Season 6 Episode 14

Mr. Monk Paints His Masterpiece

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2008 on USA

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  • A logical error in Monk's reasoning ruins it for me. This ep was original in that Monk didn't solve it, at least.

    I really enjoy most of the Monk episodes, but there are a few that I really don't like. This episode was unique in that Monk was so preoccupied with selling his 'art' that he didn't solve the case. I liked that. The shows were following the same formula way too much, and I was starting to get bored with them.

    The few episodes I really don't like are the ones that have glaring (to me, at least) errors in Monk's otherwise logical reasoning.

    In this one, Bennie, the junkyard owner, was supposedly killed by one of his own booby traps. The trap was a knife embedded in a board which lays flat on the ground, but when the intruder trips a wire or whatever, the board springs up, and the knife goes into the victim's chest. Bennie's helper discovers Bennie impaled on the knife, and calls the police. They remove Bennie's body from the trap. Monk comes in, measures up from the ground to the knife blade (48 inches), then measures up from Bennie's feet to the stab wound (54 inches). He concludes that Bennie was killed somewhere else, by something else.

    Okay, so if the knife was IN Bennie's body when he was found, obviously the height would HAVE to match! Unless of course the murderer moved the stab wound...

    If anyone can explain how Monk could conclude what he did from that evidence, please do so.
  • I love this episode!Natalie and Randy Disher at the end was soooooo funny!

    When a junk yard owner and a man is killed,Monk investigates while taking painting classes with supplies he bought from the junk yard owner.A man showed up on his front door wanting to buy his work for thousands of dollars which were really ugly.Monk drew Natalies face and it was really ugly.At the end the guy that bought the painting was the killer and Natalies panting which she hates is the only evidence.Minutes into the ending of the show Natalie tries to burn the painting and it was so funny because Randy had to pick her up to stop her because she wouldn't stop trying to burn it.
  • Great Fun! Tony Shalhoub splendid! Natalie and Disher hilarious!

    This is one of the funniest episodes yet. Great script for comedy, mystery less important although I kept trying to guess what's going on, I knew something was wrong with the russian guy but I still could not figure out why he was doing the whole thing. Meanwhile lots of laughter. I felt for Monk who like an innocent child
    embraced his new self- the artist in demand. Shalhoub is AMAZING, he can make laugh and he can make you cry almost at the same time.I also thought Natalie was wonderful in this episode. The Dr. Kroeger scenes were some of the best and Disher (who I have a crush on) was hilarious. A truly classic moment, the spider web and lets not forget his translations from Spanish! My favorite scene -painting the flat banana. A true Monk classic!
  • Monk should be investigating the death of two people in a junk yard, but he is too preocupied by his new hobby of painting to do any real detective work.

    Great episode. I loved it. BTW, for the "logic problem", what happened was that the man was killed somewhere else, but the killer needed to make the would seem like it was done by accident. So, he quickly without thinking put the booby trap through the dead man. If you'll notice, the dead man is bent over, showing that the killer didn't have enough time or wasn't smart enough to think about how the trap wasn't high enough. Basically, for those of you who didn't understand that, the man was killed somewhere else. He then had the booby trap put through him after sort of bending him over.