Season 7 Episode 13

Mr. Monk Makes the Playoffs

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Even though Randy manages to plug in the TV from the evidence room, how could he watch it? There's no cable or satellite hooked up to the set.

    • When Monk and Captain Stottlemeyer are at the tailgate party in the beginning, when the Captain tries to give his beer to Monk, there is no foam in the neck of the beer bottle. When he turns around, there is foam over half way up the neck of the beer bottle

    • When Monk is near the vending machines and is just about to describe the problem with the playbook, you can see the shadows of someone coming down the ramp. All of a sudden two men are passing behind him, then they come down the ramp and pass behind him a second time.

    • When the limo driver siphons gasoline from the tank he is holding a jar above tank level. To successfully siphon liquid the receptacle has to be held below the source.

  • Quotes

    • Natalie: Mr. Monk, you should take the captain. He really wants to go. It'll be fun. You and Leland at the big game. Hanging out. A couple of guys, you'll have some male bonding time.
      Monk: I think I'd be more comfortable having male bonding time with you.

    • Monk: Who are all these people, and where are their parents?
      Stottlemeyer: It's a tailgate party, Monk. People get here early, and they start to party and they get all pumped up for the game.
      Monk: But they're... they're not actually playing in the game.
      Stottlemeyer: Well, it doesn't make any sense if you think about it. The trick is not to think about it. You just got to turn your mind off. You do have an off-switch, right?
      Monk: I don't think so.
      Stottlemeyer: Well, here, you can borrow mine. Beer: Nature's off switch.

    • Monk: (about tailgaters) Did you enjoy civilization, Leland? I sure did. It was a hell of a run. Eight thousand years.

    • Stottlemeyer: Championship game. Great seats. Perfect weather. It doesn't get any better than this.
      1st Rowdy Fan: You said it.
      Stottlemeyer: This is better than sex.
      Monk: Well, what isn't?

    • Stottlemeyer: We're Wildcat fans, Monk. It's a big rivalry.
      2nd Rowdy Fan: Two years ago they put a bag of bees in my car.
      Chet: Yeah, then his mom spat on my mom, then we flipped his RV. God, I love football!

    • Monk: Uh, you have a.. you have a smudge there. What happened there?
      Metzger: What happened? I don't know. Do you remember every little smudge you ever got on your clothing?
      Monk: Yes, yes, I do.

    • Disher: Oh, hey, tell Bob Costas Randy Disher says hi.
      Stottlemeyer: Does he know you?
      Disher: No.
      Stottlemeyer: Well, then, wouldn't that just confuse him?
      Disher: Only one way to find out.

    • Stottlemeyer: You used to be a fun guy.
      Monk: I don't think so.
      Stottlemeyer: Yeah. No, I remember. I remember the time when you graduated, right? We stole that rowboat, you, me, and Trudy. And the Lake Patrol stopped us and you started speaking Spanish. Now, that was funny! That was funny! Where's that guy?
      Monk: Trudy died.
      Stottlemeyer: Yes, Trudy died. But you didn't die. You're alive.
      Monk: "Alive" is a funny word.

    • (Monk uses his all-access pass to get into the stadium)
      Chet: Dude, you're like my best friend.
      Monk: You wanna hear something sad? You're my best friend, too.

    • Stottlemeyer: But my best friend, great guy, an amazing guy, I left him downstairs alone, and he deserves better.
      Bob Costas: Sure, I... I understand. Is he with Monk?

  • Notes

    • On the premiere airing, the end credits ran were from "Mr. Monk and the Miracle."

    • International Airdates:
      Czech Republic: February 25, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: November 23, 2010 on Markiza
      Finland: December 3, 2011 on YLE TV1

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