Season 7 Episode 13

Mr. Monk Makes the Playoffs

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on USA

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  • While this is a nice episode, I do think there are some improvements that could be made.

    I must say that this is a nice episode (going back into the lines of the "What places would Monk not be comfortable in?"), and most appropriate if you watch it on the same weekend that there is a football game anywhere in America.

    And while it is nice to have an episode mostly revolving around Monk and Stottlemeyer, I sometimes felt like there was room for plenty of improvement.

    Believe me, I like this episode, but if I had to change the plot, it would be like this:

    Natalie would replace Stottlemeyer. And the reason for them to be at the stadium would be different, for in this version, just a few days before the playoff game, one of the Condors coaches is found shot to death at a construction site. Monk is able to find clues that suggest that someone killed him while he was receiving an illegal payoff, and suspects someone in the Wildcats staff. Hence, he and Natalie get the press box passes to get into restricted areas at the stadium to find evidence.
    The section with the attempted murder on Chet Walsh and the murder of David Gitelson would be unchanged. However, with Natalie taking Stottlemeyer's place, it would be shown that she doesn't care about the extra investigation, and even figures that the death of Gitelson must be connected to the coach's death.
    That's just my idea of how the story would be better. In fact, I'm probably a lot like Monk for these types of events: they're a lot better when seen on TV! Especially when it's snowing, because those athletes are PAID to play in the MISERABLE conditions!