Season 2 Episode 8

Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2003 on USA

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  • "Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy" is in my opinion one of the best episodes around. It has a rather brilliant mix of both a mystery and comedy.

    An excellent episode!

    Dexter Larsen, the millionaire playboy behind Sapphire Magazine, is dismayed when his publisher Elliot D'Souza tells him that he has pulled the plug and decided to shut down the magazine. Somehow, Dexter gets his revenge and Elliot is soon strangled to death by his own weights in his private gym.

    When Monk is put on the case, he quickly finds evidence that Elliot's assistant might be right about there being foul play, and he quickly begins to home in on Dexter Larsen as his primary suspect. Of course, Dexter is a very smart man, and his research staff is top-notch, so he knows a bit about Sharona's past: she was a nude model! And now if Monk doesn't let him go, he plans on publishing these photos! Can Monk solve the mystery and stop Dex from ruining Sharona's life?

    This is a brilliant episode from start to finish, in plot, in comedy, in everything.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show monk monk must go and investgate the murder of a man that worked for a playboy magize well monks version of playboy and so he starts to investgate and thinks the man was murder and then start to ask question and realize there storys did not add up and then he goes looking around and get a treat aginst him if he does not stop investgating shernoia had photos in atlantic city and he was going to publish them and so he finds out that the guy had a magnict and killed the guy buy sucking down the weight on his throut this was good ep
  • Mr Monk meets the playboy is pretty low on mystery but as you may guess; high on laughs.

    In it; Elliot D'Souza, chief financial officer of a publishing company, is working out when the barbell he is lifting falls on his throat. D'Souza's secretary, Diane Ludan, thinks that Dexter Larson somehow killed him since he was planning to shut down Larson's infamous Sapphire Mansion (picture a sugar - coated Playboy mansion), and asks Monk and Sharona to look into it but with the bulletproof fact that the gym was locked from the inside and the fact that Dexter Larsen has some comprimising photos of Sharona, it looks like Monk can't win them all.

    This episode firmly busts the who? question early but the why? hangs over our heads until Monk's summation which just stays behind the line of absurd but certainly crosses the line of obvious. When Larsen threatens to publish pictures from Sharona's dark past the episode quickly goes from mystery to soap opera until the end but by then it's too late. The humour is frequent though; the prude Monk inside Sapphire Mansion is the main source but the immature Randy Disher isn't anything to laugh off either. Although this episode features pornographic magazines heavily and spends much time inside of a Playboy - like mansion; it's so unbelievably coy. Bikini tops are kept firmly in place throughout and although there're a few nudge nudge bits it's nothing that'll have parents covering the kid's ears for. Gary Cole stars as the entrepreneurial Dexter Larsen who goes from sleazy tycoon mode to nerdy and dangerous mode very quickly and effectively and makes an overall memorable guest appearence. Monk has always managed to stay in control of his work life by having no trouble closing case after case but this time he may of met his match and Tony Shaloub plays the weak and powerless Monk suberbly and when he is out of his comfort zone in the mansion he is just as funny as ever. Bitty Schram plays Sharona well and gets to flex her dramatic bone as her life hangs in the balance of the evil Larsen and when she's giving the sad speech to her son and a tear begins to roll down her cheek, it'll take a heart of stone not to be a little stirred.

    Once again Ted Levine as Leland Stottlemeyer isn't given much to do but Jason Gray - Stanford is great as the goofy comic relief.

    A very good episode of Monk; while the plot stalls a little and the mystery talks down to the audience you can't discount its general appeal.
  • Spoiler Warning

    Don't get me wrong- terrific villain- very sleazy. Monk episodes seem to come in a few variations- the mysteries are 'whodunnit', 'howdunnits', or 'whydunnits'- early on, we see the villain's motive and identity, leaving only the question of how he pulled it off- and sadly for this 'howdunnit' style episode, it was painfully obvious. During the introductory sequence one couldn't help but say to themselves, what's pulling that barbell down on that guy? Either its getting heavier or its being pulled by a magnet. While magnets that strong are not easy to come by, the very next scene establishes that electronics in the room are 'wiped' and that the clock is 'off'- yup magnet. If it weren't for the terrific relationship between the characters of Monk and Sharona and the new insights on them, I would not have been able to enjoy this episode at all. Thank goodness for small favors... when they revealed that the suspect was an former electronics wizard, I felt like I'd been hit over the head with a barbell.