Season 5 Episode 11

Mr. Monk Makes A Friend

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2007 on USA

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  • Will you be my best friend. Monk sure is my new friend. Even though it alreadywas one of my favorite shows.

    In this episode Mr. Monk makes a friend. His friend, Hal, is hiding something. Monk cant tell though because he is too excited about being his friend. Hal however is what we call a murderer. The only reason Hal wanted to be Monk's friend was becasue he murdered someonee and before they died they sent evidence of Hal's murders. Hal fouund out and decided the way to get Monk's mail was to be his best friend go to his house everyday and check his mail for him until the letter comes. Monk gets upset because he thinks Hal is "breaking up" with him but then finds out what Hal is up to. He almost dies when Hal holds a gun up to him but Monk tricks him into getting the gun butthen is tricked and just when it looks like Monk isw taking his last moments Lt. Disher, Natalie TEager and the gang bust in a save the day and Monk's life.
  • This was a sad episode to watch.

    This was a really sad episode. The episode is about how Monk makes a friend, Hal who seems like a regular guy who really likes and is interested in Monk despite his quirky ways. Although Monk's other friends, Stottlemeyer, Randy and Natalie, seem very suspicious about him because they think he can't truly like Monk that much without a catch. Hal, who really was playing with Monk, then asks them if they have been good friends and would be there for him, not to just use him but to just "hang out". I felt sad because when Monk went to the hockey game with Hal, he was just so happy and excited. Then Monk wants Hal to be his best friend. What really got to me was when Monk said to Dr. Kroger that he had been praying for a best friend every Christmas.
  • Wonderful


    Oh joy. Finally an episode were Monk has something good happen to him.... or does he?!

    You standard con-trick plot forms the base of this episode, where Monk unfortunately falls fowl to a con-artist. The clues are there throughout the episode so pay attention. I sure though that you will see through Hal from the first moment! Or at least when Natalie questions his sincerity!

    There are some fantastic scenes in this episode. The time when they first meet outside the supermarket (the mark). The time at the hockey game was just hilarious (confidence). And the scenes at Monk's apartment (the gig) at to cover up the initial murder - whose scene is filled full of clues for the sharp eyed! All in all - a superior episode, that takes an spend a good portion of its screentime building up to a wonderful Monk-threatening finale with an obvious twist you should be able to see for miles!

    Very sad ending for our hero though! The best described character on TV!
  • Sad

    Monk makes a friend with a charismatic fun - lover called Hal who understands Monk's many quirks or at least pretends to but Disher, Natalie and Stottlemeyer aren't fooled especially when he's connected to a murder.

    Although this episodes is played out well; the writing borders along linear and it almost talks down to the audience. Firstly the plot holes are massive; Monk makes a friend out of the blue who always brings in his mail and tags along to every crime scene and offers advice that only the killer would know and yet they don't figure out until it's practically spelled out for them.

    The mystery is so obvious that it's like Blues Clues half the time and Andy Richter is so cheesy as Hal that he would be suited as the host for that show. The scenes with Monk trying to impress his new friend and behaving as if they were dating are the episode's highlights.

    Praise goes to this episode's brilliant continuity; old elements like the rock polisher and the way Monk has his table are still intact.

    Tony Shaloub expertly brings out both laughs and tears from the audience but it's sometimes unclear which he's going for. Andy Richter is a like a chunkier Pee Wee Herman and suitably brings out the smiling asassin character; he nails it. This episode is a little wobbly on the mystery but everything else is where it should be.
  • Aw, poor Mr. Monk....

    This is a good episode, but I really don't like Monk upset. I started to cry (I know, I'm such a baby) when Monk found out that Hal was a murderer, and then Hal tried to convince him he wasn't... I guess it was just sad to see Mr. Monk so confused and emotional. I also got kind of emotional when Monk started acting all excited because he made a friend (he just has that child-like innocence that makes you feel sorry for him). The ending was great, though; Mr. Monk finds out that Natalie really is his friend, as well as Captain Stottlemier. Overall a great episode, but still somewhat sad.
  • Very predictable. Not as up to par as the others.

    Who the murderer was was terribly obvious from the beginning. They might as well have just shown him in the opening, since his voice is so recognizable. It might have even made it more interesting to see instead of thinking "He's the murderer, right? Why don't they just say it?" And how much could that little statue be worth that he would be willing to kill three people over it? Monk was very out of character, of course, but did anybody else think Disher was way out of it too? He didn't have a single goofball moment, and his checking out Natalie was just horribly weird. I hope he's back to being funny next episode. Of course, I did enjoy the episode very much, and there were several funny moments, like rock polishing, and when Monk was acting like a teenaged girl. Good episode overall, just too predictable and not too funny.
  • I hated to see Monk get his feelings hurt thinking that Hal was his friend. Good episode

    The reason I chose to classify this episode as painful to watch was because it shows that even though Monk is smart and very observant all the time it showed that even Monk wants to have friends and he had the wool pulled over his eyes in his attempt to be friends with someone who was just using him. I am a fan of Andy Richter but I was not a fan of the character Hal. I think that the writers should have someone who will be a true friend to Monk and let that character spend some time with Monk. I know that the captain and Julie are Monk's friend but like he said Julie works for him and Captain Stottlemeyer is someone he works for. Pretty good episode even though I felt sorry for Monk.
    He still solved the case!
  • For the Monk winter come back, this wasn't as good as it should have been. It was predictable to say the least, and for Monk to be "average", well... He should never be anything less than "above average", and he hasn't been with me up until now either.

    Toward the very beginning of this episode when Andy Richter's character said he was going to check Monk's mail, I noticed it was the second time he had done that. I also noticed that Monk had said before that the lady was going to send him a post card... I put two and two together and figured that Mr. Monk had only made a friend because that friend was trying to get that post card, destroy it and then also destroy any evidence of the murder he committed.

    Well... While everything kind of played out in the manner I had expected, I was kind of hoping that Richter's character would have stuck around and stayed friends with Monk. Just cutting loose from Monk right away only kind of proved his guilt. But had he stuck around and stayed friends with Monk, it would have presented Monk with the problem of whether or not he should turn his friend in. It would have been so much better- at least to me- if Monk had chosen not to believe that his friend was the killer because it was his friend. They should have played that card and I'm kind of disappointed that they didn't.
  • I'm going to ask him to be my best friend...

    Monk makes a friend. He believes this is his first friend he has ever made in his life. Little do we know that with anything good that comes to Monk, there always a setback. The friend is actually the killer in the customs agent's homicide case. Monk is blindsided most of the episode by his obsession with his newfound friend. Even when Monk is threatened by Al in his apartment, he believes that Al still has some good in him. Before this episode even began, i knew Monk would have to bear witness to another miserable event in his unlucky life. What Monk doesn't realize is that he always had friends with Natalie, the Capt, and Lt Disher. It was very cool that Natalie asked Monk to go the skaters on ice event at the end. She may have not beaten Sharona in character, but she warming up to me as one of the favorite characters. The funniest part of the movie was booze and beer, and when Monk actually tried to Punk Natalie.
  • Monk makes a friend!!!


    Well, this was a different episode because Monk actually made a friend. Of course I could tell by the voice that it was the same guy who killed the girl, I just didn't know what he wanted with Monk.

    I felt sorry for Monk because he was so gullible and he wanted to believe that this guy wasn't going to hurt him even after he saw the evidence against him. Monk wanted a friend so bad that he had blinders on.

    On the other hand, it was nice to see the Captain solve a case without the help of Monk. At least in the end, Monk realized that he had friends that he didn't even know he had.
  • Monk says punk'n!

    The scene at the grocery story pretty well establishes what is going to happen, but the part were Monk throws the re-bagged groceries in the trash and heads back into the store was classic.

    We knew up front that Andy was the bad guy, but it was amazing to see Monk so desperate for a "friend" that he overlooked warnings, and frankly did things that for him were amazing. I thought the Hockey game was priceless. The bit with the smudge on the inside of the glass was great. Monk waiting breathlessly for a phone call and reacting like a star struck teen on the phone (classic pose on couch - see Bye, Bye, Birdie), and his reaction when the call did not come was wonderful. In the end, even when confronted with the deception, he is not able to let go (pure ocd). Just a great, well written, episode!
  • Classic Monk!

    I enjoyed this episode. I liked the fact that even though Andy Richter's character was the murderer, he still enlightened Nat, Disher, and Stotlemeyer about how they often overlook Adrian, and make fun of him. Loved it when Monk was acting like a kid, laying on the couch to talk on the phone and such. And when he held that guy at gunpoint, I was like 'yay Monk!' So, all in all, this was a great episode. Can't wait til next week!
  • Monk finds a friend finally only to have his heart broken!

    Monk seems to be a wierdo to everybody due to
    His OCD and really has no friends about. Even though
    He works with cops. But a man named Hal really takes
    Up to him and they both do a lot of things
    Together but also Hal is a criminal. Surprisingly, Monk doesn't seem to mind at all. But in the end, Monk's heart is broken. Makes me feel so bad for him.
  • Monk made a friend...and then lost him.

    So, this was a VERY good episode. I loved it.

    Monk meets a man named Hal when they bump into each other at the supermarket. Hal begins to sweet talk Monk through impressing him and paying him compliments. They go to the Shark's game. Monk and Hal hang out alot. Then Monk learns that Hal has a criminal record.

    Monk doesn't seem to mind. They still hang out. Then it is shown to the audience that Hal killed the lady and her old boyfriend because they discovered he was smuggling stolen goods into the US.

    Monk thinks that Hal is going to be his best friend, but Hal just uses Monk.

    I felt sorry for Monk after this episode. It seemed like he didn't have any real friends, then I remembered that Stottlemier and Discher are his friends. This was a great episode.
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