Season 7 Episode 11

Mr. Monk On Wheels

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 2009 on USA

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  • soooooooo funny this one!

    hahah, dont u just love it that this is pretty much the first time ever u can actually see mr. monk acting like a jerk? i mean, he's always been nice, but this time he's a real jerk with hurtful sarcasm everywhere especially towards natalie, the part where he said:"o its payday, my check book is all the way up on the top shelf, i cant seem to reach it" and "my shoes wont get wet?, that's not exactly blindingly bright, is it?" really brings my stomach pain from laughing so hard. it shows that mr. monk really does have a different side, that he can be real aggressive and grinding ppl into pulps with his words hahaha, thats great. i mean the guy already whines like hog when he is healthy, what do u think wen he gets shot? natalie, u better cover ur ear and dig deep to really forgive him hahahah!!! he thinks that just because he's weak, everybody else is stronger and god forbids they ever do anything wrong to him, he's gona hold it over their head for eternity without any regret at all hahahaha! dats how monk is, i got it, even more out of him now! plus the case is really refreshing(love the bright lab setting as opposed to the usually dark outdoor crime scene), damn tony shalhoub is such a veteran!
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