Season 6 Episode 9

Mr. Monk Stays Up All Night

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 14, 2007 on USA

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  • Well done, unusual "Monk" episode.

    ****spoilers throughout my review*****

    I liked it quite a lot. There were no great wonderful moments or lessons for me, but it had a good pace, and the story kept me glued to the TV set. It was a nice change of pace, an unusual "Monk." It was refreshing that Monk could work a case without his assistant, Natalie . Interesting the way it didn't begin as a real murder case -- the only murder was committed by the "victim" towards the end of the hour.

    To repeat, I liked it a lot. Here, though, are three negative or clarifying thoughts, things the producers could have improved on:
    (1) as someone else said, it was getting annoying the way Monk kept missing the taxi driver by seconds.
    (2) I thought it was a mistake to have two characters look alike: one of the three original grifters in the "drug deal gone wrong" restaurant con looked very similar to Gully, the grifter who conned with the drinks and card tricks in the tavern. Both of them had leather jackets, stocky build, scruffy beard and hair, etc. I guess I wasn't paying close attention, so at first I thought they were the same character.
    (3) probably my fault, but I got confused initially about how Stottlemeyer solved the case on his own with the napkins. His napkin realization came about while he was drinking at the bar in the TAVERN. At first I thought he spotted one of the two napkins in the tavern, but the tavern had nothing to do with it. After Monk told him that the coin dealer was a murderer, Stott hung up on Monk and said it could all wait till the morning. Then as Stott went to blow his nose on one of the napkins (which he had kept in his coat pockets), he realized that the coin dealer, who said he had never been to the restaurant, had given Stott the same kind of napkin that Stott had picked up in the restaurant.
  • This episode of Monk is great!

    Upon leaving a barber shop, Monk sees a Latin woman walking down the street, and Monk, sensing there is something about the woman that seems strangely familiar to him, chases her for two blocks before losing her; Monk then tells Natelie that he has never met the woman. Monk, obsessed with the mysterious woman, is unable to sleep, and calls Natalie for help. Natalie cannot help because Julie is sick, so she recommends that Monk take a walk. On the walk Monk is asked by a taxi driver if he wants a ride, and declines it, but then realizes, as she pulls away that it was the same mysterious woman whom he has developed an obsession with. Monk follows the taxi as best he can. This leads him to an alley where he hears voices. Spying through a window, he witnesses an apparent drug dealing in the kitchen involving an Asian man, who identifies himself as an undercover cop, a drug dealer, and a distressed bald man, who was attempting to purchase the drugs. The cop is shot and the dealer departs with the bald man. Monk then calls Stottlemeyer-who has night allergies- and they search the kitchen, but there is no sign of a fight, and no sign of a corpse; no cop had also been reported missing that evening, and the waitress informs Stottlemeyer that she had been cleaning the kitchen all evening to prepare for a health inspection. Stottlemeyer suggests that Monk is seeing things because of his insomnia, and asks Monk to go to the nearby bar and get a drink to make himself feel sleepy.
  • This episode had an unexpected ending that made it the best one in several seasons.

    Monk saw a woman who he'd never seen before and couldn't sleep because he couldn't stop seeing her face when he closed his eyes. At first it seems like a weird idea that will have a corny ending, but it turned out to be one of the best. True, it was sort of unbelievable, but the writers made it seem real enough to work. I won't reveal it just in case some of you haven't seen the episode yet, but trust me, it's a good one. I also appreciated the fact that they treated the crime a little differently than they have in the last couple of seasons almost without exception. It wasn't just some random person dying before the theme song. In fact, it didn't even show up until about 15 minutes into the episode. All in all, it was a brilliantly written and acted episode with a storyline that makes it seem like it should be a season finale. I recommend this episode very highly to fans and newcomers alike.
  • Wow.. Here I sit waiting to watch another average show of Monk, and this amazing episode airs.

    Don't get me wrong, I love this show. I never miss an episode, its well thought out and amazing. but lately it has just been bland, he solves this case, he solves that, but it never really seems to show his personal side of life anymore. This one, even when I didn't know what was going on, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I knew it was something really important, so I just had to see it. Also, the case in this episode was just brilliant, when I see these episodes, I understand what happens, and sometimes even solve the case before Monk does, but this one was a brain teaser all the way to the end. Then the end, the end was just incredible. A complete turn around for the series. I am still on the edge of my seat, even after finishing it. I really would like to see what they do now when they come back.
  • Monk sees a lady he starts to follow the woman.He can't sleep. Monk doesn't know her. When he takes a walk he sees a man being shot. Later he sees the same dead man while he's waiting for lady.He finds out the guy was a fake and the lady had Trudys eyes.

    This was one of the best episodes of season 6 and the whole Monk series. It keeps on the edge of your seat. You can't stop wondering two questions. Number one who is that lady he's obsessed with? And number two how does he keep seeing the same dead guy over and over again? The episode has good parts like Monk at the bar and Randy dressed as Captain American. The end is really good with the woman who has Trudy's eyes and what exactly the man who got shot was up to. It was one of the best overall episodes.
  • This episode feels like it hearkens back to the earlier episodes of the series, evoking a more personable tone and doing something a little special, which is a good change from the usual stuff this season.

    This episode feels like it hearkens back to the earlier episodes of the series, evoking a more personable tone and doing something a little special, which is a good change from the usual stuff this season.

    This season was best characterised by the Snoop Dog episode, a very uneeded guest star with a goofy episode catered to his persona, and often times yielding annoying results.

    The show has always been a little goofy, but in the earlier seasons there was a lot of good character development and a little bit more sadness from thew monk character, now his pain has been alot more of a charicature.

    This episode took a small detour from that, a trend i hope does not change in later episodes.

    They did something a little different with the crime this time, and added a further mystery sublot. Not only that, but it really did feel like Monk was losing his mind, and for this time for no apparent reason. Aside from the usual solve the crime approach this time he was just trying to figure out what was keeping him up while he took an insomniac tour of San Francisco, best characterised by the conman he met at the bar (the one recognizeable guest star, properly subdued and used, and only present in a couple scenes, which was very apt) that "this place is different at night".

    The payoff was of course at the end when everything was solved and he both found and figured out the mystery behind the woman he was chasing and the the sun began to rise.

    All in all i feel like they either must have gotten some cool guest writer to give his own special take with this episode, or just made it a point to go somewhere fresh in this episode, and i think it was a job well done.

    I thought they tried a little too hard making Monk constantly miss the woman, making it seem almost like she was some active agent of fate or one of his many halucinations since it seemed so easy to keep missing her, but that didnt really hurt the episode by that much at all.
  • Monk runs into a woman he has never met and yet has a reaction to her. He gets insomnia trying to figure out why. He takes a walk to try to sleep and stumbles upon a murder.

    This was a really great Monk! Finally! While I still enjoyed this season immensely, it was not the same caliber as the rest because it had taken a turn into the silly rather than fun but realish. They needed an episode that got into the heart of the show, which is Monk's love for Trudy and this episode was it! It was really very good and the murder was pretty difficult to figure out as well. There were some funny lines and I enjoyed watching Monk ride in the back of the newspaper truck! I will miss it on its break but am looking forward to it coming back in January. (And the Christmas episode in November!)
  • Best Monk this season!

    Finally! An episode that didn't rely on silly special guest stars, bizarre plot devices (okay, maybe a little one!), and let the actors shine on their own, especially Monk, who seems to be growing as a person, breaking free of the bonds of his tortured, fastidious life.

    After bumping against a woman on a crowded street, Monk is driven to insomnia, wondering what was special about her. Aside from that, how many viewers realized that he even seemed comfortable walking along with the masses? Not to mention, later, sitting on a potentially dirty chair in a subway station, and even at a bar, where he, potentially, risked life, limb and money, by chatting with a con man (on the other hand, it struck me as a little too un-Monk-like that he would allow himself to be conned so easily by the crook, even after chastising the guy for conning others).

    The story centers on Monk chasing after the mystery woman, and witnessing on a murder scene, for which the cops can't find any evidence! Later, when the story reaches its climax, and we discover the secret of the mystery woman, it is a very touching moment, and even pivotal for Monk, in that he is able to reach out to a fellow human being without concern for himself.

    I could have done without Randy showing up in his pajamas (why do the writers try so hard to make him a cartoon-like character?), and I don't think Stottlemeyer is the kind of man who would drink himself drunk, and I didn't like the last few painfully predictable moments of the story at Monk's home, which are the reasons why I didn't give this episode a higher score (FWIW, I don't believe in giving episodes a perfect 10!).

    So, perhaps, Monk has reached closer toward "normalcy", though, hopefully, not enough that it may render him useless as a detective and a TV icon!
  • Monk can not sleep after running into a woman on the street who seems familiar to him and he cannot figure out why. This results in his sleeplessness and what seems like a murder mystery.

    I wasn't sure where this episode was going to start with, but it turned out to be one of my favorite. In the beginning I thought the whole episode was going to be about the lady that Monk runs into at the beginning and I could not see how the other story line fit in. As it turns out the "cop" getting shot was the main story line. The twist of making you think that Monk was losing it a little because of his lack of sleep was great. There are times we all think that Monk is going to lose it someday, I thought this was the time. In the end, the pieces were all ties together.The touching moment when Monk realizes why the woman was familiar to him just makes you remember why Monk is the way he is now, the loss of the love of his life.
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