Season 5 Episode 5

Mr. Monk, Private Eye

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 04, 2006 on USA
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Episode Summary

Monk and Natalie decide that Adrian should become a private detective when his police employment doesn't work out. But Monk's first case is more than it seems.

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  • The worst episode to date

    OK Wow. Where do I start? There is like no mystery to start. We know everything that happened about the murder except that he was part of the Fender Bender. This episode was poorly written and was the worst. I only like the murder scene (for some weird unexplainable reason). This episode was abysmal and terrible. I probably won\'t watch the whole thing again. In the whole episode I only found one part funny. When Monk touched that toilet. Other than that this episode really stunk. Really bad. I knew that they might have been running out of ideas but this is ridiculous.moreless
  • She’s the boss

    Natalie was the boss in the entire episode, she garbs Adrian and make him to work as a private detective, by inspiration in her grandfather.

    Great moments

    - When Monk call to Natalie pretending to be a client and saying that he was being held against his will by Natalie Teeger;

    - Monk trying to read the instructions on how to swim, when he jumps into the water;

    - While in water Monk grab a toilet seat and when he realizes what it is he releases it and try to clean his hands;

    -Monk thinking in how to dig up Neville’s body and poke it with a big stick, and then Linda Fusco, arrives in the room.

    But one question remains what happens to the guy that hit Monk??

  • uhhhhh..... it was okay.

    Oh, boy, oh boy. Not a very good episode. there's episode that make me like natalie and episodes that make me...not like Natalie. This is an episode that makes me not like Natalie. In this one, Natalie becomes annoying and pushes Monk to open his own private investigation building and become a private investigator. She was more annoying than usual, that's part of the reason why I put out of character. then, monk gets a case that seems like nothing and doesn't care at all about it or the whole private investigator thing. But then it ends up being murder too when Monk starts to find clues and piece things together. Oh, and the second reason why I put out of character was because Monk was more bitter and cursed more than usual, which is usaully never. So, to sum up: Natalie was more annoying, Monk wasn't the same, and it wasn't that funny or exciting.moreless
  • Simply hilarious

    Cant understand why some think "nothing happened" in this episode! Theyre entitled to their opinions, but frankly what "does" really happen in Monk?! Its a bolt-on by the numbers comedy - with the detecting as a sideshow.

    So if you prefer the way in which the Monk character fumble about the setting doing his best to face the non-existant obstables (to us) that he himself places in his way, then this is an episode for you. Truly, you wont stop laughing at the misforture that befall Monk in this episode. Add to that the sympathy you feel for a Monk forced into doing something he obviously doesnt want to do (PI) and you will journey with him (and Nat) through a sequence of scenes that ultimately brings him to a conclusion that predicable. But lets face it when are these types of shows NOT predictable.

    Excellent episode of misfortune and misadventure. Not a miss-hit though. A classic.moreless
  • Whoa

    I love Monk so much, I mean the show not the man, anyway I was a little disappointed with the episode as it didn't seem to have that Monk edge that I love. I have to admit I laughed so much at certain moments like Monk trying to get on that boat and Monk fishing. I enjoyed the episode but it definatley wouldn't get my top 10 rating. As always Monk does hilarious things but for some strange reason without him working with the police department it doesn't seem to be as good. Hopefully it will be back to normal by next week.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When the boat speeds up and Monk falls backward, you can see it's an obvious stunt double and not Shalhoub.

    • Monk says that he's never swum before but we see him do just that in "Mr Monk Takes His Medicine."

    • In the scene where Stottlemeyer and Disher first visit Monk's new office the clock reads 2:18. The clock is seen again about 3 minutes later before Monk and Natalie leave and it still has the same time.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (After Natalie hands out Monk's business card)
      Monk: You owe me 85 cents.
      Natalie: Fine. Take it out of my paycheck.
      Monk: Don't think I won't.
      Natalie: How'd you get so cheap? Really?!?
      Monk: I work for a living! All right? At least I used to. Now I just get bull kelp splashed on me.

    • (about his new office)
      Monk: Natalie, you can't afford this.
      Natalie: Actually, you're paying for it.
      Monk: I can't afford this!
      Natalie: Oh yes you can. Remember last month when you got that bonus after solving the Kensington case?
      Monk: No... ?
      Natalie: That's because I used it for a down payment.
      Monk: Grown-ups have a word for that. We call it "embezzlement."

    • Natalie: What's wrong with those?
      Monk: Uh, those are not quite up to snuff. You know me--it's got to be... snuff.

    • Linda Fusco: Adrian, I've been asking around. Cops, reporters, and they all say that you are the man.
      Monk: Well…I am a man.

    • (answering the phone)
      Natalie: Adrian Monk Investigation, What is the nature of your problem?
      Monk: I'm been kept in a room against my will.
      Natalie: You were kidnapped...uh, do you know who did it ?
      Monk: Yes. It's my personal assistant, her name is Natalie...Teeger.

    • Natalie: You can't be afraid to take risks.
      Monk: I think I can. In fact I think I already am. Hold on--germs, heights, snakes, milk, needles, risk, yeah it's on there, number 6.

    • Monk: You know, not everybody feels the same way you do about Grandpa Neville. For example, I was thinking about how much fun it would be to dig up his body and poke it with a big stick.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Stottlemeyer: I'm looking for Sam Spade.
      Referencing the famous detective created by Dashiell Hammet in the serialized novel The Maltese Falcon in 1930. Humphrey Bogart is most commonly associated with the character since he played Spade in the 1941 movie version, and Stottlemeyer does a Bogart accent when he says the line.