Season 4 Episode 3

Mr. Monk Stays in Bed

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 22, 2005 on USA
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When a pizza delivery man accidentally gives her a fifty-dollar bill as change, Natalie follows him to return the money, only to discover that he's been murdered. Or has he? The photo of the victim in the case folder doesn't match the man who delivered the pizza. But with Stottlemeyer and Disher concentrating on a high-profile case involving the murder of a judge and Monk suffering from the flu (and, worse, from an annoying get-well card that incessantly plays "Polly Wolly Doodle"), Natalie can't get anyone to investigate the delivery man's murder. Leaving Julie the unenviable task of watching Monk, she decides to solve the case herself--even if it means entering the murderer's house. Meanwhile, between nose-blowings and annoying demands, Monk deduces from the evidence the captain presents him that the man the judge was seeing is not married, an important step toward solving her murder.moreless

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  • One of the Worst Monk Episodes Ever!

    I recently discovered Monk and have been joyously jamming through the episodes from the pilot forward. I didn't know that Bitty was let go, so that came as a shock. Just the same, I figured that I would eventually grow to love the Natalie character as much as I loved Sharona. I was WRONG! I think this episode is about a dozen or so since Natalie's debut and I think this episode really drives home the fact that the show really suffered from the loss of Bitty, but the choice of this particular actress made the loss of Bitty even more awful. This woman has absolutely no chemistry with Tony, no comedic timing, no charm, she's stiff as a board and has all the presence of a first time actress at her first audition. I find myself rooting for the villan to put her out of her misery. As for this particular episode, the writing was totally phoned in. Lame plot points, lame set-ups and a contrived story line. If the first season had been this poorly written they would have been cancelled before mid season. I'm still hoping that the Natalie character becomes less horrible soon so I can keep watching the remaining 90 or so remaining episodes, but I'm really bummed that Bitty had such terrible management (Untitled Entertainment) as they cost her a career and all of us years of enjoyment.moreless
  • Flimsy Story almost made me stop watching in the middle of it

    This is the second episode in a row that is really not on the level of all the previous ones.

    A flimsy story, no real detecting going on and very predictable from the minute the Captain is called away to tend to the case of the judge. What was that all about anyway, a chief commissioner (or something) comes to a crime scene to pull someone from the case because all the higher officers need to work on the case. Yet besides Stottlemeyer no other high ranking officer can be seen later. This was lazy writing just to connect one case to another.

    Then Nathalie sleuthing. I’m probably the only one here but I find her a very annoying character with absolutely no depth. The chemistry between her and Monk is not doing it for me and, yes, I thought Sharona was much better.

    What I don’t get is that she goes and follow the pizza delivery guy in the middel of the night leaving her daughter and Monk behind without even a word.

    Again lazy writing just to make something happen.

    No, so far this season really disappoints me and I hope they get a grip and get back to being one of the best shows around. If not I’m afraid I’ll lose interest by season’s break

  • Natalie carries the show and is crushed under it.

    Honestly, "Stays in Bed" was really a bad MONK episode. I can not believe that the writers put Natalie front and center in this episode. She's on even more than Monk which I don't mind the focus being taken off of Monk and in fact is one of the reasons the show has gone downhill. However Natalie is such a weak character that she can't carry an episode by herself.

    Also, Natalie is quite mean to Monk in this episode. She whines that he doesn't like Julie's get-well card. Then she is cruel because he won't help him with the pizza boy case knowing he's sick and is already working on another case. To make matters worse, she leaves him alone with an underage child to go investigating when Monk isn't feeling well. What a self-absorbed whiny woman!

    Stottlemeyer and Disher don't get too much to do because of the screen-time given to Natalie. It's nice to see them do some investigating, but the scene in the restaurant goes into some slapstick which makes MONK feel more like a cartoon than a prime-time show.

    Speaking of Monk, he gets some funny bits, but he really isn't well served here. He of course gets a heroic moment to save Natalie (Personally I wouldn't) in a sort of way similar to "Mr. Monk and the Earthquake" and the circumstances seem quite similar.....too similar.

    The mysteries are both interesting, yet with no strong character in the spotlight, a weak supporting cast, and some less than funny bits. In conclusion, "Stays in Bed" should have stayed in bed instead of waking up.moreless
  • Natalie plays a pivotal part but does not overshadow Monk in this episode.

    "Mr. Monk Stays In Bed" is one of the funniest episodes of the show I have ever seen. I was laughing out loud during several moments, especially the table mixup with the Captain and Randy, Monk's belief that he has the Ebola Virus, the way he insists the tissue be disposed of, the "Polly Wolly Doodle" card, and so many other priceless moments.

    It was also a huge episode for Traylor Howard as Natalie. When Monk is sick, she feels the need to investigate and shows great courage in breaking into the killer's house. The actress is growing more and more into her role, and dare I say that I like her more than Sharona?

    Another thing I liked about it was that each cast member had their moments. Captain Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Disher weren't just there (as they are in many other episodes); they had one of the funniest scenes.

    Altogether this is a fine Monk episode.moreless
  • Mr. Monk investigates the death of a pizza delivery boy.

    This was the smartest Episode of the first half of Season 4. Cleverly thought and a great ending. Now that the mid-Season is over I up the rating to a 9. This episode is a fine example of what the show is about.

    It was obvious that the two cases shown were connected somehow but it was all played great. Monk was able to help solve it even when he was sick in bed. Natalie did his on-foot job. The fact that Julie's card helped him solve the muerder was a brilliant touch also. Great funny moments, great moment when the captain brought the evidence to Monk's house.

    Story: 9/10

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