Season 7 Episode 4

Mr. Monk Takes a Punch

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2008 on USA

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  • Monk helps a boxer from getting killed. He also has to pass a state required test to remain a consultant.

    I enjoyed this show. Monk is starting to do more albeit it only a little more on his own. He also is starting to show compassion for others which he seemed to ignore for the most part until recently.
    He has to stop a boxer from getting killed while training to pass the PT test to remain as a consultant. While investigating why someone would want the boxer dead he uncovers the fact that the boxer had thrown a fight 5 years before to help his managers daughter get some expensive and experimental surgery.
    When Monk confronts the boxer he understands why he did it and feels that the 5 years he has been dealing with what he has done is enough of a sentence.
    When he sees the shooter Monk rushes to stop him. A different episode and well done.