Season 5 Episode 9

Mr. Monk Meets His Dad

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2006 on USA

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  • Sentimental, low-key, well-written, endearing, very special

    Very happy to see this well-written, unusual episode. I hope this signals an upturn in the quality of the series. As usual, the crime-detective parts were weak, but fortunately they were a small part of the episode.

    What I liked are the strong sentimental aspects that, at the same time, were not heavy handed, showed gradual development and left some things unsaid/unexplained. They brought many aspects of the show together, were well integrated and actually quite realistic! Nice the way: father and son didn't reproach each-other and themselves severely much; showed how dad contributed to son's career with Sherlock Holmes stories; uncovered and solved mystery together; distributing cheap toys to disappointed kids was funny; learned more history of Adrian's background; bicycle references; and father's tolerance of son's fussiness
  • Sentimental, but mostly character development

    Well I guess Ive managed to catch a bad example of this franchise. Dont get me wrong the point of the show is to see our beloved Monk overcome his issues and solve the case. Here that does happen, but its getting to samey. The plot resolves around Monk spending some time with his Dad who he hasnt seen and blames for so much. Now I honestly thought cliche scenes/gags coming up - and I was right. Yet its done quite well with a sentimental edge, something that just doesnt happen in Monk and it actual works well in that respect. You do feel good about it for Monk at the end. Locations are based around travel on the rig and the few locations taht they stop at, orphange, diner, etc. Dialogue is however, better than average and there is a personal touch to it which I felt a connection with Monks plight.

    There is one scene where Natalie and everyone is having a Christmas party which is just superb Monk, esp. when he asks to be picked up by Natalie's daughter who isnt even old enough to have a license! :D

    The case as in most .... episodes is inconsequential, and is just the device to allow Monk and his father to bond after so long. The culprit is caught leaving a sentimental scene between father and son to take us to the credits.

    If you watch Monk for the crime-solving give this one a miss, otherwise a good getting to know Monk episode.
  • interesting

    I really liked this episode. I thought it was one of those episodes that could potentially be the start of something very spectacular indeed. There are countless numbers of the amount of episodes Monks dad could be in. This means that we can find out more about Adrian Monk. I thought watching Monk learn how to ride a bike at the end of the episode was really sweet. The funniest part without a doubt was when Monk rang up Natalie to ask her to drive to Arizona to pick him up only she couldn't because she had been drinking so he asked Julie. Classic Monk.
  • Good insight into Monk's family life. And opens quite a lot for future storylines.

    In watching this episode again on Christmas day, I gotta say for the most part I do like it. I think Dan Hedaya was a good choice to play Monk's dad. He may not have been the ideal image of Monk's dad I have gotten from the bits and pieces learned about him throughout the series, but I can imagine him going through a change once he left his family, and being the character Hedaya plays. I can see them as dad and son, some good scenes together and I loved Jack teaching Adrian how to ride a bike at the end. Also, I wish there would be a story upcoming sometime where we get to see Monk's half-brother Jack Jr. It'd be fun to see how alike or different he is to Monk and Ambrose.

    My sole drawback with the episode was that I was disappointed they didn't return to the orphanage to make it right with the children and had given out real toys to them. Delivering the load of "toys" to the kids was the reason they were on the road to begin with (or so that was the job at first), and it would have been really sweet to see the effort made to give the children a good Christmas.
  • Monk's father gets arrested while driving thru San Francisco. Monk ends up riding along with him while he performs a bizarre task for his boss. On the trip they work out past problems while Monk becomes suspicious of the trip his father has been sent on.

    The worst episode of Monk. It didn't feel like an episode, rather it was just a way for the producers to finally get his dad into an episode. I guess I appreciated that but it was far too bizarre to be an enjoyable show. The episode was poorly conceived.

    I like Dan Hedaya but his character was a bit too eccentric in this role. I didn't really buy his character from the way he was talked about by Ambrose in a past episode. Fine, he's a truck driver, but why exactly? How was he ever married to Adrian's mother the way she was portrayed in past flashbacks? The character didn't add up.

    The plot itself was scattered also. I can accept far-fetched plots to some extent but this crossed the line. Monk is one of my all-time favorite shows and I love every episode except for this one. The main reason being that I didn't get involved in the plot nearly enough.

    That being said, I did appreciate getting some information about his father even if it was ridiculous. The episode just felt like something that had to be done and now we can move on. Though, I thought it could have been done much better.
  • Monk meets his long lost dad, who has been arrested for a traffic violation. Struggling to forgive his father for abandoning him, Adrian joins his father on a job, and solves the murder on one his dads bosses

    Well, that\'s it for me. This was the last Monk-episode I watched. I am a long time fan, but the show is ruined by the writers and producers, and I just cannot watch it anymore.

    The first mistake was replacing Sharona with Nathalie. Nathalie\'s character is just to boring. She isn\'t funny, sweet, though or anything. She doesn\'t add anything to the show.

    Also, writers have been adding an increasing amount of \'emotion\' to the show, by letting all kind of traumatic events occur in the lives of the main characters. With that, they neglected the mystery-part, which nowadays is almost completely absent.

    And with this episode they crossed the line! Monk\'s dad! Besides solving Trudy\'s murder, this was the biggest mystery involving Monk himself. And now, in ONE episode the writers not only casually introduce him, but they let Monk agree to join his father, who shows no regrets, on the job. They become friends - which is absolutely impossible considering Monk\'s feelings in earlier episodes - and they end with an extremely insulting shot of Adrian learning to ride a bike. Is it me? Are Americans really so stupid that they accept this crap, being loyal fans of a show? I hope not. For me, this was the last drop. Greetings,
    A former Monk-fan
  • Jack Monk makes a first appearance in this special holiday episode.

    I\'ve seen every episode of Monk since it premiered in 2002, and I have loved every minute of it. I\'m sad to say, though, I was a little bit disappointed by this episode.

    I\'m not extremely picky about the shows I watch, but I do feel like this episode could have been written a little better. The way Adrian\'s father just appears out of nowhere kind of throws me off. I mean, he just happened to be pulled over in San Francisco? He\'s a truck driver! That doesn\'t seem very likely.

    Also, while I know the murder mystery solving wasn\'t the main focus of this episode, I feel like they didn\'t give it enough attention. It wasn\'t one of their most creative ideas, either.

    Nit-picking aside, I think Adrian spending time getting to know his father is exactly what they wanted it to be. A touching family episode that is just right for the holiday season!
  • Monk meets his dad and goes on a road trip with him.

    This was a pretty good episode. I thought that it really showed charecter development of Adrian. It was nice that he finally met his dad after all these years. When he first got to San Francisco, Adrian didn't want to see him. Then he finally decided to go with his dad on his truck delivery. Then in the end of the episode, it was nice to see him having fun with his dad. I thought that it gave closure having Adrian learn how to ride a bike. That was nice how his dad helped him to learn it. It was a touching scene in the diner...No, I mean Adrian's food was really touching. It was nice that his dad remembered many of Adrian's old habits and seperating his food and walking in straight lines. I thought that this episode was a very good time of charecter development for Adrian.
  • Monk Never Lets Me Down!

    I loved this episode. It\'s lighthearted and funny! A good holiday episode. I do hope that the newer episodes get a little more detective like with the humor added in...I love Monk, but sometimes it is lacking in the mystery aspect. I wish it could be a toned down version of L&O. But still with the creativeness of Monk. Seeing him on the bicycle at the very end of the episode was really touching and I loved the ending of this one. Keep Monk coming and I also like the new Psych for last season. They make for a good Friday night of programming.
  • They need a reality supervisor to help the writers, trucks don't do that.

    Some good moments, but every time the writers venture from the simple obsessive compulsive premise they are lost. To wit:

    No trucker would ever say \\\"I drive an 18 wheeler, a big rig". That is nearly TRIPLE redundant;
    Big trucks' brakes run on air, not liquid;
    When the brakes fail the brakes go ON.

    Best scene was the restaurant, the rest was disappointing, as usual.

    I really miss Bitty Schram.
  • A spectacular return from the Defective Detective, Monk

    Monk returns with another excellent episode. I ve been waiting for this episode for ages! This episode introduces Monk s dad and the fact that he has another brother! Once again, a superb plot (the crime and the solving of the crime). Monk s dad, who s disappearance from Monk is revealed, is sent on a strange delivery route to deliver rubbish presents. Monk and his dad fall out and then make friends again while on the journey. A quote I have to mention is when Monk s dad realises why he s on such a strange route; -Son of a b*t*h bastard!- One of the funniest lines ever said on Monk. Overall, great episode, I hope the remaining episodes are just as good.
  • Monk in a Big Rig, priceless!

    I just think this episode was so cool. Monk meets his father. Monk overcomes his anger towards his father, Monk gets into the cab of a Truck! Monk learns to ride a bike!

    Dan was excellent as Monk's father. I saw some buzz that he might be back again. I would love to see him with Ambrose. How cool was the ending when Monk's father showed up with the bicycle and gave Monk his riding lesson! It just made me want to call my father. It was one of those great "why we love our fathers" moments then we all forget until its mostly to late.

    I can't wait for the black and white special in December.