Season 7 Episode 13

Mr. Monk Makes the Playoffs

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on USA

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  • While this is a nice episode, I do think there are some improvements that could be made.

    I must say that this is a nice episode (going back into the lines of the "What places would Monk not be comfortable in?"), and most appropriate if you watch it on the same weekend that there is a football game anywhere in America.

    And while it is nice to have an episode mostly revolving around Monk and Stottlemeyer, I sometimes felt like there was room for plenty of improvement.

    Believe me, I like this episode, but if I had to change the plot, it would be like this:

    Natalie would replace Stottlemeyer. And the reason for them to be at the stadium would be different, for in this version, just a few days before the playoff game, one of the Condors coaches is found shot to death at a construction site. Monk is able to find clues that suggest that someone killed him while he was receiving an illegal payoff, and suspects someone in the Wildcats staff. Hence, he and Natalie get the press box passes to get into restricted areas at the stadium to find evidence.
    The section with the attempted murder on Chet Walsh and the murder of David Gitelson would be unchanged. However, with Natalie taking Stottlemeyer's place, it would be shown that she doesn't care about the extra investigation, and even figures that the death of Gitelson must be connected to the coach's death.
    That's just my idea of how the story would be better. In fact, I'm probably a lot like Monk for these types of events: they're a lot better when seen on TV! Especially when it's snowing, because those athletes are PAID to play in the MISERABLE conditions!
  • Monk scores a touchdown.

    Being a big sports fan i really liked this episode.It had a bit of everything.It had funny dialogues,a good mystery to solve and for brief periods it touched upon some of Monk's issues.Oh and it had Bob Costas obsessed with demented cats!We have seen this type of Monk episode before.They mostly take place at one outdoor scene and usually Adrian is really uncomfortable with his surroundings.I really liked his line to Leland about civilization.Another funny scene was the football team's prayer!The episode also had some good interaction between Adrian and the captain.In a sense they were both right.Leland told Adrian what he had to hear at some point concerning Trudy but Monk can't switch off his detective instincts just like that.It's what makes him so unique.So Monk came off really strong by the end of the episode,because his will to chase a weird looking case payed off and he got Leland around his way of thinking. The four characters were divided into two groups this week.We saw a lot of Monk and the captain but not so much of Randy and Natalie.However their short story in this was also very amusing.Randy in particular was very funny with his strange way of watching the game and Natalie's final line was funny as well.All in all a solid Monk episode.
  • A GREAT episode when your having a Nerdy Superbowl party. A FAIRLY GOOD episode otherwise.

    The thing that made this episode better then most was oddly enough, the fact that I watched it while the Superbowl was happening. I think many Monk fans will find the connection with the Superbowl on the Superbowl weekend a great one. The episode itself was not phenomenal BUT the premise was fantastic and it needed to happen before Monk comes to a close after Season 8. All in all, the episode had nothing that stuck out much and it had not too many concepts that hurt it. Sometimes you feel like they use Monks OCD to fill up the entire 45 minutes of the episode but if you laugh through it and let him do his thing, you'll get to the better stuff. The setting for this episode was probably the best in Season 7 so far and all the cast did a phenomenal job..even Taylor Howard*.

    *By the way, if your wondering why I always say things like, 'even Taylor Howard' or 'Natalie didn't suck this time' it's because she kinda is a bad actress and she seems awfully fake. She's funny and great with Monk but sometimes she gets pretty bland.
  • Pretty dumb episode.

    Monk has had a fairly decent seventh season but this episode just felt really thrown together. I'm not even entirely sure what Randy was doing throughout the show and Monk's phobias and responses to them just felt really forced and unnatural.

    Bob Costas was not funny at all and really was not necessary here. I understand that Monk was trying to cash in on the super bowl fever spreading throughout America right now, but this was just an incredibly lame way of doing it.

    Not a smart or really funny episode of Monk at all. Probably one of the weakest of the season in fact.
  • The only episode of Monk I've turned off midway through.

    I'm a big fan of the show as a whole, but this episode was absolutely terrible. So bad, in fact, that I turned it off. The chest bumping and everyone getting excited for "the big game". It was as if the writers had never actually been to a football game and they were just basing their material on beer commercials. Plus, the case just wasn't interesting at all. I find it very odd that no one particularly cared or noticed that a super bowl (excuse me...Big game's) QB was missing. Clearly the writer's felt this way as well since mid-episode they made sure to mention that the QB was a second stringer.

    I didn't get far enough into the episode to see Costas or how Monk ultimately bests the killer, I simply didn't care. The Captain "trash talking" his former LA buddies was more than enough to force me to hit delete on my DVR. The Seventh season hasn't been great, but it's wayyyy better than this.