsessive compulsive disorder.

    Howie Mandel was great. He had just the right amount of warmness and creepiness to play the cult leader. LOL

    My favorite part of the episode was when Natalie, Leland, Randy and Dr. Kroeger took turns trying to snap Monk out of his brainwashed state. Randy was gullible enough to get sucked in quickly. I could not stop laughing when I saw Randy sitting on the floor barechested, singing with Monk. That scene was so great!!

    The episode was wonderful. I am so glad that I have some new shows to watch. The writer's strike is downright depressing.