Season 1 Episode 10

Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2002 on USA

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  • A brilliant episode, from beginning to end! Vacation has never been this exciting!

    During a beach resort vacation, Benjy accidentally witnesses a murder from one of the guest rooms. Sharona doesn't believe him, but Monk does. Soon, the two team up with the movie-enthusiast female cop, Nicole Young, who gladly helps Monk out on trying to locate the dead body, but the pressure is on, as the hotel's snooty manager makes snippy demands on the two that they finish the investigation before Monk's check-out time.

    Having the maids turn out to be the killers was pure genius, as they can easily clean up the crime scene, and a priceless end scene is in store as Adrian, after being defeated, returns to the hotel and counts the 3 to 4 difference in the number of suitcases without saying one word.

    As Sharona calls this case, it's "Murder Camp", but a very irresistible one. "Mr. Monk Takes A Vacation" is the best Season One episode yet!
  • Monk, Sharona, and Benjy head to a Southern California resort for rest and relaxation. However, the vacation is cut short when Benjy witnesses a murder.

    This is another solid episode. Mr. Monk is on vacation and out of his element. While Sharona is trying to relax, Mr. Monk is trying to solve the mysterious death of a woman. He employs the help of hotel security, a woman whose only police investigation experience is from watching movies.

    There are several great moments in this episode. One of my favorites is when the hotel's evening entertainer, a comedian, uses Monk as part of his act. Mr. Monk's quirky personality provides plenty of material. Another great moment is when Monk discovers his hotel room is covered in bodily fluids with the use of a "Spectra-light."

    The episode provides little information to the depth of Mr. Monk's character. However, it is warm, funny and cleverly written.
  • a good ep

    in this ep monk and his asstaint go on vacation to the beach and nice hotel. and the kid bengi keeps asking for a ice cream and then he wants jet sking but then he goes over to the telescope and sees a murder in the hotel window and people like his mother really dont belive him they think he is imagined things only monk belives him can monk and a cop that works at the hotel try to solve this mystery it was a good ep i thought and i think it really did deserve a 8.5 and it was a really good ep
  • Monk, Sharona, and Benjy head for a hotel for some fun in the sun. But it soon turns into a mystery of whether to trust someone you know, or to not go beyond rational limits. Though Benjy has only one person on his side, they both crack the case.

    Astronomical! Astounding! This classic episode is definitely an A plus plus. Every time I watch it I have to think of how twisty and curvy the perils are. Great writing follows every episode, but this one is surely in the top ten for best plot in the history of all Monk episodes. Better yet Monk is working with another detective that seems to know everything about toothpicks and movies. Most of this is a complete surprise to Monk and he clearly needs help understanding all of the signals she gives him. A clear delite, sure to leave you clutching your stomach till the ending point.