Season 7 Episode 11

Mr. Monk On Wheels

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 2009 on USA

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  • Silly to blame Natalie for anything here. Monk's berating her and her self-recriminations were repulsive, endless and mostly unfunny.

    Usually on "Monk" (a show I love), the crime-detective aspects are pretty far-fetched (full of plot holes), but you appreciate the show for the acting, humor and lovingly established characters. Things are somewhat reversed in this episode. The crime was clever and logical, though it could have been presented better -- but it was OK. What disturbed me is the major premise here. I usually have to "willingly suspend disbelief" to enjoy an episode. Here it was impossible. Throughout the episode Natalie was apologizing for letting a thief steal a bicycle and she was pressuring Monk to solve the case/find the bike, and Monk takes advantage of her guilt by berating her (unfairly) constantly. Monk's berating her and her self-recriminations were repulsive, endless and mostly unfunny. I'd be rich if I had a nickel for every time Natalie said "I'm sorry." First of all, Natalie didn't do anything to be sorry for. No one in the world would blame her for assisting the biker (who had stolen the bike) who fell from the bike. Natalie wasn't conned; no one was chasing the biker. Second, Natalie had no reason to promise the real owner of the bike that she would recover the bike. The bike wasn't worth much, had little to no sentimental value, and the owner was apparently a successful, upper-middle class or wealthy scientist-businessman, who wasn't much upset about the bike being stolen. Third, it was incredible to see Natalie give up so much for Monk to take the case -- in effect she told Monk that his taking the silly case would make up for the all the insults, exertions, inconveniences, etc. she ever put up with working for him! Wow!

    Let me note that there have been many times where it was cute/funny to see Monk's selfish, sardonic nature -- situations where there was some benefit to Monk and no real harm to anyone. In this episode it was just mean, crazy and potentially harmful for Monk, for example, to go into a fit because Natalie "deserted" him (he had stepped onto something that may have soiled the sole of his shoe) to administer aid to the biker who had careened off his bike and there was no one else around to aid him. Lately they make Monk into a mean jerk. I don't like that.

    There was some humor, but not enough. The scene where Monk rolled down an incline in a wheelchair and crashed was hilarious, though.
  • CHIPS!

    This episode of Monk was a little bit better than last week's.In the previous episode i had high expectations because the appearance of a second brother should have been a big deal.This week we didn't have an episode that was important in terms of character development but nonetheless we has some great moments.Adrian for most of the time was moaning like hell and Shalhoub is damn good at sulking isn't he?However i liked that he realised the error if his ways and gave Natalie the recognition she deserved(even for 2 minutes!).You know what was great about that?He didn't need Dr Kroger or Dr Bell to do it.If Monk is going to take steps forward,one good idea is to start using the psychiatrist less and less.Other than that,Randy was once again gold with his lines.I think we missed seeing him and the Captain in last week's episode.This was goos episode for Natalie too.She got some deserved screen time and hopefully her relationship with Adrian will go a level higher.I just hope that they can get over what happened in the end!Nonetheless it was an improvement from last week and i hope we get even better ones in the final run in.
  • great episode

    This is the very first episode of Monk that I have watched. I saw the commercials and was bored the other day so I decided to watch it, and I was pleasantly surprised. I love the character of Monk. Anyways, Monk's assistant helps a man steal a bike and then she feels terrible and asks Monk to help her get it back. I thought the humor was fresh and entertaining (probably because this is the first episode I've seen, but still). Monk being hurt was hilarious, him being rude to his assistant was sad but interesting and showed a lot about both characters. The ending was priceless - chips... Overall, great episode and I now plan to watch Monk and try to catch up on the previous seasons.
  • Monk gets shot in the knee while helping Natalie solve a bicycle theft.

    Monk getting shot is certainly different than what happens in other episodes. I felt so sorry for Natalie though. Monk was so cruel to her - making her feel bad and making her do ridiculous things for him. If I were her, I would have quit a long time ago! Especially if the work prevented me from seeing my kid. I cab't see how Natalie allowed Monk to spend days on end away from her kid. I couldn't believe the ending when Natalie stole the gun from the assistant and accidentally shot Monk in the other knee. That was just too crazy. The good thing about that was it made Monk's legs match XD
  • soooooooo funny this one!

    hahah, dont u just love it that this is pretty much the first time ever u can actually see mr. monk acting like a jerk? i mean, he's always been nice, but this time he's a real jerk with hurtful sarcasm everywhere especially towards natalie, the part where he said:"o its payday, my check book is all the way up on the top shelf, i cant seem to reach it" and "my shoes wont get wet?, that's not exactly blindingly bright, is it?" really brings my stomach pain from laughing so hard. it shows that mr. monk really does have a different side, that he can be real aggressive and grinding ppl into pulps with his words hahaha, thats great. i mean the guy already whines like hog when he is healthy, what do u think wen he gets shot? natalie, u better cover ur ear and dig deep to really forgive him hahahah!!! he thinks that just because he's weak, everybody else is stronger and god forbids they ever do anything wrong to him, he's gona hold it over their head for eternity without any regret at all hahahaha! dats how monk is, i got it, even more out of him now! plus the case is really refreshing(love the bright lab setting as opposed to the usually dark outdoor crime scene), damn tony shalhoub is such a veteran!
  • His self-centeredness is one thing, but Monk's treatment of Natalie here goes over the top.

    This is one of my least favorite episodes, and I don't like saying that about the show for it's one of the few I currently enjoy on TV. I felt so sorry for Monk when I saw the previews with him getting shot and all, then he became so mean to Natalie. Do the person(s) who wrote this particular episode not like the Natalie character? Because I don't remember him ever being so nasty to Sharona. Which Natalie should have acted like and left Monk's employ, as Sharona had done quite a few times, and had him come after her to get her back. A little groveling to Natalie on his part could have helped. After this ep, I believe things could only get better, so there's hope for the show's future.
  • Monk ends up in a wheelchair.

    Nine years on the air and Monk is still the gold standard for comedy. After a great episode last week we get one equally as entertaining this week. Featuring a great line of comedy veteran guest stars including Bradley Whitford (Billy Madison, The West Wing), Pamela Adlon (Californication) and Michael G. Haggerty (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and another fresh storyline this was as funny as an hour long show could possibly be.

    Supporting cast Ted Levine and Traylor Howard shined here, but it was the Emmy-winning star Tony Shalhoub who made this such a great installment. His antics are as good as ever, his phobias as entertaining as ever and he's just more in character than anybody else on TV. His flawless execution of Adrian Monk is truly a sight to watch.