Season 7 Episode 4

Mr. Monk Takes a Punch

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2008 on USA

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  • Monk helps a boxer from getting killed. He also has to pass a state required test to remain a consultant.

    I enjoyed this show. Monk is starting to do more albeit it only a little more on his own. He also is starting to show compassion for others which he seemed to ignore for the most part until recently.
    He has to stop a boxer from getting killed while training to pass the PT test to remain as a consultant. While investigating why someone would want the boxer dead he uncovers the fact that the boxer had thrown a fight 5 years before to help his managers daughter get some expensive and experimental surgery.
    When Monk confronts the boxer he understands why he did it and feels that the 5 years he has been dealing with what he has done is enough of a sentence.
    When he sees the shooter Monk rushes to stop him. A different episode and well done.
  • Could have been better.

    This episode was about Monk trying to figure out who tried to kill a boxer. While Monk looks for clues, he has to pass a fitness test in order to keep working for the san fransisco police dpartment. It doesn't really work out because monk isn't really in shape. But then the boxer who monk is trying to help comes to his house and starts to train him. Can Monk solve the case AND pass the dreaded fitness test? This episode was just good to me. Monk just didn't seem the same, the jokes weren't as funny, and it wasn't as exciting or engaging as previous episodes. But still it was a special episode, showing the strength and skills of Monk, physically wise and being a detective. But it was just a good episode to me.
  • Monk must pass a physical to remain on the force.

    Monk has brought in many guest stars and produced many memorable episodes over its near decade long run. While the boxing storyline has been done by nearly every show, Monk approached it in a unique, and sentimental way. With the Ultimate Fighting Championship PPV this weekend, it made me enjoy the show even more. The plot built up anticipation toward the end and Monk and Natalie worked hard to contribute to that pay-off. Not only was there mystery but there was the great comedy you have come to expect when you tune in to an episode of Monk. Even in its 7th Season the USA Network original still manages to keep things fresh and energetic. The side characters of Randy and Stottlemeyer also add another interesting dynamic to the show.

    It was not Monk's best episode ever, but everyone played their part well, the writing was superb and I enjoyed how everything was tied together in the end like Monk needing all the skills to catch the sniper and the funny angry man putting the hit on Regis.

    As I get closer to heading back to school it's great to be able to sit back and enjoy great episodes of TV like this.
  • Monk has to pass a fitness test and solves a boxing murder.

    This was just a terrible episode. Instead of trying to solve anything or for that matter us trying to solve anything we are given the bomber's identity through obvious DNA. The whole episode is trying to stop him before he strikes again. Monk at the fitness test contained no humor and him rearranging the hurdles is one of those things that happens in every episode and is just plain old. It was rather predictable that Monk would end up on the floor with the boxer which I think is just too extreme and unrealistic, especially because he was only bothered by the sweat a tiny bit. Natalie didn't have too much to do and Stottlemeyer and Disher had just the right amount of screen time. Overall is was a disapointment especially after a 12 hour marathon leading up to it. If you get the chance to watch it, I suggest you don't.