Season 5 Episode 5

Mr. Monk, Private Eye

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 04, 2006 on USA

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  • The worst episode to date

    OK Wow. Where do I start? There is like no mystery to start. We know everything that happened about the murder except that he was part of the Fender Bender. This episode was poorly written and was the worst. I only like the murder scene (for some weird unexplainable reason). This episode was abysmal and terrible. I probably won\'t watch the whole thing again. In the whole episode I only found one part funny. When Monk touched that toilet. Other than that this episode really stunk. Really bad. I knew that they might have been running out of ideas but this is ridiculous.
  • She’s the boss

    Natalie was the boss in the entire episode, she garbs Adrian and make him to work as a private detective, by inspiration in her grandfather.

    Great moments
    - When Monk call to Natalie pretending to be a client and saying that he was being held against his will by Natalie Teeger;
    - Monk trying to read the instructions on how to swim, when he jumps into the water;
    - While in water Monk grab a toilet seat and when he realizes what it is he releases it and try to clean his hands;
    -Monk thinking in how to dig up Neville’s body and poke it with a big stick, and then Linda Fusco, arrives in the room.

    But one question remains what happens to the guy that hit Monk??
  • uhhhhh..... it was okay.

    Oh, boy, oh boy. Not a very good episode. there's episode that make me like natalie and episodes that make me...not like Natalie. This is an episode that makes me not like Natalie. In this one, Natalie becomes annoying and pushes Monk to open his own private investigation building and become a private investigator. She was more annoying than usual, that's part of the reason why I put out of character. then, monk gets a case that seems like nothing and doesn't care at all about it or the whole private investigator thing. But then it ends up being murder too when Monk starts to find clues and piece things together. Oh, and the second reason why I put out of character was because Monk was more bitter and cursed more than usual, which is usaully never. So, to sum up: Natalie was more annoying, Monk wasn't the same, and it wasn't that funny or exciting.
  • Simply hilarious

    Cant understand why some think "nothing happened" in this episode! Theyre entitled to their opinions, but frankly what "does" really happen in Monk?! Its a bolt-on by the numbers comedy - with the detecting as a sideshow.

    So if you prefer the way in which the Monk character fumble about the setting doing his best to face the non-existant obstables (to us) that he himself places in his way, then this is an episode for you. Truly, you wont stop laughing at the misforture that befall Monk in this episode. Add to that the sympathy you feel for a Monk forced into doing something he obviously doesnt want to do (PI) and you will journey with him (and Nat) through a sequence of scenes that ultimately brings him to a conclusion that predicable. But lets face it when are these types of shows NOT predictable.

    Excellent episode of misfortune and misadventure. Not a miss-hit though. A classic.
  • Whoa

    I love Monk so much, I mean the show not the man, anyway I was a little disappointed with the episode as it didn't seem to have that Monk edge that I love. I have to admit I laughed so much at certain moments like Monk trying to get on that boat and Monk fishing. I enjoyed the episode but it definatley wouldn't get my top 10 rating. As always Monk does hilarious things but for some strange reason without him working with the police department it doesn't seem to be as good. Hopefully it will be back to normal by next week.
  • great episode...

    In this episode natalie wants Monk to start his own private investigation business. He doen't want to but natalie did it any way and there first case is trying to find out who left a dent on this womans car. but they stumble into something bigger. I really liked the part when the woman walks in and says "So your him, your the man" and Monk says "Well...I am a man". I really thought it was funny when Monk jumped in the water off the boat and he was trying to read a card that explained how to swim but it got all wet. it really surprised me when he jumped into the water but it was either that or die. later...
  • Nice Chemistry between Monk and Natalie

    I really liked this episode, Adrian and Natalie chemistry is very enjoyable. Natalie being more aggressive and pushing her agenda was cute. I especially liked how she mentions her grandfather and Monk reaction to it.

    This is one of the episodes that they showed the actual crime taking place, so the mystery portion of of this Monk episode was a little lacking but the fun interaction between Adrian and Natalie more than made up for it.

    My favourite part of the program was when Monk and Natalie confronted they guy they thought bumped the car as he was being defensive thinking that they were questioning him for the more serious crime.
  • Another good episode from Monk!

    I loved the idea of Monk setting up a buisness. There was alot of funny humor in this episode, although the mystery part was lacking a bit. I think that this episode is an important one because it sets up a new relationship for Captin Stottlemeyer, and it sets up a new buisness for Monk, which may later bring in new mysteries. That is if Monk decideds not to give up with it, he didn't seem to happy with the buisness at the end of the episode. So, while it didn't have a very good mystery, it was a funny and important episode.
  • Just average. I've seen Adrian do better.

    Wow. Adrian has really been challenged in these two episodes (this one and the previous one). Nearly blinded, nearly drowned, nearly died. Not the best crime I've seen Monk solve, not enough twists or weirdness.

    I, personally, prefer Sharona over Natalie. Sharona had a special 'edge' to her and Natalie is just, an assistant. Sharona drank beer, she was like... the anti-Monk. Natalie hasn't really got any special skill or "thing" that helps in the cases. All she really does is "assist" Adrian. Oh well. Can't really change the cast in the middle of the season.

    I think Randy has been underestimated. He gets worse and worse every season, constantly being displayed as stupid. I hope they make a Randy centric, where he saves the day.
  • 5th season losing focus

    I don\\\'t know what happened between the 4th and 5th seasons, but it must\\\'ve been nasty.
    My wife now falls asleep before the end of the show, we keep looking at the clock wondering why it\\\'s taking so long, neither of us cry during or at the end of the show...
    Did all the writers bail?
    The pace is really slow now.
    I\\\'m NOT a Nathalie basher, I actually like her a lot. Last season (4th) everyone was good, things were fast paced. But now...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...It makes me sad, I REALLY want to like the show, Tony is a fantastic actor, but go back and watch some old episodes and you\\\'ll see what I\\\'m talking about.
  • This one definetly reminded me as to why I love watching Monk.

    This episode was a perfect example of why Monk is soo good. This particular episode was just hilarious, I was starting to lose faith in Monk, but this one was just soo jam-packed with well written jokes on Monk's phobia's OCD etc. in the previous episodes they were letting those jokes go to waste, but this one was just awesome. Umm okay I think you get the point now. Anyway without giving anything away, let's just say that this episode was filled with a little bit of everything: drama, comedy, mystery, and romance. I think that this was one of the best eppys of the entire series so far, well starring Natalie anyway. If you have not already seen it then you need to, it is soooo great.
  • This reminds me why I watch Monk

    This episode marked a return to the great writing that previous episodes of this show had, but seemed to be lost during this current season. Mr. Monk as a reluctant private eye...not only brilliant, but actually funny!

    There was a lot of character development in this episode. Not only did Natalie go very out of her way to push Monk to make something of himself, to change his situation, but we saw Captain Stottlemeyer coming to terms with the end of his marriage. And, most importantly, we saw Monk conquer - to an extent - his fear of water.

    Favorite moment:
    -Monk grabbing hold of the toilet seat while in the ocean and then promptly releasing it and trying to clean his hands
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