Season 7 Episode 13

Mr. Monk Makes the Playoffs

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on USA

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  • A GREAT episode when your having a Nerdy Superbowl party. A FAIRLY GOOD episode otherwise.

    The thing that made this episode better then most was oddly enough, the fact that I watched it while the Superbowl was happening. I think many Monk fans will find the connection with the Superbowl on the Superbowl weekend a great one. The episode itself was not phenomenal BUT the premise was fantastic and it needed to happen before Monk comes to a close after Season 8. All in all, the episode had nothing that stuck out much and it had not too many concepts that hurt it. Sometimes you feel like they use Monks OCD to fill up the entire 45 minutes of the episode but if you laugh through it and let him do his thing, you'll get to the better stuff. The setting for this episode was probably the best in Season 7 so far and all the cast did a phenomenal job..even Taylor Howard*.

    *By the way, if your wondering why I always say things like, 'even Taylor Howard' or 'Natalie didn't suck this time' it's because she kinda is a bad actress and she seems awfully fake. She's funny and great with Monk but sometimes she gets pretty bland.
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